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Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Electric Moped – GUIDE & REVIEW

Having your personal commuter is awesome. It lies just in the sweet spot between hectic public transports and expensive car journeys.

Furthermore, if things are taken one step higher, having a battery-driven commuter with pedals on it will make your day awesome! And my friend, that’s ‘electric moped’ for you.

Sounds good so far? Well, not anymore when you’re left in the market to choose the best electric moped for you. There are hundreds of models from dozens of brands.

Worry not, we’ve done the mammoth task for you. This article will explain the features of 8 of the hand-picked electric mopeds along with two alternatives.

Seems enticing? Let’s start-

1. ECOTRIC 20" 500W Electric Moped

ECOTRIC 20" 500W Electric Moped


  • 500W brushless motor.
  • Sleek frame with a wide tire.
  • 20 mph top speed.

Product Overview

If you want to bring on just one electric moped that lies within the sweet spot between price and quality, the ECOTRIC 20" 500W Electric Moped it is. Therefore, we got to give the winner’s spot away to this moped. And we’ll explain in details why-

Unlike most of the other electric(and gas-powered) moped, the structure of this one is kept simple. The 20” fat tire is going to be your best friend while riding off-road. The entire frame is made of aluminum alloy, assisted by a rear motor and a standard disc brake.

All of these facts about its stricture and built quality proves that it’s a perfect electric moped for somebody who loves extreme biking. The seat comfort and placement also goes likewise.

The Shimano 7 speed gear system is going to give you a lot of speed diversity. And the 500W brushless motor is going to ensure that the speed stays constant. With the 36V 12 Ah battery power and the 500W motor, you can avail top speed of 20 mph.

However, the recharge time of the battery is up to 8 hours, which is a bit longer than expected. In case the battery is completely emptied up, you might have to give a full night’s worth time to recharge it up.

All that being said, we’re pretty happy with the price point of this moped. Thanks to Ecotric- the brand.

Things That I Like In ECOTRIC 20" 500W ELECTRIC MOPED

  • 36V 12Ah Lithium battery.
  • Wide tires with rear disk brake.
  • 7 variable speed options.
  • Anti-skidding tire design.
  • Made of high-quality aluminum alloy.
  • Battery lock and power lock options.
  • Affordable price point.

Things I didn't liked about this ECOTRIC 20" 500W ELECTRIC MOPED

  • The recharge time is somewhat longer than usual.

2. MZZK 7-Speed Wide Fat Tire Electric Moped

MZZK 7-Speed Wide Fat Tire Electric Moped


  • 500W powerful motor.
  • 26” wide tires.
  • 260 lb load capacity.

Product Overview

If you don’t mind investing a good chunk of money after a moped model that deserves every penny of it, the MZZK 7-Speed Wide Fat Tire Electric Moped is for you. It’s a premium electric moped made out of ultra-lightweight and yet sturdy aluminum. Let's go through other significant features of it-

As said earlier, lightweight aluminum and long-lasting design- that’s what defines the built quality of this moped. On top of that, there is the mechanical brake on the front and disc brake on the back. Having said that the 26” flat tires are made to provide ultimate grip and traction, this moped is the best available one for rough tracks.

However, the biggest USP of this electric moped is- it’s available to drive in 6 different models. You can choose from the eBike mode, the assisted bicycle mode, and the normal bike mode. Given the 7-speed Shimano transmission system, switching between speeds will be great fun.

Let's talk about the power and the motor now.

To keep it’s standard as a heavy-duty outdoor moped, the battery is kept as big as a 48V, 13 Ah one. On top of that, the 500W motor is going to give you the speed of your life while riding those hilly tracks.

Lastly, it’s the maximum load that this bike can carry. To our utter surprise, it’s 260 pounds, which is the right suit for any kind of user. 


