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The neon stunt scooter has become a popular choice for riders looking for a scooter that is both stylish and functional. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide to the stunt scooter, including its features, benefits, and tips for choosing the right one.

Neon Stunt Scooter:

A stunt scooter is a type of scooter designed for performing stunts and tricks. It is known for its bright and eye-catching neon colors that make it stand out from other scooters on the market. The neon stunt scooter is lightweight, durable, and easy to maneuver, making it an ideal choice for riders who want to perform stunts and tricks.

Neon Eclipse Stunt Scooter

Design and Features of a Neon Stunt Scooter

The neon stunt scooter is designed with several key features that make it ideal for performing stunts and tricks. These features include:

1. Lightweight Design

The neon stunt scooter is made from lightweight materials such as aluminum or carbon fiber, making it easy to carry and maneuver.

2. Small Deck Size

The deck of a neon scooter is smaller than a regular scooter, allowing riders to easily spin and flip the scooter during tricks.

3. Strong Wheels and Bearings

Neon scooters use strong wheels and bearings to withstand the impact of jumps and tricks.

4. Adjustable Handlebars

The handlebars of a stunt scooter are adjustable, allowing riders to customize the height and angle for their comfort.

5. Neon Colors

Neon scooters come in a variety of bright and eye-catching neon colors, making them stand out from other scooters on the market.

Benefits of Using a Neon Stunt Scooter

Using a neon stunt scooters can offer several benefits to riders looking to perform stunts and tricks. These benefits include:

1. Increased Agility

The lightweight design and small deck size of a neon scooter make it easier to maneuver during jumps, spins, and flips.

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2. Improved Performance

Strong wheels and bearings on a neon stunt scooters provide improved performance during stunts and tricks.

3. Customizable Handlebars

Adjustable handlebars on a stunt scooter allow riders to customize the height and angle for their comfort and improve overall performance.

4. Stylish Design

Neon stunt scooters come in a wide range of bright and eye-catching colors, allowing riders to choose one that fits their personal style.

5. Durable Construction

Neon stunt scooters are made from high-quality materials and designed to withstand the impact of jumps and tricks.

neon stunt scooter

Tips for Choosing the Right Neon Stunt Scooter

When choosing a neon stunt scooter, here are some tips to help you find the right one for your needs:

1. Consider Your Skill Level

Make sure to choose a stunt scooter that matches your skill level. If you’re a beginner, choose a scooter with a wider deck and larger wheels to make learning tricks easier.

2. Check the Weight Capacity

Make sure to check the weight capacity of the scooter before purchasing it to ensure it can handle your weight during tricks and stunts.

3. Look for Strong Wheels and Bearings

Strong wheels and bearings are essential for withstanding the impact of jumps and tricks. Look for scooters with high-quality components to ensure durability.

4. Choose a Design You Like

Neon stunt scooters come in a variety of colors and designs, so choose one that fits your personal style and preferences.

Claudius Vertesi Team Signature Stunt Scooter Neon Yellow:

Neon Eclipse Stunt Scooter

Claudius himself has journeyed across the globe, encouraging countless young riders to join the exhilarating world of scootering while creating what he considers one of the finest stunt scooters available.

Here are the impressive specifications of this exceptional scooter:

The deck boasts a wide 115mm extrusion with a triple concave design and features an integrated head tube made of 6061-T6 Aluminum. With dimensions of 115mm x 515mm and an 82.5-degree HT angle, it provides optimal stability.

The bars are crafted from durable 6061-T6 Aluminum, measuring 550mm in width and 600mm in height. The CNC one-piece fork, made of IHC and 6061-T6 Aluminum, ensures superior strength and precision.

The scooter is equipped with a reliable 2-bolt clamp showcasing intricate CNC and logo detailing. Its 120mm 8-spoke wheels feature an 80mm 6061-T6 Aluminum core with laser-etched logo detail, complemented by 88A PU for exceptional grip and performance.

The scooter incorporates ABEC 7 bearings for smooth and efficient rolling. It offers Sacrifice S-Grips with logo bar ends, providing both comfort and control during rides.

Longway Metro 2K19 Pro Stunt Scooter Full Neon:

For those looking to progress their skills beyond the rookie level, the Metro Scooter could be the perfect choice. Longway brings back the highly popular Metro pro scooter for another season, offering a logical step up from beginner scooters. Its smooth compression system makes it ideal for mastering new tricks effortlessly.

Neon Eclipse Stunt Scooter

This all-aluminum scooter is designed to prioritize weight reduction wherever possible. With a total height of 79cm, it features IHC compression, 110mm wheel diameter, and weighs 3384g.

The scooter’s components include a 550 mm-wide aluminum handlebar, an integrated 1 1/8″ headset, and a threadless fork. It can support riders weighing up to 100kg.

