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Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Toddler Scooter – Guide and Reviews

Which is the coolest toy that you can get your toddler son or daughter and open a whole new world of fun? The answer is pretty simple a toddler scooter! These industry has now taken on the toddler scooters and each and every new day the designs are becoming better and better.

Already overwhelmed by the idea of getting your kid possibly the coolest gift? Well, do not rush to buy just any toddler scooter else you lose your money. Even worse you could put the life of your kid in danger. I love kids, and as much as I want them to have fun, I have your and their best interest at hand.


So I embarked on a quest to evaluate the available toddler scooters in the market. Finally, I settled on the below listed five toddler scooters. These are the scooters that will give you and your kid the mad fun and safety. How? You will see here in.

Top Five Toddler Scooters

Here is a list of my best toddler scooters currently available. I am saying currently because, in the future, we might get new developments in the current toddler scooters designs.

Micro Mini Original Kick Scooter

Micro Mini Original Kick Scooter

With a rating of 4.8 stars, other reviewers tend to agree that this Micro Mini Original Kick Scooter is nothing short of amazing. Could we start with the many awards that this stunt scooter has bagged?


  • Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award
  • Learning Express Best Toy Award Outdoor


  • Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award
  • Parents' Choice Awards


  • Oppenheim Toy Portfolio SNAP Award


  • Tillywig Top Fun Award

Your child of between 2 and 5 years will get to enjoy a ride with the micro mini thanks to the set of three smooth grinding wheels. The safety includes the low gravity deck and safe steering that gives the kid stability.

The deck is flexible enabling for shock absorption. That looks like a safety menace, but it isn't and owes that to the fiberglass reinforcement.

Things I liked About In Micro Mini Original Kick Scooter

  • The 2-5 years old allows the kid to grow with the scooter
  • Intuitive lean to steer design
  • Smooth non-marking grinding wheels
  • Has won numerous awards
  • Flexible deck absorbs shock
  • Safe, flexible fiberglass deck allows for flexibility

Things I didn't Liked About The Micro Mini Original Kick Scooter

  • The manufacturer can do better on the brakes

Micro Mini 2-Go Deluxe Scooter

Micro Mini 2-Go Deluxe Scooter

From 18 plus months, the toddler is ready to take on some scooter rides, but they are not yet ready for a stand on scooter. best scooter for them will be the Micro Mini 2-Go Deluxe Scooter which is a convertible scooter. Micro Mini Deluxe scooter has a seat and a drawer that are removable. The drawer allows for the kid to carry with them some playing accessories.

Once the kid hits age 2, they can do away with the seat and drawer and use it as a stand on with a T steering bar. The steering bar is adjustable between 14" to 24". The scooter utilizes the leaning forward to steer technique.

The scooter gets to use both indoors and outdoors as the wheels are non-marking. A silicone micro grip gives the kids a perfect grip.

Things I liked About In Micro Mini 2-Go Deluxe Scooter

  • Iconic Swiss engineering design
  • Unique deck design
  • Back spoon brake
  • Convertible between a sit on and a stand on scooter
  • Has a drawer
  • Adjustable handle bar

Things I didn't Liked About The Micro Mini 2-Go Deluxe Scooter

  • Too soft a suspension

Vokul Mini Kick Scooter

Vokul Mini Kick Scooter

Talking about looks, this is my number one toddler scooter. The navy blue color plus the chrome that lights up when the urban scooter is moving make for the best looking scooter. Is has a maximum capacity of 35 kilograms.

It is not all about the looks alone. The scooter has a three wheel design that gives lots of stability. The deck is strong being from a high-grade plastic. This high-grade plastic is environmentally friendly. In the rear wheel, there is a quickly react brake for your kid's safety.

The Vokul VK-1281F LED light 3 Wheel Mini kick scooter and Razor Jr. Lil Kick scooter have a patent suspension system on the front fork that gives for the smoothest of rides. The durable wheels are from an anti-abrasive and shock absorbing PU material.

The handle bar is adjustable to fit the height of the child, so it can grow with the child. Also, the adjustable bars make it usable by children of different heights all at once.

Things I liked About In Vokul Mini Kick Scooter

  • Adjustable T-bar
  • Anti-abrasive and shock absorbing wheels
  • Reinforced rear deck
  • 35 Kg maximum weight capacity
  • Easy to assemble
  • Efficient brakes

Things I didn't Liked About The Vokul Mini Kick Scooter

  • It is not foldable

Fly Bike Foldable Indoor/Outdoor Toddlers Glide Tricycle

Fly Bike Foldable Indoor Outdoor Toddlers Glide Tricycle

The Fly Bike Foldable Indoor/Outdoor Toddlers Glide Tricycle - No Assembly Required – Blue design is one of the most brilliant designs. The foldable design resembles a fly, and it has both worlds of a bike and a scooter.

