TaoTao 50cc Scooter Oil Type

TaoTao 50cc Scooter Oil Type: A Short Guide

Have you been using a TaoTao 50cc Scooter Oil Type Moped for a while now? Well, any motor vehicle that you purchase comes with the burden of maintenance.

So, if you’ve used your scooter regularly, chances are its engine and transmission already need an oil change. Now, that can be quite the struggle.

Questions like these will pop up in your head:

What’s the best oil type for your TaoTao 50cc engine and transmission? What’s the ideal way of changing the oil?

Well, lucky for you, we understand your struggle. So, here, we wrote about the TaoTao 50cc Oil Types and how you can ideally change your engine oil to reach peak performance.

But before we get into the details, you’ll need to know the basics of your Tao Tao 50cc engine.

We’ll be discussing that in the next section. But if you already know the basics, feel free to skip to the next section.

So, let’s jump right in.

TaoTao 50cc Engine Basics

If You Want To Get Which Oil To Use In Your Engine, You Must Understand The Basics Of Your Engine Itself. Because Different Kinds Of Engines Use Different Oil Types.

So, What Kind Of Engine Does A Tao Tao 50cc Scooter Have?

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Your TaoTao 50cc Scooter Comes With A Four-Stroke Engine. This Makes It Necessary For You To Change Its Oil. Because 2 Stroke Engines Don’t Need An Oil Change.

Now That We’re Done With The Basics Of Your Engine Let’s Get Right Into The Whole Thing.

Ideal Time For Oil Change

During An Oil Change, You’ll Be Changing Two Kinds Of Oil; The Engine Oil And The Transmission Oil. It’s Vital That You Know When To Change The Oil To Keep Your Scooter Healthy.

Well, Here’s What’s Crazy:

Both Of Them Have A Different Ideal Time For Changing The Oil. Sometimes, You Might Be Changing Both, While Sometimes You’ll Only Have The Engine Oil To Change.

For The Engine, It’s Recommended To Change The Oil Every 1000 Miles. On The Other Hand, For The Transmission, It’s Recommended To Change The Oil Every 2000 Miles.

Since We’re Done With The Timing, Let’s Start Discussing The Types Of Oil You Can Use For Your TaoTao 50cc Scooter.

TaoTao 50cc Scooter Oil Type

Here Are The Oil Types Or Grades You Can Use For Your Engine And Transmission, Along With Some Of Our Recommended Types That’ll Help Keep Your TaoTao 50cc Scooter Healthy And Reach Peak Performance.

[Note: 10w30 Means Viscosity Is 10W When The Engine Is Cold And 30W When It’s Hot.]

Engine Oil

Here Are Some Engine Oil Grades That You’ll Find For Your Scooter In The Market.

10w40: This Is The Factory Recommended Engine Oil. Your Engine Will Work Okay With This, Providing You With Average Performance.

15w40: This Is The Engine Oil Used In Most Motorcycles And Scooters. This Oil Is Your Best Bet For Use In Summer And Peak Performance.

10w30: This Engine Oil Is Perfect For Winter. During Winter, You’ll Need Some Engine Oil On The Thinner Side, And 10w30 Would Give You The Best Performance.

5w40: This Is The Engine Oil That You Can Use If You’re Looking For Somewhat Of An Allrounder. This Oil Will Work Just Fine In All Conditions.

Here Are Some Of Our Recommended Engine Oils:

YamaLube All Purpose 4 Four Stroke Oil 10w-40 1 Gallon

  • Container Type: Bottle
  • Viscosity: 10w-40
  • Brand: YamaLube All Purpose
  • Flash Point: 224 Degrees Celsius

Transmission Oil

It Is Better To Use The Recommended Transmission Oil For Your Scooter, 80W90 Gear Oil In Most Cases. For Your TaoTao 50cc Scooter Transmission, 80W90 Gear Will Do The Trick.

That Takes Care Of The Oil Types You Can Use In Your Scooter. Moving On, Let’s Discuss The TaoTao 50cc Scooter Oil Change In The Next Section.

How To Change Oil Properly In A TaoTao 50cc?

Before We Start With The Oil Change, You’ll Need The Following Things:

  • A Wrench
  • Oil Drain Pan (With A Capacity Of ½ A Gallon)
  • A Funnel
  • Rubber Gloves

Once You’ve Got Everything, We’ll Start With The Engine And Then Move To Change The Transmission Oil. However, Don’t Forget To Put Your Rubber Gloves On Before Starting.

Now, Let’s Look At The Steps-

Step 1 Of 4: Warm Up The Engine

Fire Up The Engine And Run It For A Few Minutes. This Lets The Engine Warm-Up And Raises The Temperature Of The Oil In The Process. The Warmer The Oil, The Better It Flows.