  • 6061 aluminum alloy made body.
  • Shimano 7-speed transmission.
  • Front mechanical brake and rear disc brake.
  • Powered by 48V 13 Ah battery.
  • Highly durable KMC chain drives the shaft.
  • Traction and grip-friendly tire design.
  • A perfect moped for off-road cycling fun.

Things I didn't liked about this MZZK 7-SPEED WIDE FAT TIRE ELECTRIC MOPED

  • Not the most storable and transportable moped in the market.
  • Not a budget-friendly pick at all.

3.  WALLKE X3 POR 26-inch Moped

WALLKE X3 POR 26-inch Moped

Quick Features

  • 750W brushless motor.
  • Frame size is 26 inches.
  • 50-55 miles of mileage.
  • Foldable body design.

Product Overview

WALLKE X3 POR is a foldable electric bike with an all-around moped mode in it. A powerful blend of high built quality and state of the art power system- that’s what made this moped special.

Let’s talk about power in the first place. The motorized moped runs on a 750W powerful brushless motor. And with that power, it can provide you a top speed of 24.8mph. The battery that empowers the whole system is a Li-ion one and it’s a Samsung 48V, 14Ah one. While charging, it will take about 5 to 7 hours, which is usual for batteries of such capacity.

Next on, it’s the high built quality that we appreciate. The body is made of 100% aluminum alloy, and so does the pedal, handles, and crank. The suspension system is also made of full-aluminum, backed by the central shock absorber and a state of the art shock-absorbing capacity.

To make your journey comfortable on the bumpy road, the seat cover is made of soft silicone. And based on the traffic or road situation, you can shift among 8 different speed options as well. As long as your day to day cycling needs comes, the WALLKE X3 POR is a perfect pick to go with.

Things That I Like In WALLKE X3 POR 26-inch Moped

  • Powered by a highly durable Samsung battery.
  • Can reach the top speed of 24.8 mph.
  • Powered by 48V Samsung Li-ion battery.
  • High-quality, all-aluminum built quality.
  • Double disc brake system for quick braking.
  • Comes with an LCD screen to display essential info.
  • The battery can be charged for 5-7 hours.
  • Center shock absorber with a good absorption rate.

Things I didn't liked about this WALLKE X3 POR 26-inch Moped

  • The price point is way over the top for budget buyers.

4. Xin Ling Electric Moped Scooter

Xin Ling Electric Moped Scooter

Quick Features

  • Spacious and comfortable.
  • 1500W motor power
  • Double disc brake.

Product Overview

The next pick of our list is a scooter moped that checks all the boxes of both scooter and a box. Unlike many other mopeds on the market, it comes with a large and wide seat, along with a spare tire host at the back. Being safe enough for riding by both men and women, the Xin Ling Electric Moped Scooter is a quick and good product to talk about.

To talk about the power, we found the motor system as powerful as 1500V. The lithium battery power of this moped is 60V, which is way better than most of the so-called ‘compact’ mopeds in the market. It might take some more time to charge it, but it’s going to be a good thing in the end.

While traveling, you would love to go with the gear-shifting system instead of those speed shifting ones. On top of that, there is a one-click switch to cruise tire.

No matter whether you ride this model in day or night, the dual LED, bright headlight will be showing the way to you. And the brake system is a double disk. So, it’s safe enough as long as quick braking is concerned.

The only drawback that we can point at is, it’s not a storage-friendly commuter. You can’t either fold it or store it in a compact space. Plus, the weight is quite high as well.

Things That I Like In Xin Ling Electric Moped Scooter

  • Powered by a 60V Lithium battery.
  • One click transition to cruise tire.
  • Offers a third gear system.
  • Two LED headlights are there for safe commuting.
  • Comes with the seat arrangement for two.
  • Comfortable, cushy seat.
  • Available in three different colors.
  • Solid, double disk brake system.

Things I didn't liked about this Xin Ling Electric Moped Scooter

  • Not an easy-to-store moped.
  • Quite heavy in weight, if that matters.

