Vokul VK3 T-Bar Pro Stunt Scooter

The Vokul VK3 T-Bar Pro Stunt Scooter reigns high in the world of stunt scooters. In terms of strength, stability, speed, and much more, it is ranked as one of the best in the market. This scooter is ideal for newbies and veterans alike, and all other expertise levels in between.

The specs and quality of this model are unparalleled, and if you are looking for a suitable stunt scooter for you, this is one of your best bets. To make sure that you make a decision from an educated point of view before purchasing this model, let me briefly explain some of its best features, along with its pros and cons.

VOKUL Pro Stunt Scooter with Stable...

FEATURES OF THE Vokul VK3 T-Bar Pro Stunt Scooter

Vokul VK3 T-Bar Pro Stunt Scooter is intended to address consumer needs. After days of research, testing, and breaking down the components, we put Vokul VK3 T-Bar Pro Stunt Scooter as one of the best on our Electric pro scooter List.

Aircraft Grade Aluminum:

This stunt scooter is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, which is a metal that is lightweight making it a perfect choice for a stunt scooter. The fact that it is lightweight will make it faster, so it will not drag you behind. It has forged plates in the deck that has been strengthened by heat treatment to make it more stable, sturdy, and safe.


It offers a comfortable and firm grip, that ensures the user’s comfort and that he or she has a good grip on the scooter. They are also there for maximum shock absorption. This means that while riding or performing your stunts, shock from impact or vibrations is minimized by this grip. By doing that, the user’s fatigue is reduced significantly.


The wheels are made of high-grade urethane that is shock-absorbing, anti-abrasive and high-rebounding. The ability to rebound, that is to return to their original shape after being distorted, minimizes the rolling resistance. When you are at the top of the scooter, the wheels compress slightly at the leading edge of the wheel as it rolls onto the road.

And as the wheel rolls back on edge, it rebounds pushing against the road and returning the energy used to compress the wheel into forwarding momentum. They bring a significant difference in terms of balance and stability.


The deck has a non-slip surface that ensures the user’s feet will have a solid grip on the scooter. It is T4 and heat-treated for unrivaled strength. This ensures durability and that the scooter will stay strong through all of your stunts through the years.

The bottom of the deck is made with a treated smooth surface that is ideal for grinding. This means sliding on a rail on the skate park and is one of the few tricks intricate tricks that will take your skills to the next level


The Vokul VK3 T-Bar Pro Stunt Scooter also features high-strength handlebars that are made of medium carbon steel that will take a pounding and still keep going, and for a stunt scooter, this is a quality you want because of the nature of the activity this scooter is intended for and will be doing. They also have a tightened triple clamp for added handlebar strength and to ensure safety/stability.

Vokul VK3 T-Bar Pro Stunt Scooter
Vokul VK3 T-Bar Pro Stunt Scooter

Other Features:

It features the ABEC-5 chromes steering that provides turn controls that are smooth and easy to operate. They also provide a fast ride.

Things I liked about in Vokul VK3 T-Bar Pro Stunt Scooter

  • Stable performance
  • Made of lightweight aircraft grade aluminum
  • Heat treated forged plates in the deck for more stability and to make it sturdier
  • Handlebar made of medium carbon steel with tightened clamp for more safety and stability
  • ABEC-5 bearing for fast ride
  • Super tough and strong hence durable
  • Wheels made of high-grade urethane that is shock-absorbing, anti-abrasive and high-rebounding
  • Nonslip surface on the deck
  • Comfortable and firm grip on the handlebars to absorb shock and vibrations
  • Bottom of the deck has a specially treated smooth surface that is ideal for grinding

Things I liked about in The Vokul VK3 T-Bar Pro Stunt Scooter

  • Wheel and handlebars get loose with time
  • Front wheel comes out of alignment
  • Has a weight limit of 140lbs

Final Words

Riding and doing stunts on your scooter is fun and easy for many people of different ages. A bad scooter may draw all the fun from your riding experience and finding the right one is not always that simple.

There is a wide selection to choose from in the market, and it is totally justifiable if you are spoilt for choice, or you do not know where to begin. However, some reputable brands like Vokul have produced some undeniably good stunt scooters, and this is one of the top choices that is popular among riders. That in itself should tell you something.

In my review I have given you a little more insight on the model, along with its pros and cons, so you can weigh them out for yourself and decide to form an educated point of view. Have a smooth ride and don’t forget to have fun on your new scooter!

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