OxGord Scooter for Kids & Deluxe Black 3 Wheel Glider

As a mother, you have to make sure that every stage that your little ones pass is enjoyable for them. Kids will always want to try every new thing that comes their way as they grow up. Oxgord scooter is a product that every parent should not miss in their home.

Toddlers love things that keep them busy and entertain them too. If you purchase Oxgord kid’s scooters, you have to look for some crucial factors that will protect your young one. You should consider the safety of your kid and check if the scooter has good brakes, wheels, and a T-bar design, to give a smooth ride for your kid.

Find a full review of the scooter where I have covered different aspects of this product. After reading the review, I believe you will consider buying this scooter for your kid.


OxGord Scooter for Kids – Deluxe Black 3 Wheel Glider is intended to address consumer needs. After days of research, testing, and breaking down the components, We put OxGord Scooter for Kids – Deluxe Black 3 Wheel Glider with Kick n Go as one of the best in our Electric Scooter List.

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Durable Aluminum Frame

The frame of the scooter highly determines its durability. If you buy a scooter that is designed with a poor quality frame, it will not last for long. This one features a durable aluminum frame that is lightweight and also very durable.

The scooter is built to last and also features carbon steel alloy to add on the durability. The scooter is designed to provide your little one with many years of enjoyable riding.

Adjustable Kid’s Scooter

The Oxgord toddler scooter is designed with T-locking handlebars that are adjustable allowing your toddler to scoot around the neighborhood.

It doesn’t matter how little or tall your child is, they can always feel comfortable when riding this scooter. All you need is to set the right height for them, and they will enjoy riding.

Three Wheel Design

Oxgord toddler scooter is designed with stable three wheels. The wheels must be stable enough to enable smooth scooting. This is suitable for toddlers who are still beginning.

The three-wheel design promotes stability hence giving younger riders comfortable rides. This scooter is perfect for young boys and girls who have just started their life adventures. The three-wheel design is safer, and stable as compared to 2 wheel design scooter.

Folding Design

Oxgord toddler kid’s scooter features a folding design that makes portability easy. This plays a very important role when you need to transport the scooter or store it. In case you want to travel long distances together with your toddler, the folding design enables you to store well your scooter as you travel, you can move anywhere you want without any worries and without leaving your toddler behind.

Rear Brake

Oxgord scooter has a rear brake that is easy to use; it is not complicated in any way. When the rear brake is pressed, it allows the scooter to reduce its speed and then stops immediately. The scooter also features a large aluminum reinforced brake pedal that is very easy to use when you need quick and firm braking.

T- Bar Design

Oxgord kids deluxe has the t- bar-shaped design. It features grip rubber handles that are very comfortable for the toddler. These rubber handles protect the kid from slipping off to the ground. At the back of this scooter, there is the back wheel that is used to push back the brake for the safety of the scooter and that of the baby.

Things I liked about in OXGORD SCOOTER FOR KIDS

  • The three wheels design makes it stable
  • The scooter is easy to use
  • Easy to store and travel with it
  • It has anti-slip foot pad
  • Made up of quality materials
  • Adjustable handlebars

Things I liked about in The OXGORD SCOOTER FOR KIDS

  • Complaints of cheap make

Final Words

Buying the best toddler scooters for children is more challenging, but after going through this review, you won’t find any problem with buying a good scooter for your kid. Buy an Oxgord scooter for your kid, knowing that she is going to enjoy riding for many years.

Since this scooter is durable, your kid will use it for so many years before it gets damaged. Oxgord toddler scooter seems to be delicate especially with poor maintenance. You have to do all the maintenance process on your kid’s scooter for it to last. After all, do you want to keep buying scooters now and then?

The scooter comes at an affordable price, and it is also lightweight to make sure your kid scoots around so easily. Get it today and let your child enjoy a happy childhood.

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