5. SAMEBIKE Portable E-Bike w/ Moped Mode

SAMEBIKE Portable E-Bike w/ Moped Mode

Quick Features

  • Foldable into 80 x 48 x 60 cm.
  • Up to 55km of mileage.
  • Weighs only 25kg.

Product Overview

SAMEBIKE Portable E-Bike doesn’t call it a ‘moped’ practically. But as it comes with the ‘moped’ mode along with every essential feature in it, we think it deserves a slot in this list. On top of that, you might be interested in the handful of features that this e-bike offers.

First of all, the design of this commuter had been done pretty smartly. Apart from the eye-catching black-red aesthetics, the foldable design will let you store it while needed. At the folded state, the dimension becomes as small as 80 x 48 x 60cm. The placement and design of the seat and handle are also appreciable.

The 80 x 48 x 60cm is powered by a 36V Li-ion battery, which might not be the best in the market, but it’s good enough for quick commuting. Plus, this keeps the overall moped very light(25kg only). That being said, you can at least 35km of mileage at electric mode and up to 55km of mileage at the moped model.

Now, let’s serve the best at the last. And that is, it's a three-mode transition. We mean, you can use it in electric mode, moped mode(with the pedal) and finally the pedal-only mode. The highest mileage will be there in the moped mode, however.

Another thing that we can’t help mentioning is the price. It’s extremely budget-friendly for starters and budget buyers. 


  • Three modes to run- pedal, moped, and electric mode.
  • 33km mileage for electric mode, and 55km for the moped mode.
  • Easy to store and collapse while needed.
  • Runs on a 36V Li-ion battery.
  • Quick charging time of the battery compared to others.
  • The overall weight of the commuter is very light.
  • Horn and LED headlight provided.

Things I didn't liked about this SAMEBIKE PORTABLE E-BIKE W/ MOPED MODE

  • Not a good companion for long-distance commuting.

6. ECOTRIC 26", 350W Moped


Quick Features

  • 26” body length.
  • 600 cycles of battery life.
  • 20 mph of top speed.

Product Overview

At first glance, you might find a number of similarities between the ECOTRIC 26", 350W Moped and a typical bicycle. But let’s look closer into its power system and build quality and prove some points because of which we’ve picked this commuter up in this list.

First of all, this moped runs on a 350W motor power, backed up by a 36V, 10Ah Lithium battery. The highest speed is 20 mph, but you can always set the top speed as per your priority.

There is something special about the Lithium battery itself, and that’s it’s lifespan. If no serious voltage or ampere override takes place, the battery can go on for up to 600 cycles. And that reduces a good amount of maintenance cost for you- the user.

While riding, you can switch between three given speed options with just one key. The braking system is a mechanical one, inducing an outrage braking system. In case you don’t want to use the power, there are both battery lock and power lock systems.

The only drawback that we'll provide you is- it’s not a sports material at all. The tires are quite wide, and that’s kind of the last thing an extreme sports enthusiast would want. 

Things That I Like In ECOTRIC 26", 350W MOPED

  • 350W of motor power backed up by 36V battery.
  • 90kg of weight carrying capacity.
  • The bike weighs as light as 22.2kg.
  • High and long-lasting battery life.
  • 3 speed adjustment on the go.
  • Sports a mechanical braking system.
  • Can be induced with a power lock and battery lock.

Things I didn't liked about this ECOTRIC 26", 350W MOPED

  • ●Not for uphill cycling or for sports climbing.

7. FJNS 12 Inch Foldable Electric Moped

FJNS 12 Inch Foldable Electric Moped

Quick Features

  • Only 12 inches of body size.
  • Powered by an 8Ah battery.
  • Can carry up to 120kg of the load.

Product Overview

It’s often a hard gig for you if you look for an ultra-compact footprint and a good driving power system in a single electric moped. To meet things for users like you, we’ve got the right moped in the market. It’s called the FJNS 12 Inch Foldable Electric Moped and as the name says, it’s size is only 12 inches in body length.

