Are Electric Scooters Street Legal?

Are Electric Scooters Street Legal? – Tips & Guide

here we know, Are Electric Scooters Street Legal? Scooters have transitioned a great deal in the past couple of years. I remember the days when you’d meet kick scooters everywhere speeding down some street because they depended on the law of gravity and the riders kicking skills to move. Children who didn’t have licenses rode them and adults who everyone thought were out of their mind. But that’s not the case anymore.

Today, there is a newer version of the scooter that everyone, no matter their age, thinks is cooler and fit for them. The introduction of electric scooters has left everyone wanting to try out this old-school classic form of transportation.

They have a fully revamped design and improved propulsion so that it is easier and more fun to ride. The only controversy that comes with it is concerning the laws governing its use. Is it street-legal? Where can you ride them? Here is what I found out regarding the legal requirements for operating a 150cc scooter.

Are Electric Scooters Street Legal?

Safety Tips When Riding Electric Scooters

Regulations Vary From State To State

Keep in mind that regulation on electric scooters varies from state to state. There are certain regulation sections that different states can share. But generally, each state has a unique law for regulating the use of electric scooters in their jurisdiction. Take California for example. Riding electric scooters on the roads of California is somewhat legal.

The Department of Motor Vehicles puts it clear that electric scooters don’t need registration or licensing, but for you to be a driver, you must be at least 16 years old. It’s sensible to treat electric scooters like bikes because the two forms of transportation have similar weight and speed ranges.

Electric scooters haven’t been on the market for so long. It is a new technology that the law hasn’t had enough time to address exclusively. It is an area that is still poorly covered by the laws, especially outside of California.

That’s why there is a lot of confusion regarding the laws that govern their acquisition, ownership, and use. Razor Electric scooters are still being stopped by police, even in states that have comprehensive laws governing their use. Their newness in the market is partly to blame for the mix-up. However, in the meantime, you can avoid police interference by riding safely and cautiously.

Yes, they are designed for outdoor use, but there are some limitations that as an electric scooter driver or owner you’ll have to follow. For example, as a motorized scooter driver, you must stay on bike lanes, trails, or paths, and maintain it there. Keep your scooter away from sidewalks for the obvious reason; they are motorized and can pose serious risks to pedestrians as they use the walkways.

Do Electric Scooters Need A License?

Roads without Bikeways

Can you drive your electric scooter on roads without bikeways? Of course, you can. You can drive your electric scooter on roads without bike lanes as long as the speed limit on that particular road is 25 mph or less. As the stunt scooter driver driving on such a road, you make sure you stay in the far right lane unless you are about to make a left turn.

This makes sense when you think about it because most electric mopeds have a maximum speed limit of 25mph. The prohibition of their use on fast-paced highways is for safety reasons. It ensures both safety of the taotao scooter driver and that of the other motorists.

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Why You Should Get an Electric Scooter

Many people have been adamant to get themselves an electric scooter just because the laws addressing the use of these amazing innovations haven’t been completely clear in most areas.

That is slowly changing as time elapses, hence the regulations are becoming clearer and clearer. The regulations are also loosening with time. Therefore, feel free to buy yourself an electric scooter because they are environment-friendly and moves much more quietly than their gas-powered cousins.

Are Electric Scooters Street Legal?


Now you know how to keep an electric scooter and how to use the road with it. Electric scooters make a great investment if you need a form of transportation that you can use to run quick errands without spending a lot on transportation.

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