Step 2 Of 4: Position Your Scooter

Find Some Level Ground And Put Your Scooter On The Center Stand. It’s Essential To Put The Scooter On Level Ground. Otherwise, You Won’t Get A Good Reading After The Oil Refill.

Step 3 Of 4:  Drain The Used Oil

Put The Flat Dish Container Under The Drain Plug And Loosen The Screw With A Wrench. Take The Screw Off With Your Hand And Let The Used Oil Drain Out For 1-2 Minutes.

Once You’re Done, Screw The Draining Plug Back In Place. You’ll Need To Compress The Spring To Start Screwing The Plug Back In. Use A Wrench To Screw It Tightly.

Step 4 Of 4: Add The New Oil

The New Oil Goes Into The Same Hole As The Dipstick. Take The Dipstick Out And Use The Funnel To Pour In 0.75 Quarts Of The Oil That You Chose. Once You’re Done, Put The Dipstick Back.

That’s All For Changing Engine Oil. Use The Same Process For Transmission of Oil And Squirt 100-200cc Of Oil From The Oil Bottle.

The Best 50cc 100cc & 150cc Scooter
Best 50cc 100cc & 150cc Scooter


1. Which Goes After What When Screwing Back The Drain Plug?

Remember This Order: The Spring Sits On The Plug And Mesh Basket Inside The Spring, While The Filter Sits On Top Of The Spring.

2. What type of oil should I use for my TaoTao 50cc scooter?

For your TaoTao 50cc scooter, you may use high-quality 4-stroke motor oil with a viscosity of 10W-40.

3. How often should I change the oil in my 50cc scooter?

it is recommended to change the oil every 1,000 miles or every six months, whichever comes first.

4. Can I use synthetic oil in my TaoTao 50cc scooter?

Yes, you can use synthetic oil in your 50cc scooter. Synthetic oil can offer better performance and protection.

5. Where is the oil dipstick located on my TaoTao 50cc scooter?

The oil dipstick is usually located on the side of the engine.

6. What happens if I use the wrong type of oil in my scooter?

Using the wrong type of oil can lead to decreased engine performance, increased wear and tear, and potential engine damage.

7. How much oil does my TaoTao 50cc scooter’s engine hold?

The exact amount of oil needed may vary depending on the model and year of your scooter.

8. Can I mix different brands of oil in my scooter?

Stick to one type and brand of oil to ensure consistent performance.

9. Do I need to warm up the scooter before checking the oil level?

Yes, it is best to warm up the engine before checking the oil level.

10. What should I do if my scooter’s oil level is low?

If the oil level is low, add the recommended oil slowly in small increments until it reaches the correct level.

11. Can I change the oil myself, or should I take it to a professional mechanic?

if you are unsure or inexperienced, it’s best to take it to a professional mechanic to ensure the job is done correctly.

12. Can I use olive oil or vegetable oil in my TaoTao 50cc scooter instead of regular motor oil?

13. Is it true that I can improve my scooter’s performance by adding essential oils to the engine oil?

14. I accidentally spilled some oil on my scooter’s seat, and it smells great now. Can I use the same oil for both the engine and as an air freshener?

15. Can I use my scooter’s oil to condition my hair or lubricate my bike chain as well?

No, it is not recommended to use scooter oil for conditioning hair or lubricating a bike chain.

16. Can I mix different colors of motor oils to give my scooter’s engine a rainbow effect?

No, you should not mix different colors of motor oils in your scooter’s engine. Stick to using the recommended type and brand of motor oil for optimal performance and to avoid potential damage.

17. I accidentally poured my scooter’s oil into the fuel tank. Can I still ride it like that?

No, you cannot ride the scooter with oil in the fuel tank. It will damage the engine.

18. My scooter is feeling a bit down lately. Can changing its oil to a different brand lift its spirits and improve its mood?

No, changing the oil brand won’t affect your scooter’s mood.

19. Can I use recycled cooking oil as a sustainable alternative for my scooter’s oil?

No, you cannot use recycled cooking oil as a sustainable alternative for your scooter’s oil.

Parting Words

TaoTao 50cc Scooter Oil Type

That’s All We Had On The TaoTao 50cc Scooter Oil Type And The Process Of Changing the Oil. We Tried To Include Everything We Could To Make Your Life Easier.

So, While We Were Researching All Of This, We Realized How Passionate People Are Towards Their Scooters. This Lead To Us Wanting To Know More.

If You’re A Moped Enthusiast, Let Us Know About Your Experiences In The Comments Below.

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