Difference between stunt scooters and trick scooters

Difference between stunt scooters and trick scooters

Today we discuss the Difference between stunt scooters and trick scooters. A stunt scooter is a unique type of scooter that has been designed for both transportation and stunts.

When it comes to this, the handlebars are typically wider than those of a trick scooter because they can be used as a means to ride from one destination to another. There is no rear brake on the stunt scooter, which might be frustrating for those who want a quick stop or who have never ridden a scooter before.

Stunt scooters :

Stunt scooters are a more recent development in the world of scooters. They have a single wheel and can be ridden on a ramp or skateboard ramp. The rider can perform stunts by spinning or doing flips with the stunt scooter. The rider will most often ride the stunt scooter with their hands off the handlebars which makes it very different from a trick scooter.

There are many different types of stunt scooters on the market. You can find ones that are suited for beginners, intermediate riders, or even the most pro riders. The weight of the stunt scooter is what helps determine which type you should buy- if you’re looking for one to ride all day long, then you might want one that’s not too heavy. If you’re just looking to do some tricks occasionally then a lighter one will suffice.

There are many different stunts that can be done on stunt scooters and trick scooters. Some common types of stunts include wheelies, stoppies, and manuals. Trick scooters also allow the rider to do tricks like pop shuvits, 360 no-handed bails, and rock the baby.

different types of tricks that can be done on stunt scooters and trick scooters:

With the right tricks and tips, you’ll be sure to impress your friends and family. Here are some common tricks that can be done on trick scooters:

1. Jumping: Jumping is a pretty basic trick for beginners and experts alike. To jump, you need to crouch down on the scooter by bending your knees as far as you can. Then, push off with both feet as hard as possible.

2. Flips: Flips are one of the more difficult moves for beginners to learn (or even experts), but they’re also one of the most impressive-looking abilities you can pull off on a stunt scooter or trick scooter. For this move, start out by sitting cross-legged on the floor and leaning back so that your back is almost touching the ground.

Then, raise up onto your hands and do a front flip over the handlebars of your stunt scooter or trick scooter to land back in a sitting position.

stunt scooter clothing kids
stunt scooter clothing kids

Difference between stunt scooters and trick scooters

stunt scooters trick scooters
Stunt scooters are typically used by stunt riders.Trick scooters are similar to skateboards, but they have bigger wheels.
A stunt scooter has a wider deck than a trick scooter which provides more stability and control.Trick scooters are typically used for doing tricks on flat surfaces like bowls or ledges.
Stunt scooters are typically used for performing stunts, jumping ramps, and doing tricks.Trick scooters are specifically designed for tricks.
A stunt scooter is a vehicle with two wheels on either side and handlebars for steering.Trick scooters are different from stunt scooters in that they have four wheels on either side and no handlebars.
Stunt scooters can be ridden on flat surfaces or ramps of varying degrees of steepnesswhile trick scooters can only be ridden on ramps with a slope of at least 20 degrees.

Which one is good for kids? Stunt or trick scooter?

Stunt scooters are engineered to execute daring maneuvers, whereas trick scooters are exclusively crafted for executing impressive feats. The former boasts a weightier build and a greater elevation of its center of gravity, creating a more challenging platform for performing tricks. Conversely, the latter boasts a lighter construction and a lower center of gravity, rendering it a more manageable option for executing tricks.

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In contrast, the stunt scooter boasts of its ability to maintain a stable position with its low-set center of gravity. It’s also equipped with specially-designed wide and soft tires that enable it to effectively cushion the impact of rough terrain, surpassing the performance of its counterparts with narrow or rigid tires.

By having this feature, parents can rest assured that their child can enjoy bike rides outdoors on any terrain without the risk of injuries caused by sharp objects penetrating their feet or the bike losing balance and causing accidents.

The trick scooter doesn’t have this problem because its wheels are too close together; if one wheel hits something like grass then all four wheels will get stuck in place, causing an immediate stop – not fun!

It’s up to you to make the call on what’s best for your children. If you’re aiming to find a scooter that can improve their balance and stability, while also providing the option for trick riding, then stunt scooters should be on your radar.

Compared to trick scooters, they feature broader tires that enable them to navigate rougher terrains effortlessly. Additionally, these scooters come with elongated decks that facilitate better balance and prevent falls while executing complex stunts such as nose wipes and 360s.

Difference between stunt scooters and trick scooters


Trick riders may find themselves frustrated by not being able to perform their favorite moves because the decks are shorter and narrower in comparison. Which type of rider do you identify most closely with? When shopping for new gear this year, consider whether a stunt or trick style would suit your needs.

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