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The Best 50cc 100cc & 150cc Scooter – Reviews and Guides

Scooters are designed with different specifications, and manufacturers offer them with different types of engines. The power in a scooter is determined by the engine displacement which is measured in cubic centimeters. Therefore, the more power you have in your scooter, the faster you can ride. Additionally, more power in a scooter helps you to carry more weight be it human or cargo.

Most of the scooters that you will find on the market come in different engine types ranging from 50cc, 100cc, 250cc, 300cc, 500cc and much more. In this guide and reviews, I will discuss the best 50cc, 100cc and 150cc scooters that you can buy on the market.

As I mentioned, the size of the scooter engine highly determines how far you can go. So you need to determine how fast you can drive then look for a scooter with the right engine size. 50cc scooters are perfect for beginners, and they offer a maximum speed of 35-40 miles per hour. 100cc scooters provide a maximum scooter ranging from 40-50 miles per hour, and 150cc scooters have a speed of 50-60 miles per hour.

I have created this comprehensive guide and reviews to help you pick the right scooter depending on the speed that you love. I have also provided you with other resourceful information that will help you to choose the right scooter ride safely and maintain it effectively. Keep reading.

OUR RECOMMENDED The 50cc Scooters

50cc scooters are very popular among first-time buyers as compared to scooters that come with a large engine. They are easy to ride, economical on gas and inexpensive. The following are some of the 50cc scooters that you can check.

Best 50cc Gas Street Legal Scooter TaoTao ATM50-A1 – Black

Scooter Inside

Do you want to own a scooter that is great in fuel economy and gives you the best handling when you are riding? Then you need to try the Gas Street Legal 50cc TaoTao Scooter ATM50, and you will surely love it. If you need a convenient scooter to run around the town, this is your preferred model.

The scooter is designed with an air cooled engine that generates 3.5 horsepower so it can hold up to 225 pounds and can go fast as 35 miles per hour. The reliable 50cc engine propels the scooter with a fully auto transmission.

Being an automatic scooter, using it is very easy. You only need to twist the throttle, and you are ready to get on the road. The scooter is designed with an electric start, and kick start to cater for situations when the battery isn't working.

Expect very safe and quick stops with the scooter. It features front disc front brakes and a rear drum brake that allows you to stop whenever you need to. The scooter also has a double seat so it will accommodate two adults well.

Just like others scooters, a little assembly is required that will take less than an hour to ensure all the parts are well assembled and the scooter is safe to ride. The assembly process consists of attaching the front wheel, front fender, trunk and the handlebars.


  • It comes with a matching trunk
  • Double seat can accommodate two adults
  • It is electric with keys and kick start backup
  • It is fuel efficient
  • 100 percent approved by DOT
  • Comes at an affordable price


  • The hardware is not well tightened
  • Complaints of bad electrics

Top 6 Best 50CC 100CC & 150CC SCOOTER

If you want to ride a scooter with speed, you need to buy a scooter with a bigger and faster engine. Check out the specifications, features and other benefits of the best 100cc scooters.

1. Razor Pocket Rocket Miniature Electric Bike

Razor Pocket Rocket Miniature Electric Bike

Do you have an adventurous kid who is too much into scooters? You can surprise them with the Razor Pocket Rocket Miniature Electric Bike. The bike is ideal for teens from 13 years and above.

The bike has a high torque motor that provides a speed of up to 15 miles per hour. It also has a sleek aerodynamic design that makes it a perfect selection for those kids who are into racing.

This scooter can accommodate relatively heavy kids as like toddler scooter. Its maximum weight capacity limit is up o 170 pounds, and it can cruise for up to 30 minutes with just one charge. Isn't that incredible?

Another thing that makes the scooter great is its smooth and quiet performance. Because it is single speed and has a chain driven motor, it is extremely quiet when you are riding as compared to other traditional gas powered scooters.

Yu will also love the large pneumatic tires that provide a smooth and comfortable ride all the time. It also features hand operated rear brakes that assure you of effective stopping power whenever you need to slow down or stop to overcome an obstacle. Get your child this lightweight and easy to ride a scooter, and they will enjoy the whole riding experience.


  • Has a high torque motor
  • Features a twist grip throttle
  • The scooter is lightweight
  • Features hand operated rear brakes for reliable stopping
  • Designed with large pneumatic tires for smooth rides
  • Extremely quiet


  • The battery doesn't hold charge

2. Coleman Powersports CT100U Gas Powered Mini Trail Bike

Coleman Powersports CT100U Gas Powered Mini Trail Bike

Like I said before, the size of the engine in a scooter determines how fast you will ride. If you are there searching for a convenient 100cc scooter, worry no more because the Coleman Powersports CT100U Gas Powered Mini Trail Bike is all you need.

