Is Scooter Good For Commuting

Is Scooter Good For Commuting?- Things You Should Know

Are you tired of waiting on the bus or car due to traffic? And walking also seems like a hustle. Well, that’s when the scooter comes into the picture! 

But a question might arise in your mind- is scooter good for commuting

We would definitely say yes! Scooter not only saves you time but is also a great way to exercise. Scooters are also environmentally friendly. Furthermore, a scooter is portable and easy to ride on. It can cover a distance of 2-5 kilometers. You can ride your scooter to work as well. So, yes it’s good enough for traveling short to medium distances.

This is just a preview. We’ve discussed the benefits of commuting with a scooter along with some extra facts. That’s why do check out our article.

Now, it’s time to jump into the detail-

Why Use Scooters For Commuting?

You all know how much people suffer because of traffic. Even if you get up early and get dressed within minutes, you can still be late to work. And it’s all because of the lineup of slow-moving vehicles. 

It’s pretty annoying. But is there any solution for it? 

Yes, of course, there is. You can buy yourself a scooter. But, does it seem like a far-fetched idea?

Well, it’s not. Trust us on this. You’ll get lots of benefits if you do so-

  • You can ride a scooter where cars and buses can’t go. You can even ride it on the pathway to stay safe and save time.
  • Riding a scooter is better than walking to work. Because you won’t get tired easily and be at work on time. 
  • A scooter is portable. So, you won’t face any difficulty while parking it. Furthermore, some scooters are foldable. 
  • A scooter is environment-friendly as well. Therefore, you’ll surely be at peace knowing that you aren’t harming the environment. 

These are just some points on why you can use a scooter for commuting. Now you can think that it might look peculiar if an adult rides a scooter to work. Well, buddy, that’s just you having a narrow mindset.

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From kids to adults, anyone can ride a scooter. You just need to be confident while riding and shouldn’t care what people think.

Moreover, you can easily find a good commuter scooter for adults out there. So, don’t worry, my friend. Just use a scooter to go to work and you’ll not regret it.

How Far Can A Scooter Go?

Now that you know that a scooter is good enough for commuting, let’s come to the question of how far can you commute on a scooter.

To be honest, it depends on an individual’s strength, stamina, techniques, and willingness. That’s why we can’t really provide an exact number on this. Still, to help you out a bit, we did some research. 

From our research, we’ve got to know that for a kick scooter, the average distance is around 2 kilometers. And for a pro scooter rider, it goes up to 4-5 kilometers. 

Also, if we talk about the time then you can scoot 1 mile or 1.61 kilometers within 10-15 minutes. You can cover more distance in less time with an electric scooter.

Safety Tips When Riding Electric Scooters

Which Scooter Should You Use For Commuting?

We believe that you’re quite sure now about the fact that a scooter is good for commuting. But which one to pick among the sea of scooters? 

Well, you might come across two types of scooters. One is the kick scooter and the other is the electric scooter. For that reason, people can easily get into the kick scooter vs electric scooter conflict. 

But there’s no need to fight! We’ve tried our best to clear out the confusion about which one to choose.

If you’ve got good stamina and strength, then you can go for a kick scooter. This scooter is a good way to exercise and lose weight as well. Are you tempted to use it now? 

You can find kick scooters for adults above 100kg as well. Your kick scooter can reach speeds between 14-19 kilometers depending on how good you are at riding it. 

Now, what about the electric one? An electric scooter can come in handy if you lack a little bit of leg strength. This scooter will not only give you a clean but also a quiet way of commuting.

Moreover, a good commuter electric scooter comes with rechargeable batteries which makes it easier to maintain.

We believe you’ve got the answer to your question- are scooters good for commuting

Now there’s just one thing to do which is buy the best commuter scooter for yourself. After that, you’ll be free from all the thoughts about being late! 

Tips For A Safer Commute

You have to follow some safety instructions while riding a scooter. Yes, it’s very important because you’re on the road where other vehicles are also present. So, go through these safety tips-

  • Always wear safety gear. Helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads are all part of the safety gear. 
  • It’s better if you stay on the side of the pathway. This will increase your safety and decrease the chances of accidents.
When Can A Toddler Ride Scooter
Toddler Ride Scooter

Now, we’ve suggested some products that will keep you safe-

Product 1 
Product 2 

Keep our tips in mind, unless you want to end up hurt or in the hospital. Don’t forget, safety first!

faqs for is scooter good for commuting

1. Are kick scooters dangerous?

Well, yes kick scooters can be dangerous. But you can also be safe while riding it. To avoid injuries you need to maintain the proper safety instructions. You also need to wear safety gear before riding a kick scooter. 

2. Can a person over 100kg ride a scooter? 

Of course! As we’ve mentioned before anyone can ride a scooter as long as they have strength, stamina, and willingness. You can easily find electric scooters for adults above 100kg. The same goes for kick scooters.

3. Is a scooter faster than walking?

Anyone would know the answer to that is yes. You can easily travel 1 mile within 10-15 minutes by using a scooter. Whereas, it can take you 30 minutes or more to finish walking that same distance. 
Is Scooter Good For Commuting
Scooter Good For Commuting


That’s all we had on is a scooter good for commuting. We hope you are now 110% sure if you want to use a scooter or not.

So, did you find the article helpful? 

Comment below to let us know. We hope you have a good day!

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