5 best cheap stunt scooters

Today we discuss the best cheap stunt scooters. Stunt scootering is a great sport for thrill-seekers of all ages. It requires balance, agility, and skill – not to mention the right scooter! If you’re just starting out, you don’t need to break the bank to get a decent stunt scooter. Here are five of the best cheap stunt scooters for beginners that offer quality and value.

5 best cheap stunt scooters:

Madd Gear Pro MGP VX7 Team Extreme Stunt Scooter:

This high-performance stunt scooter is designed with a more serious rider in mind. Its lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver and control, while its rigid construction ensures durability even when performing stunts at higher speeds. It comes with an adjustable handlebar so that riders can customize it to their height and style of riding.

Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter:

This entry-level scooter is great for beginners who want to try out some basic tricks without breaking the bank. Its lightweight aluminum construction makes it easy to maneuver and control, while its triple clamp allows riders to achieve maximum stability on landings. Plus, it comes with an adjustable handlebar so that riders can customize their ride as they progress from beginner tricks to more advanced stunts.

District C138 Stunt Scooter:

This all-around stunt scooter is perfect for both beginners and pros alike thanks to its sturdy construction and sleek design. It’s made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy which ensures durability over time, while also making it lightweight enough to be easily maneuvered during stunts or tricks. Additionally, its ABEC 9 bearings ensure smooth rides no matter how fast you go!

Envy Colt S2 Complete Stunt Scooter:

This beginner-friendly stunt scooter is perfect for those just starting out in the sport of stunting or those who want something reliable that won’t break the bank. Its lightweight alloy frame makes it easy to control during tricks or stunts, while its durable brakes provide excellent stopping power when needed most. It also features an ergonomic handlebar design which helps reduce wrist fatigue after long sessions of practicing tricks or stunts!

Lucky Prospect Pro Complete Stunt Scooter:

The Lucky Prospect Pro complete stunt scooter is great for any level of rider looking for a reliable entry-level complete setup without spending a fortune! It features a reinforced steel core deck which provides superior strength and durability even when performing stunts at high speeds or heights, as well as an adjustable handlebar so that riders can customize their ride according to their needs or preferences!


There are plenty of affordable options available if you’re just starting out with stunt scootering—you don’t have to break the bank in order to get quality gear! These five models provide excellent value for money as they are all beginner-friendly yet still provide plenty of performance capabilities even when tackling more advanced stunts down the line! So if you’re looking for your first-ever stunt scooter, then take a look at these five best cheap models today!

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