Here go the further details-

As long as it’s a small moped, you might wonder about how large/heavy the battery is. Well, the battery is 36V, but the amperage is a bit low(8Ah). That needs you to achieve mileage as high as 50 km/h. But that’s quite sufficient for usual commuting.

Surprisingly, the load capacity of this small commuter is 120kg. We believe the high quality aluminium alloy built quality is the secret behind. On top of that, there is a rear shock and a wheel hub to make it more convenient.

As per the footprint and weight go, it’s very likely to be stored behind the car or pickup. In case you want to ride it at night, there is a LED flashlight to show you the way. Even if the road is a bit bumpy, worry not. The seat is made to decently shock absorbing. But don’t dare to ride hilly off-road with it, however.

Some of the users might raise an eyebrow at the high price tag of the device. But we address this as an expense of luxury and aesthetics. For budget buyers, there are plenty of other options to choose from. 


  • 36V battery and 350W motor power.
  • High-quality aluminum alloy built.
  • Compact footprint, easy to store.
  • Smooth to run, even at night time.
  • Flash light and shock absorption.

Things I didn't liked about this FJNS 12 INCH FOLDABLE ELECTRIC MOPED

  • The top speed is not up to the expected level.

8. GigaByke Groove 750 Watt Electric Moped

GigaByke Groove 750 Watt Electric Moped

Quick Features

  • 750W powerful motor.
  • 20 mph top speed.
  • 32” wide handle. 

Product Overview

GigaByke had been a manufacturer of moped-driven electric scooters. And that legacy brings us on with their highly appreciated model- the GigaByke Groove 750 Watt Electric Moped. This is a high-end electric moped that comes with good powerage and a comfy riding arrangement. He’ll dig down deeper into the features below-

The GigaByke Groove has been in the market since 2018. The motor power is as high as 750W. Also, the silicone lead-acid battery that runs the motor, is a 48V, 14 Ah one.

Together with such a power system, you can reach a food number in the speedometer. To be exact, it will give you a top speed of 20 mph, which happens to be street-legal as well.

An important feature of the whole moped design is it’s ultra-large and comfortable handles. The handles are 32 inches long, and that’s very suitable for taking turns and moving quick while you’re riding. On top of that, this is a great advantage for long riders out there.

The headlight that the GigaByke Groove comes with is a standard one for all sorts of lighting situations. Unlike many other mopeds, the placement of the LED headlight is kept perfect.

In case you need to stop quickly on the way, the hydraulic brake is going to be there for you. Compared to disk brakes, hydraulic brakes happen to be way easier and quicker without backward force. 

Things That I Like In GigaByke Groove 750 Watt Electric Moped

  • Powered by a 48V, 14 Ah battery.
  • Can go 25 miles on a single charge.
  • 20 mph of maximum speed.
  • Ultra-bright headlight.
  • Large LCD display for basic info.
  • Affordable price point.

Things I didn't liked about this GigaByke Groove 750 Watt Electric Moped

  • The tires are complained to ask for frequent inflation.

Alternatives to Electric Mopeds

So far, it has been all about electric mopeds. But somewhere in your mind, you should keep a corner for the gas-powered ones as well. Although it requires gas fuel, which is expensive, it has several advantages on the electric ones as well.

At this point, we’re going to talk about two of such gas-powered mopeds that are no less in performance and durability. Let’s go- 

Alternative 1 : TaoTao ATM-50A1 49cc Scooter Moped


Quick Features

  • 49cc motor power.
  • Air-cooled engine.
  • Easy start up.

Product Overview

As the 1st alternative of the list, we will call the TaoTao ATM-50A1 49cc Scooter Moped on the board. It’s a convenient 50cc scooter with an automatic air-cooled engine, along with strong 4-stroke engine power. 

The gas mileage of this bike is quite impressive. And on the long trips, the engine will not turn hot as there is the aforementioned air-cooling system. And that works equally effectively while the engine is in idle mode on some signals. 