The scooter is designed with 4 stoke OHV cylinder and has 98cc 3.0 HP engine that guarantees you with the best riding and great speed. This affordable scooter suits your off-road experience. It provides you with more power to take you through trails while minimizing gas consumption. This scooter features a modern power technology and quality materials that suit all adults.

It feels very soft and stable when you are riding. When you are riding off-road, stability is very important. The scooter features low-pressure tires that provide you with soft and smooth rides. You will always feel very stable even when you are riding on rugged terrains. On top of that, whenever you need to stop, the rear disc brakes provide you with a reliable stopping power.

When regards to the durability of the scooter, that has got you covered. The scooter is strongly built making it tough to handle all conditions. It has a rugged with a solid sturdy metal frame and racks that enhance its durability. This means that it can withstand many years of use.


  • Rear brakes provide reliable stopping power
  • The scooter is durable
  • Offers you with plenty of power
  • It is easy to ride
  • Feels very soft and stable
  • Has an easy pull start operation


  • It doesn't have top-end speed


If the rising price of fuel is a major issue to you, the best thing you can do to is choosing the best 150cc scooter. These scooters have a small engine yet very powerful and provide a speed of up to 65 mph. Check out the best 150cc scooters available currently.

3. TaoTao POWERMAX-150 Gas Street Legal Scooter

TaoTao POWERMAX-150 Gas Street Legal Scooter - Blue

Looking for a quality entry level 150cc scooter and don't know the right one to pick? Let me save you the hassles of bringing home a poor quality scooter. I have reviewed the TaoTao POWERMAX-150 Gas Street Legal Scooter which is one of the best scooters in that category.

This is a nice scooter that can keep up with urban traffic and it also works well for freeway commutes. The scooter is designed to provide you with a speed of more than 55 miles per hour, so you will enjoy riding at high speed.

It is fully automatic with an electric start, and it also has a manual kick start for backup. The scooter features a hydraulic suspension and weight, and this greatly helps in keeping it agile over any road surface.

You can also carry another person because it has plenty of room to hold two riders. It holds a maximum weight limit of 350 lbs.


  • Simple to assemble
  • Available in different colors
  • Has convenient front disc brakes
  • Plenty room for two riders
  • Electric start with keys and kick start backup


  • No cons

4. Best 150cc Scooter sport style

150cc Scooter sport style

The 150cc Scooter sport style is another awesome 150cc scooter that you can buy on the market. This is a nice scooter that is widely known for its smooth acceleration and a powerful braking system. You can easily ride it at high speed and slow down when you need to.

The scooter features a low center of gravity hence offering you with an excellent handling. This ensures that you enjoy riding because it doesn't stop until you do the engine.

The scooter provides you with a smooth performance on a wide range of terrains. It is large alloy wheels measuring 13 inches that offer a smooth rolling. It also has a large front headlight for proper vision at night.


  • Available in blue, black and red colors
  • Maximum speed of 70 miles per hour
  • Designed with automatic brakes
  • Has a large storage trunk
  • Designed with quality wheels
  • Easy to assemble


  • No negative reviews

5. TaoTao ATM 50cc Sporty Scooter

TaoTao ATM 50cc Sporty Scooter

If you are looking for an easy to ride mid-priced scooter, the TaoTao ATM 50cc Sporty Scooter is the best option that you can pick for 50cc scooters. Not only does this scooter look great but you will also love how it will help you save money.

The scooter is fully automatic and features a powerful engine that gives you the required riding power. It is legal for street use featuring all the necessary requirements such as horn, tail light, headlight and turn signals.

When you are in town, you can decide to park your scooter for a short time. You can leave it without any worries that somebody else might pick it. It has a locking mechanism for the steering column that prevents thieves and other unauthorized personnel from accessing the scooter. It also has a lockable trunk with two keys so you can be sure that your items are safe.

Providing you with a speed of up to 25 miles per hour, this makes the scooter legal an ideal option for riding around the town. It is also a great scooter to get you to school or to commute to work.Before you begin riding, some assembly is required, and this will take you less time, probably up to 90 minutes. All the things you need to assemble the scooter are included hence making the process simple.


