PHASFBJ Electric Scooter with seat Reviews

PHASFBJ Electric Scooter with seat Reviews

Today we discuss PHASFBJ Electric Scooter with seat Reviews. A lot of people are looking for a fun and easy way to get from one place to another without having to drive.

One of the most popular options is an electric scooter with a seat because it can carry up to 300 pounds, travel at speeds of 15 miles per hour, and cover 30 miles on a single charge! They’re also easier on the environment than cars or motorcycles.

There’s even a cup holder so you can transport your beverage of choice while riding around town. If you like the idea of having an electric scooter but don’t want one that looks like everyone else’s then this model is the right choice for you!

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PHASFBJ Electric Scooter with seat Reviews

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PHASFBJ Electric Scooter with seat is a great choice to get around the city. It can be folded, so it’s easy and convenient to carry. The foldable scooter is powered by an electric brushless motor that can reach a maximum speed of 30 kilometers per hour, which makes it ideal for outdoor riding while still keeping you comfortable.

There is a mechanical key that is used to switch it on and off in order to make it safer. The body folding lock design makes falling off during transportation impossible, ensuring user safety. With twin disc brakes, the braking distance is shortened effectively, increasing safety.

Best Electric Moped

With our electric scooter, you may quickly reach your desired destination without breaking a sweat. Even in tough circumstances, its strong 350W engine will not let you down. The maximum slope angle attainable on hillsides is 22 degrees, making crossing the country easier and especially on grass. In regular mode, the speed is limited to 25 kilometers per hour.

The large-wheel adult scooter has an easy-to-understand LCD display design that shows current speed, battery life, speed mode, and other information. It may be linked to your smartphone to assist you lock and customizing the scooter using the mobile app.

Product  Specification:

Battery capacity: 12.5Ah
Material: 6061 aluminum alloy
Battery model: 18650 explosion-proof lithium battery
Motor: 48V 500W / brushless motor
Motor speed: 800-1000RPM
Magnet height: 25-30mm
Working temperature: 1°C~40°C
Tire size: 10″ pneumatic tire
Braking method: front and rear drum brakes
Maximum load: 120Kg
Top speed: 25/30km/h
Speed gear: 3 gear adjustment, 1 gear 10km/h, 2 gear 20km/h, 3 gear 25km/h
Driving mileage: 30-40km
Charging time: 5 hours
Lighting system: front LED lights & rear brake lights
Waterproof level: IPX5
Net weight/Gross weight: 26kg/29kg
Expanded size: 454610 in
Applicable terrain: asphalt pavement, cement pavement, slope ≤14°, height from the ground 7cm, slot width ≤3cm
Applicable height: 120~200cm
Certification: CE, SGS, ROHS

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PHASFBJ Electric Scooter with seat Reviews


According to the article, PHASFBJ Electric Scooter with seat Reviews, The PHASFBJ Electric Scooter with seat is the perfect scooter for those who want to ride around town. The electric motor can go up to 20 mph which makes it very useful for commuters who want to get to their destination fast without breaking a sweat!

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