Starting this scooter up is quite easy with one press on the start button. And with the 10” steel made rims, this moped will be able to run on any kind of surface. But you are advised to go with on-road commuting with this device as long as the lifespan of the fuel is considered. 

Compared to the prices of many other electric ones, this gas-powered moped is quite affordable. Plus, you don’t have to spend 5-6 hours to recharge the battery, which is a problem that exists with every electric moped out there. 


  • Highly efficient motor power for day to day commuting.
  • Air-cooled engine to keep the temperature under control.
  • A significant gas mileage.
  • Easy to start with only one press.
  • 10 inches diameter of the rims.

Things I didn't liked about this TAOTAO ATM-50A1 49CC SCOOTER MOPED

  • The re-fueling cost is higher than the electric mopeds.

Alternative 2 : Taotao Powermax Scooter 150cc Moped

Taotao Powermax Scooter 150cc Moped

Quick Features

  • 150cc engine power.
  • 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine.
  • Good price point.

Product Overview

We’re going to finish the list with the 2nd electric moped alternative- the Taotao Powermax Scooter 150cc Moped. As it says, it’s a 150cc engine that runs on gas fuel. Therefore, you are going to get more mileage than 50cc or 100cc ones.

Just like 50cc ones, the engine is 4-stroke, air-cooled and comes with a single-cylinder in it.

Another big plus is the fully automatic CVT transmission system. That makes it very easy to go at high speed without any hassle with the transmission or gearing. There is storage for stuff, and a space for extra tires, if you need so.

The price point is still within 1000 dollars, which is surprisingly impressive about the brand TaoTao.

Things That I Like In Taotao Powermax Scooter 150cc Moped

  • It comes with a very powerful engine.
  • Air-cooled engine maintenance.
  • Fully automatic transmission.
  • It comes with a storage trunk.

Things I didn't liked about this Taotao Powermax Scooter 150cc Moped

  • The mileage is not up to the par.

How To Choose The Electric Moped

As you have gone through the depth of our top 10 best electric mopeds, it’s time for wrapping up the purchase decision. To give you a hand in that, here goes the comprehensive buyer’s guide of us-

The Power Factors

When we address the power factors, there comes two things- the battery and the motor. The higher voltage and power your battery has got, the longer it can support the motor to keep going.

On the other hand, the motor is liable for the speed and acceleration of the moped wheels. If you have got more wattage, that means you can go for higher speeds.

These two bring us to the resultant facts like top speed, battery lifespan, recharge time, etc. So, keep an eye on these as well. 

The Tire

We got to mention the tire on a separate note because of its importance. Specially, if you are going to ride the moped off road, you need to keep a sharp eye on the tire itself.

For off road travels, look for wide tires that come with good traction capacity and good friction in it. Otherwise, it can be quite slippery. 

The Body Structure and Weight Limit

These two are co-relevant to each other as long as facts and consequences go. The material that the moped frame is made of has to be top notch. If so, it would give you great durability and longevity.

Also, well built frames are able to carry heavier loads. Keep an eye on that fact too. 


Question : How wide of a tire would I need if I wanted to ride my moped off-road?
Answer : For off-road electric mopeds, tires around 16-22” are good to go.

Question : Which kind of transmission system is the best for electric mopeds?
Answer : So far, we have found Shimano transmission systems the best in the game.

Question : Is it good to have a spare tire with my moped?
Answer : If you’re planning for long commuting trips, then it is of course. But not all-electric mopeds will let you have one.

Question : How long does it usually take to recharge a moped battery?
Answer : It depends on the voltage and wattage. The average charging time is 5-8 hours. 

Final Words

Alright guys, it’s the wrap up. Hopefully, this discussion has been informative enough to find you the best electric moped for your budget and purpose. Let’s talk soon in the next post. Till then, leave a comment if you have anything to provide for this discussion.

Happy commuting! 

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