  • Certified for street use
  • It is fully automatic
  • Perfect for commuters
  • Fuel saving
  • Designed with quality 10-inch rims
  • Can hold users with up to 235 lbs


  • Difficult to assemble the scooter

6. TaoTao Zummer 50cc Sporty Scooter

TaoTao Zummer 50cc Sporty Scooter

There are many types of street scooters that are available. Knowing what will suit your needs best can be difficult especially if you are not familiar with scooters. If you are looking for a nice 50cc scooter, the TaoTao Zummer 50cc Sporty Scooter beats many models on the market.

This is an adult scooter with plenty of room to hold two adults. The scooter is designed with ample leg room, so you will feel very comfortable when you are riding. It is lightweight and provides you with a speed of up to 35 miles per hour, which is pretty cool.

With reference to the speed, the scooter has a very powerful 3.5 horsepower air-cool engine which gives the best performance so no more problems when at the handlebars. It features 10-inch aluminum rims that make it easy to handle the scooter smoothly and move through traffic.

It is designed with quality 12-inch alloy wheels that not only grant you with the best performance on the road but they also make it very durable. It comes partly assembled, so you will need to put some parts together before use, but if you follow the instructions provided, you will find it very easy to assemble the scooter.

For those riders who would love to own a good looking scooter with a sporty design, this model is specially made for you. The scooter is available in a wide range of colors depending on what you like.

I love its low fuel consumption so, in the long run, you will save greatly on fuel. The scooter is also very easy to maintain. Use the scooter confidently on the road because it is street legal. It is packed with all the necessary things like the tail lights, rear view mirrors, speedometer and turn signals.


  • Comfortable and easy to ride
  • The scooter is easy to assemble
  • It is available in different colors
  • It is street legal
  • It doesn't consume much fuel
  • Requires minimal maintenance


  • The scooter is expensive

50cc, 100cc & 150cc Scooter Buying Guide

When armed with the relevant information, it is very easy for you to choose the right scooter. I have provided you with everything that you need to know when buying a scooter.


The cost of the scooter is something that you should consider before you make your purchase. There are many brands that provide different types of scooters at varying prices. Basically, you can get every scooter to suit your budget needs.

Scooters range from cheap models to more expensive ones. You just need to figure out how much you have to buy an ideal scooter.

Your Needs

Why do you want to buy the scooter? Do you want a commuter scooter or running errand? What is your height? Do you want a recreational scooter or are you interested in carrying passengers? Knowing why you need the scooter is crucial for you to buy the right scooter. You will be in a position to choose the right engine size based on your needs.

Engine Size

Selecting the engine size of a scooter highly depend on the speed that you want to ride. The numbers that are used to determine the size of an engine in a scooter range from 49cc up to 250cc. The numbers represent the engine piston displacement.

In other words, this means how large the engine is. The size of the engine that you select determines how fast you will ride your scooter and how long it will travel. The most basic engine sizes in a scooter include 50cc, 100cc, 150cc and 250cc but you can get other way higher.

Electric Or Gas

You should also make a decision on whether you need a gas or an electric scooter. Electric scooters use batteries, and they are better because they help you save money on gas. They are also environment-friendly because they provide very few emissions.

These scooters are also less noisy since their engines are much quieter as compared to gas powered scooters. Gas powered scooters, on the other hand, are better for people who want speed. They go much faster, and they are also very durable.

Because they are designed for higher speeds, they feature a relatively more durable built as compared to electric scooters.


Why and how do you plan to ride your scooter? These are some of the things that will affect the convenience of riding. You should consider the environment in which you want to ride your scooter. It will be easier to park and maneuver your scooter in urban settings as compared to a bigger motorcycle.

Another thing that affects the convenience of riding a scooter is the learning curve. Because scooters mostly have automatic transitions, they are easier for many people to learn how to use in comparison to the manual clutch and gearshift in motorcycles.

Your weight will also determine how convenient you will ride your scooter. For instance, the speed of the scooter will decrease based on the weight of the rider. Lastly, gas mileage, passenger, and cargo also affect the convenience of riding a scooter.

Scooter Safety

It is also worth to consider the safety of the scooter before you buy. After buying the scooter, you need to go an extra mile and buy protective gear so that you can b assured of safe rides. Regardless of the local legislation, it is very important to ride a scooter when you have your helmet on all the time.

Scooter Riding Tips

Scooters are prone to accidents especially if you do not equip yourself with the right riding tips. Knowing how to ride your scooter safely is very important for enjoyable rides. Whether you are riding a scooter for the first time or you are an experienced rider, the following safety and riding tips will help you get the best from the scooter.

Wear The Right Gear

You need to know what to wear when you are riding a scooter. With the proper gear, you will always achieve the safest rides. You need to have a helmet which should be securely fastened on your head.

