Mongoose Expo Vs Trace

Mongoose Expo Vs Trace- Brief Overview

We get that you have been struggling to get the right scooter for your child. Being a parent gets you to worry about what scooter will be suitable for your child as you want it to be the best.

But choosing the right scooter is one of the hardest decisions because you would want to know every detail.

It’s quite simple if your mind’s stuck with the question, which one to pick “mongoose expo vs trace”?

Then the answer is simple. If you’re looking for easy assembly and popular features then the expo is the one for you. But if price and durability are your concern then trace wins the race. 

Well, it’s just an insight from our whole article. To learn the details about which alternative to choose, you’ll have to scroll down.

Mongoose Expo Vs Trace-Quick Overview!

You are probably confused about the differences between Mongoose Expo and Mongoose Trace. And you’re probably willing to understand which one is the best for you. So, no need to be worried. We’re going to share the differences between both scooters. Let us get to the point then.

All the information you see is from consumer reviews, which may vary from person to person. But that’s the overall rating.

Now that the basic differences have been shared.If you are still not sure what is suitable for you to buy, let’s get to the in-depth overview to clarify your confusion. 

Mongoose Expo Or TraceIn-Depth Overview

You might still be wondering about which one is the right one. If you are still unable to decide, do not worry because we got you covered. So here are some in-depth facts that would make it much easier for you to decide. 


Both of the scooters are packaged unassembled. So no need to be surprised if you open the package and find separate unassembled parts of your scooter. 

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But don’t worry because both of the scooters come with a proper manual. The manual is quite detailed and guides you step by step.

So whether you are stressing about the assembling process of Expo and Trace, just know that it won’t take more than 15 minutes to assemble. 

But the Mongoose Expo scooter assembly is comparatively easier than the assembly of Trace. Because there are 3 major parts that need to be assembled for the expo. Whereas, for trace, there are 4 to 5 steps in assembling.

So, considering this, the Mongoose expo will be better if you want quick and easy assembly.

Mongoose Expo Scooter Assembly
Mongoose Expo Scooter


We get that you’re looking for the best between Mongoose Expo and Trace But at the same time, affordability matters. Then again Mongoose is known to offer the most affordable scooters.  However, there is price variation among the models. 

According to the accessibilities and color varieties, the price changes. You can pick one that goes with your budget and type. 

If you are looking for a dark shade (Black/Blue) of Mongoose Expo scooter, then the price will be a bit in the mid-range. On the other hand, if you are willing to buy in green or grey color then the price will drop a bit. At the same time, the pink and black colored one is considered the premium ones.

It’s not that the price depends only on the colors. It also depends on differences in the change of weight, sizes, and more. 

On the other side, the Mongoose Trace scooter price depends on the models, unlike the Expo. Nonetheless, all the models are priced at a mid-range. To be more specific, you can get your hands on a trace scooter within a budget limit of $70. 

Long story short, Mongoose Expo and Mongoose Trace prices depend on a few factors. However, the generalized notion is that, if you are on a budget then the Trace might be the best option for you. And for a premium experience, get an expo. 

Guide to riding and buying the electric scooter safely


Both Expo and Trace have unique features that distinguish them. Keeping that in mind, we’ve curated the differences between their features. 

Mongoose Expo 

Expo is easy for you to ride on both narrow and wide surfaces smoothly. It is quite comfortable to use and the hand brakes are very much easy to handle. 

For those who are 6-9 years old, the Mongoose Expo is the best option for them as it is designed for kids of this age. So if you’re looking for the perfect scooter for your kid, then the expo is the option you might want to choose. 

Even the maximum weight of this scooter is 220 pounds. Though weight differs according to the models, they are all lightweight. Apart from these, Mongoose expo offers 12-inch wheels that ensure a smooth ride each time you’re on road.

Mongoose Trace 

It is pretty much suitable for rad rides and your child can ride it around the playground or street. It can be said that it is quite harmless as it is very much easy to balance. On top of that, the broad foot deck at the bottom assures safety.

If you have a child aged 8 and above, then you can definitely count on the Trace. Your child will enjoy the ride as the hand brakes are comfortable to use. Moreover, it is safe to ride on both paved and unpaved facets, similar to Mongoose Expo.

Handling this scooter is much easier as the grip is made of soft foam. And the riders find it much more comforting to control.

The maximum weight of this Trace scooter is also 220 pounds. 

If you had any doubts about safety concerns regarding the two scooters, we suggest you go for either one as both have the same safety measures.


If you are looking for durable options for your scooter then you’re in the right place. Because we will guide you through. But first, it is important to understand that durability depends on usage, wheels, and scooter quality. 

For Mongoose Expo

The durability of this is around 4-6 years. But it can vary depending on the aforementioned criteria. For example, if you regularly ride this scooter on bumpy roads, then the durability might reduce down to 4 years max. 

This durability can be increased by adding some Mongoose Expo scooter accessories. For instance, installing a brake holder or a metal deck. The metal deck can be used instead of the plastic deck if we want it to be long lasting. 

Moreover, the brake pads in the Expo are not preferred by users as it is not that comforting. So if expensive pads are used then they might be not only pleasant but also durable for the children to use. 

Let us inform you that the expensive pads can cost $15 or less. So, this should not be a problem if it makes your scooter last a little longer, right?

If you want to know some of our favorite brake pads, then just scroll down-

For Mongoose Trace

The brakes of this scooter are much more durable compared to the Expo. The Trace lasts a maximum of 6-8 years.  But if you are using it carelessly, especially on rough roads, then its durability will be less than that of Expo.

It doesn’t need many changes as it is designed perfectly for children. But who does not want to bring updates to an old object right?

The wheels and grip in the brake are fine, but if riding on bumpy roads, some changes might be needed afterward. 

Like replacing the brake gears with better ones to gain durability.


Question: Is the mongoose expo worth the hype?

Answer: Well in most cases it is worth the hype. Whether you’re considering the flexibility or durability of mongoose expo, it always stands in the front.

Question: How long does it take to assemble a mongoose trace?

Answer: It shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes even if you’re doing it single-handedly. But with help, it’s a 10minutes task.

Question: Are mongoose scooters any good?

Answer: Yes, mongoose scooters offer a huge range of models, handling, controlling, and brake pads. These are better in mongoose than its competitors.
Mongoose Expo Vs Trace

End Note

That is all from us on the two alternate scooters. We believe that by now, you’ve settled on which to choose between mongoose expo vs trace.

So, do let us know which one you end up buying in the comment section.

Thank you and good luck.

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