The scooter is crafted from durable aluminum 6061, with a one-piece deck featuring a length of 50cm (19.7″) and a width of 11cm (4.3″). The headtube angle is set at 82.5°, while the one-piece fork complements the overall design.

The handlebar, made of aluminum 6061, stands at a height of 550mm and features an oversized outer diameter of 35mm with an inner diameter of 28mm. It has no back sweep and is secured by a double clamp.

The Metro scooter is equipped with round-profile wheels, boasting a hardness of 88A and a 24mm hub width. The aluminum core design incorporates spokes and has an 8mm axle diameter.

The precision of the bearings is rated at ABEC-9 for optimal performance. The scooter features a flex fender brake and comes partly assembled for convenience.

Elevate your scootering game with the Metro Scooter, designed to support your progression and provide a thrilling riding experience.

Yvolution Neon Eclipse Stunt Scooter:

Yvolution Neon Eclipse Stunt Scooter is designed to be suitable for children aged 5 years and up and is a customized scooter model that is both safe and fun to ride.

This exceptional product has not been modified in any way and is manufactured in China with the utmost care and attention to detail. It comes with an MPN code that uniquely identifies it and is not available for public purchase.

Neon Rainbow Stunt Scooter:

The materials utilized in the construction of the Neon Rainbow Stunt Scooter include high-quality plastic, sturdy aluminum, durable ALLOY, and robust steel. Customization options are also available to suit specific needs.

The foldable design of the product ensures easy storage and transportation, with customization options available for this feature as well.

The product is available with or without a seat, and customization options are available to cater to individual preferences. Three wheels provide superior stability and balance, while customization options are available including lights.

The product is height adjustable, with customization options available for this feature as well. The brand name is UBCYC, and the model number is 8788A. The product is a kid’s scooter suitable for outdoor play, designed with a single rocker.

It is certified with CE NE71 CCC, signifying quality and safety. Customization options are available for the product’s color and branding. The wheel device is planar, ensuring smooth and comfortable rides.

Neon Yellow Stunt Scooter:

As one of the most sought-after kick scooters in the market, Claudius has been instrumental in spreading the joy of riding among young enthusiasts worldwide.

His relentless efforts have resulted in the creation of one of the finest stunt scooters available today.

Here are the specifications: Deck: Featuring an extrusion that measures 115 mm in width with a triple concave design. Integrated Headtube made from top-grade 6061-T6 Al material. Deck dimensions: 115mm x 515mm with an 82.5-degree HT. Bars: Crafted from premium quality 6061-T6 aluminum.

Measuring 550mm in width and 600mm in height. Fork: CNC-machined with a one-piece design for enhanced durability. Incorporating an IHC system made from 6061-T6 Al material. Clamp: Boasting a 2-bolt clamp

Stunt Scooter Neon Gelb:

The Dominator Sniper stunt scooter models are an ideal option for those who want to venture into the exciting world of scooter riding. Designed to meet the daily demands of skate parks and streets, this scooter guarantees a dynamic and enjoyable ride thanks to its HIC compression and fully integrated headset.

Its Military Grade 6061 T6 Aluminum material deck spans a length of 50cm and a width of 11.5cm, while its one-piece HTQ195 oversized steel handlebar measures 55cm in width and 57cm in height.

The scooter’s grip tape features the Dominator logo, and its wheels are 110mm x 24mm with an aluminum core and 7 spokes, boasting a PU hardness of 88A by District. The scooter’s total weight is 3.84 kg, and its total height is 83cm, with a maximum rider weight of 100 kg.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Adults Use A Neon Stunt Scooter?

Yes, Neon Scooters Are Suitable For Both Children And Adults.

How Do I Maintain My Neon Stunt Scooter?

Regularly Check The Wheels And Bearings For Wear And Tear, Clean The Deck And Handlebars, And Store The Scooter In A Dry Place When Not In Use.

Can Neon Stunt Scooters Be Customized?

Yes, You Can Personalize Your Stunt Scooter With Stickers Or Other Accessories.

Are Neon Stunt Scooters Durable?

Yes, Neon Scooters Are Made From High-Quality Materials And Designed To Withstand The Impact Of Jumps And Tricks.

Can I Perform All Stunts And Tricks On A Neon Stunt Scooter?

Neon Stunt Scooters Are Designed Specifically For Performing Stunts And Tricks, So They Can Handle Most Tricks. However, Make Sure To Choose A Scooter That Matches Your Skill Level And The Type Of Tricks You Want To Perform.


The neon stunt scooter is a stylish and functional choice for riders looking to perform stunts and tricks. With its lightweight design, small deck size, strong wheels and bearings, adjustable handlebars, and a wide range of neon colors, the neon scooter provides several benefits over regular scooters.

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