mongoose expo scooter accessories

Mongoose Expo Scooter Accessories

There are lots of mongoose scooter accessories out there. But do you have enough knowledge about them? Well, you need to know about them properly to pimp up your scooter.

So, what are the featured mongoose expo scooter accessories?

For starters, you can look into the LED silicon clip light. Then you might find a smartphone holder which is a useful accessory. Next, the colorful handlebar grips come into the picture. You’ll also find replacement wheels and tires for the scooter. Lastly, you might want to know about the handlebar bells.

In our article, we’ve discussed the specifics of these featured accessories. Therefore, if you’re interested in knowing more, read through our article.

Now let’s get into the details-

So, you bought yourself a mongoose expo scooter after having a mongoose expo vs trace debate. And now, you want to add some accessories to the scooter. To be honest, that’s a great idea. Because these accessories come in handy while riding a scooter. 

But what are these accessories and which one do you need? 

Well, throughout this article we’ll try our best to help you to decide and buy the right accessory. So, now let’s look at the options-

LED Silicon Clip Light :

These LED clips would be a great accessory for your scooter. Since they come in different colors, they’ll make your scooter extra attractive. Some of these clip lights are also water and weatherproof. Thus, you don’t need to worry about the accessory getting ruined if it rains.

Furthermore, you can attach them anywhere. But we suggest attaching the light to the handlebar for optimal use.

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For your convenience, we’ve recommended some of the best-LED silicon light clips that you should look into- 

These LED clips come in handy when you’re traveling at night too. So, you should definitely consider getting one. 

Smartphone Holder :

When traveling, you might not always know where your destination is. So, what do people do when they can’t find a place?

Yup, you guessed it right. They take out their phone and open the map. But it’s dangerous to hold your phone in one hand and control the handlebar with the other. In order to solve this problem, you can use a smartphone holder. 

You’ll find lots of good quality smartphone holders that can be attached to your scooter. We’ve suggested some top-selling smartphone holders that we personally love-

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Once you’ve got your smartphone holder, you can easily go in the right direction safely! Isn’t that convenient?

Handlebar Grips

While riding a scooter you should ensure both your safety and comfort. For a comfortable ride, you can buy handlebar grips. 

Who wouldn’t want to ride a scooter comfortably?

These handlebar grips are not only soft. But, most of these are also easy to install.

Now, you’ll see lots of rubber grips available in stores and online. However, it’s better to go for a long-lasting one. 

Some of the best scooter handlebar grips are-

Now, don’t waste time and get yourself a handlebar grip of your favorite color. So you can show them off.

Handlebar Bells

To let others know about your scooter’s presence, you should install a handlebar bell. Luckily, these bells are easy to install.

You only have to loosen the clamp of the bell and then slide it on the handlebar. Just re-tighten the screw and you’re all done.

Picking a bell according to the size of your handlebar is ideal. Otherwise, it’ll be difficult to handle. You can even customize the color of your bell along with its size.

Here are some good handlebar bells just for you-

Don’t worry, you can slide these bells on without any modifications to your scooter! And you’re good to go.

Wheels And Tires

Wheels and tires aren’t necessarily accessories. But if we talk about the mongoose scooter wheels replacement then these two can act as accessories. 

When replacing your wheels, you’ll have some pretty cool color and design options to choose from. So, you can customize your scooter however you want.

But make sure to buy the same size wheels you had before. For example, if you’ve got a mongoose expo scooter 12 inches wheels then pick 12-inch wheels. 

Now that, you’re ready to make a statement with your wheels. Here are some options you might like –

You can install suitable mongoose scooter wheels yourself. Or you can even take professional help.

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Faqs for Mongoose Expo Scooter Accessories

1. Can I Find Accessories For A Mongoose Expo Youth Scooter?

Of Course, You Can. Scooter Accessories Are Available Everywhere. Just Note Down What Kind Of Accessory You Want And Buy According To Your Scooter Size. 

2. What Are Some Of The Mongoose Scooter Replacement Parts?

You Can Replace The Wheels, Tires, And Even Handlebars Of A Mongoose Scooter. However, When Replacing A Part, You Should Replace It In Accordance With The Sizes Of Its Previous Parts.

mongoose expo scooter accessories


Well, that’s all on mongoose expo scooter accessories. Now, do give us some feedback. 

Have you decided which accessory to buy? 

Let us know by commenting down below. Good luck!

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