The Top 5 Best Scooters for Stunts

The Top 5 Best Scooters for Stunts

If you're thinking of getting your son or daughter a stunt scooter, or just looking for one yourself, read this article for the best scooters for stunts!

Remember when scooters first became widely popular? We do. The Razor Scooter craze in the early-to-mid-2000s was an exciting moment in history if you were a child back then. Nearly every kid on the block had one and if you didn't, you desperately craved one.

Today, it's heartening to see that kids' toddler scooter obsession is still very much alive, and their brazenness on those two-wheeled devils has only risen. Yes, today kids demand a scooter that you can do tricks on.

If you're looking to buying a scooter for your son or daughter, or even one for yourself, we're here to help. Below, you'll find a list of the 5 best scooters for tricks and stunts. These aren't your run-of-the-mill urban commuting scooters. They're high octane

1. Vokul TR2 SII Entry

This Vokul scooter is a perfect starter scooter for someone looking to get into stunt riding. The deck of the scooter (the place where you put your feet) is comfortably wide so it won't be hard to keep your balance.

It also has a light-weight construction, which is what you want out of a stunt scooter. The handlebar components of the scooter are made from carbon fiber and steel and the wheels bearings are impressively smooth. Better yet, it provides all of this at a very reasonable price.

2. Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter

This scooter, from Fuzion, is perhaps opposite from the Vokul in every way. It's a scooter engineered specifically for the pro stunt riders out there, making it the perfect choice if you or your child is more advanced.

The deck is much smaller but has a concave underside making it perfect for sliding down rails. The deck also swivels a full 360 degrees so you can add some flair to your tricks.

3. Madd Gear MGP VX7 Team Edition

We added this scooter to the list almost solely because of its eye-catching design. It offers the standard accouterment that the other scooters on this lift offer, but with unmistakable style.

The shiny gold paint job and the intricately designed deck tape grip makes it special.

4. Street Pro Kick Stunt Scooter

The Street Pro Kick Stunt Scooter is the budget option on this list. It's a no-frills scooter offered at an insanely cheap price for the quality you get in return.

Despite its price tag, Street Pro made a very durable stunt scooter with a durable body, a 360-degree swivel deck, and steel handlebars.

5. Royal Knight Freestyle Stunt Scooter

Royal Knight scooters, like this one, are well known for their stunt pedigree. They've tacked on the best components to give this scooter optimal performance, whether it's sliding down rails or carving up a half-pipe.

Ride into a skate park with one of these and you'll turn heads for sure.

Looking For More Information on the Best Scooters?

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a complete novice, you can't go wrong with any of the scooters on this list. But if you're not quite sold on any of these and want to check out some more reviews, take a gander at the reviews section of our website.

We appraise all of the best scooters on the market. With our help, there's no way you'll choose incorrectly.

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