You should also consider eye protection. Your eyes are precious, so you do not want obstacles to hit your eyes and cause permanent damage. Therefore, you should ensure that your helmet has a shield and you should also wear a pair of goggles or shatterproof glasses to protect your eyes.

Another thing you should buy is a jacket that is specifically designed for riding. Such jackets are designed from sturdy materials such as leather, denim, and nylon just to mention a few. Also get the right riding pants made from a thick material.

Other important gears that you should always wear when you are riding your scooter include gloves, boots, rain gear, elbow and knee pads and high visibility gear.

Legal Responsibilities

When you are riding your scooter, you should not ignore the rules and regulations governing your state. The laws are there to help you not to harass you. If your state requires a specific scooter to have a license for you to ride in on the streets, ensure that you get the license for the best riding experiences.

Getting insurance is also very important, and in most states, they require liability insurance. There are other coverages that you can get for your scooter such as collision, uninsured driver and medical payments among others.

Know Your Scooter Well

Don't just purchase a scooter and you are on the road. If you practice well, you will know all the riding basics, and this will guarantee you with the safest rides. Know how the scooter works and how to control it.

You also need to take your time and learn other things such as braking, accelerating, curves and cornering so that you will be well prepared to go out on the road.

Master Advanced Riding Skills

You also need to know how you will operate your scooter on a busy road or highway, when there is traffic or at night. If you learn all these things, you can be confident enough to get on the road regardless of the condition out there.

Handling Situations

There are different situations that you will find yourself in when you are riding a scooter. If you know how to handle a specific situation, you can be guaranteed of the best rides. For example, you should know what to do in case of emergency.

This means mastering emergency procedure like braking to overcome an obstacle or avoid a collision. Other skills that you should also know when riding a scooter include; dealing with skids, braking while on a curve, riding on surfaces that are not even and handling bad weather condition among others.

Check Scooter Before Riding

Before every ride, it is paramount to check the condition of the scooter to ensure that it is safe for the road. Check the condition of the tires, check the controls, the lights, oil and fuel, brakes, frame and suspension and you should also check whether the center stand is working well.

If you do that, you can notice any problem with your scooter and handle it before you get on the road.

Group Riding And Carrying Passengers

Riding a scooter in a group is a fun activity. You should learn this skill as well as carry passengers, and you should do it safely.

Other Riding Tips

  • Ride with the flow of traffic
  • Know how to use hand signals
  • Take note of the traffic behind
  • Avoid uneven roads and gravel
  • Ensure you have a safety headlight for riding at night
  • Obey the speed limits

Scooter Maintenance

Just like cars, scooters also require proper maintenance for them to function effectively. You don't always require assistance to maintain your scooter because you can always do it yourself if you like. The owner's manual comes with a maintenance schedule that will guide you on how to do basic services to your scooter. Read the following scooter maintenance tips.

Check Bolts

You need to check the bolts periodically and ensure that they are tight. Sometimes when you are riding your scooter on rough surfaces, the vibrations can loosen up the bolts that hold the scooter together. For the safest rides, ensure that the bolts of the scooter are well tightened to avoid any shaking when you are riding.

Cleaning Your Scooter

It is good if you clean your scooter from time to time to eliminate debris like stones and sticks that may be stuck between the brake and the back wheel. Such sticks and stones can damage the brakes and the wheel hence compromising the performance of the scooter.


Lubrication is an important maintenance tip to ensure that your scooter is functioning effectively. If you want your scooter to work well, you should ensure that you lubricate it periodically. Lubricate the wheels and the bearings for a smooth ride. You should also lubricate the brake spring to prevent squeaking.

Scooter Storage

You should also learn how to store your scooter when it is not in use. You should keep it indoors away from the rain and the sun that can cause damages, corrosion, and fading if you leave it outside for long.


For those people who live in a cooler climate, you should know how to keep your scooter in the best condition to ensure that it functions reliably. You might consider adding the battery on a trickle charger or adding fuel stabilizer to the tank.

Final Words

By now, I know it is pretty easy for you to pick the right scooter engine based on how fast you want to drive. You just need to read and compare the features of the different stunt scooters in each category and choose the right one that suits your riding needs.

I have selected the best scooters with advanced features and very user-friendly design that enhances ease of use. The scooters also come at affordable prices to suit the varying budget requirements of users.

Whether you need a 500cc scooter, 100cc or 150cc, you know the right models to pick. I believe you have also gained a lot from the buying guide and other riding tips that will promote a safe and enjoyable ride.

Now that you know the right engine size to choose expect the best riding experience from the scooter that you will buy. Consider any of the scooters as a top pick.

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