Varla Pegasus Electric Scooter Review

Varla Pegasus Electric Scooter Review: Your Go-to Commuter

The Covid pandemic had really done a number of the whole industry of transportation. And electric scooters are finally getting the traction and popularity they deserved. 

And Varla is undoubtedly one of the rising brands that have a significantly higher value to offer for any e-scooter riders. 

Today, we aim to take you through one of Varla’s recent e-scooters- the Varla Pegasus. The brand has some pretty impressive features and values to offer in this model, and we’ll break them down and explain them to you. 

By the end of this Varla Pegasus Electric Scooter review, you can hone up on your decision of whether to go for it or not.

Sounds interesting? Let’s dive in-  

Varla Pegasus Electric Scooter means:

Varla Pegasus Electric Scooter is a high-quality, foldable electric scooter that makes traveling easier and more fun. It has a top speed of 15 mph and a range of up to 10 miles on a single charge, making it perfect for short commutes or weekend getaways. Plus, its lightweight design and easy folding mechanism make it easy to take with you wherever you go.

Varla Pegasus Electric Scooter Review:

About Varla Scooter: The Brand

Varla is a pretty new brand in the block if you consider the good old market of scooters. But when we narrow down to the state-of-the-art electric scooter market, Varla is one of the most aspiring names out there. 

The founder of the company- Bed, is an e-scooter enthusiast himself. While taking the brand off in late 2019, they came up with only two signature models of themselves- the Varla Pegasus and Varla Eagle. Alongside, they have a range of scooter accessories that add up to the value they offer for any scooter enthusiast. 

Let’s go down into one of Varla’s two e-scooters- Varla Pegasus.

Does The 500W Motor Hits The Bar?

We get it, the motor is the first concern of any scooter enthusiast who wants fast commuting on their way from point A to point B. And the Varla Pegasus is surprisingly good at this measure. 

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This scooter contains not one, but two 500W motors behind its wheels. And on-demand, they can reach up to 1600W of power output together. That means the expected top speed would be as fast as 35 MPH on a free-run city road. 

How Comfortable of A Ride Does It Offer?

A lot of things come into play when it’s to the comfort of a scooter rider. In this case, let’s start with the form factor. 

The overall height from the ground is about 50 inches, which is pretty suitable for even the tallest kinds of riders. The length of the deck is 19.7 inches, and it’s 6.7 inches wide. So, you can easily keep your foot on it. And on-demand, you can also invite a passenger to join you. 

Along with that, the dual suspension will save your day when riding on a bumpy road. The way it absorbs the shocks and vibration while riding is really impressive. 

How Good Is The Ride Safety on It?

It’s said that, while riding on a scooter, you need to pull the brakes more often than you accelerate or speed up on city roads. And we can’t debate with that at all. 

But how safe will your rides be with this scooter on such risky roads?

Well, the dual disk-type brake installed in this model is regarded to be pretty effective in this regard. Even if the road is a bit slippery or wet, the brake system will work just fine. 

Is The Tire Good and Low-maintenance?

Being that cuticle part of a scooter that stays in touch with the rough road, a good scooter is meant to have a pair of solid, enduring tires. And the pegasus is nothing less than that. 

In fact, the solid tires that it comes with, are one of the most selling points of the scooter. The biggest perk of having solid tires underneath your scooter deck is- you’ll never end up with a flat tire or leaks on it. 

Upon rigorous use for a long period of time, some of the users might see some part of the tire worn out. But Varla has a good customer support and maintenance policy which will take care of the situation if you reach out to them. 

Does It Offer Controllability?

This is where things become a bit interesting. To offer easier control for the user, the Varla Pegasus comes with a thumb throttle on the handle. All you need to do is push it, and you’ll get accelerated the way you want. 

Apart from the speed, to offer control and access to other measures like speed, battery life, range, etc, there is an LCD display mounted on the handlebar of the scooter. All you’ll need to know will be just a glimpse away. 

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How is The Price-quality Ratio

We understand that the amount of money is pretty important for the majority of scooter users. And comparing the Varla Pegasus to other electric scooters in the market, we found it to be pretty reasonable in terms of price-quality ratio. 

There are a few add-on bonuses regarding the cost of this scooter. If you preorder the model, they will offer a good chunk of discount on it. If you own PayPal credit, you can buy it for up to 6 interest-free installments. That’s impressively good leverage for people who have a tight budget. 


  • The dual motor of 500W each, combined in 1600W max output. 
  • Powered by a 48V DC motor of 15.6Ah capacity. 
  • 250 lbs of the safe limit of the rider’s weight. 
  • A maximum range of 28 miles at one go. 
  • Can climb across slopes of up to 25-degree inclination. 
  • Safe and smooth dual disk brake system. 
  • Dual suspension for comfy rides on bumpy rides. 
  • LCD display to portray all of the essential information. 
  • A good price for the value it offers. 


  • You can’t attach a seat to it if you want to. 
  • There is no app compatibility to it for locking/unlocking. 
  • Solid tires are not that mainstream right now and are hard to repair. 

Our Verdict

Pat you back- you’ve made it to the very end of this Varla Pegasus Electric Scooter review. Throughout the discussion, we’ve put our level best effort to demonstrate the good and bad of this e-scooter, and we hope it provided help for you. 

If you ask us, we’d definitely vote for the Pegasus, as long as an e-scooter meets your commuting goals. The rest of the choice is up to you. 

Good luck! 

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