The foldable design is easy to move and store. It is the perfect bike for parents and kids who are always moving. The three wheel design provides awesome stability. The stability gives for an excellent start point before graduating to a bicycle.

The kids get to know how to go about riding it intuitively. With this bike kids finally get a platform to learn to ride.

Things I liked About In Fly Bike Foldable Indoor/Outdoor Toddlers Glide Tricycle

  • Foldable
  • Lightweight
  • Requires no assembly
  • Stable three-wheel design
  • Easy for kids to ride

Things I didn't Liked About The Fly Bike Foldable Indoor/Outdoor Toddlers Glide Tricycle

  • It is more of a little bike design

X-Free 3-in-1 Deluxe1-8 Years Kids Adjustable Height Scooter with Light Up Wheels

X-Free 3-in-1 Deluxe1-8 Years Kids Adjustable Height Scooter with Light Up Wheels

There are two versions of the X-Free 3-in-1 Deluxe1-8 Years Kids Adjustable Height Scooter with Light Up Wheels. The two versions are the sitting and the standing type. There are two colors to choose from so the Globber Primo 3 Wheel Adjustable Height Scooter fits kids of all gender. The colors are blue and pink.

The seat serves as a storage compartment too. The LED front wheels give for an incredible appearance. As part of the accessories, the manufacturer provides a knee elbow and helmet. The two accessories are great for ensuring your kid safety.

It is a good start point in riding in kids that have not yet found their balance. The sit on version enables the parent to push scooter the kid from behind at a reasonable speed. The stand on version that is for bigger kids steers easily and in all directions.

Things I liked About In X-Free 3-in-1 Deluxe1-8 Years Kids Adjustable Height Scooter with Light Up Wheels

  • Two versions the sit on and stand on types
  • Colors pink and blue
  • Perfect for kids from age one year to 8 years
  • Stable designs
  • The stand on steers easily
  • Includes a knee elbow and a helmet

Things I didn't Liked About The X-Free 3-in-1 Deluxe1-8 Years Kids Adjustable Height Scooter with Light Up Wheels

  • Without the handlebar, it demand that you push your kid

How To Choose The Toddler Scooter

Below is the means by which I was able to come up to with this list of the top five best scooters for toddlers. Each of the factors is important, and together they make for the best toddler scooters.


The part of The World Lightest Weight Two Wheels Electric Kick Scooter that is more prone to damage is the deck. Usually, the deck takes in all the impact force. So the deck should have the strength to withstand the impact. High-grade plastic and reinforced decks make for the best impact handling.

Steering And Ease Of Use

What we are after in the name of the toddler scooter is a scooter that enables the child to explore the fun of excellent steering and easy movement. The lean forward to steer design is excellent. Some sit on designs allow the feet to reach the ground to steer and tuck them in for coasting.


There is always a possibility that the kid will encounter a rough terrain at some point. A flexible deck, wheels that absorb shock and a suspension system on the fork allows for a smooth ride on a rough terrain. The suspensions should not be so soft as they will do what I call over reacting once you hit bumpy terrains.


The weight limit of the toddler scooter of your choice will determine up to how old the scooter can grow with your kid. Another thing that makes for versatility is the ability to adjust the handlebar to fit different heights. Also, some of the designs allow for a sit on and stand on a scooter, such a design is incredible as the sit on helps the kid develop stability and ready for the stand on.


The wheels give for durability and versatility. Smooth grinding wheels can, for example, enable for use both indoors and outdoors. Check also to see that the wheels do not wear out easily once they hit the outdoors.


There is not much to say about color, but it is important. We all know some colors are girls colors and others, boys. Color may also contribute to the aesthetics of the scooter. Why not also push it a little further and go with a scooter that has some LED lighting.

Final Verdict

You get excellent quality once you decide to purchase any of the above scooters for your kids. As we can see they offer strength, fun, and safety for your toddler. The main big concern when choosing a toddler scooter is always the safety feature of the scooter. All the above scooters have excellently placed brakes that protect your child until they learn to ride the scooters without the brakes.

Everything about the above-listed scooters is incredible which includes their ability to absorb shock. They also find use both indoors and outdoors. You get the best value for your money. No regrets, just lots of fun for your toddler kid.

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