Mongoose Expo Scooter 12′ Wheels

Mongoose Expo Scooter 12′ Wheels

As kids grow older, their need for bigger and more advanced toys grows. Toys they used when they were younger become either too small or get broken when in use. When this happens, you know it's time for an upgrade.

You need to expand your kids' motor skills by getting them scooters. If they already have one or more, get them a more advanced one like the Mongoose Expo Scooter 12' Wheels. It's the best scooter for kids. Even though the manufacturers make hits for the ramps and the dirt, they're also known for making scooters for kids.

Mongoose Expo Scooter

FEATURES OF THE Mongoose Expo Scooter 12' Wheels

Mongoose Expo Scooter 12' Wheels is intended to address consumer needs. From days of research, testing and breaking down the components, We put Mongoose Expo Scooter 12' Wheels as one of the best in our scooters for kids List.

12' Air Tires

Other scooters in the market clunk over sidewalks and sometimes gets spoilt over the smallest pebble. It doesn't allow your kid to go anywhere close to the sand. This can be very limiting especially if your kid's used to versatility.

You need the Mongoose Expo Scooter. With this scooter and its 12inch tires, your kid can go almost every place a bike can go. Your kid can ride all over grass or loose pavement with grit.

Wide-Foot Deck

Scooters with a narrow foot deck can be very uncomfortable when your kid is coasting. Since s/he will be balancing on one foot, a narrow foot deck would be inappropriate. This scooter comes with a wide foot deck. With a wide foot deck your kid can easily balance and with balance comes stability. If your child is stable, they can enjoy the riding experience.

Caliper Hand Brake

The brakes of a scooter are excellent features as they determine how it will come to a stop. Most scooters for kids in the market have brakes on the back wheel. This sometimes makes it hard to stop when it's abrupt.

The Mongoose Scooter stands out because it uses a hand brake. Using it, your kid can have confidence when riding as speed will be in their control. If they determine how much speed they need, they getter better coordination skills and balance.

BMX Freestyle Rotor

The internet is full of interesting videos of bikers who perform unbelievable tricks on top of their bikes. If your kid is exposed to these kinds of videos, they may want to experiment on their own.

Instead of using their bike for this function, get them the Mongoose Scooter to be their training wheels. They can then get perfect when they're older and more experienced on bikes. This scooter has a BMX freestyle rotor and axle pegs making it perfect for performing tricks when coasting.


Scooters for kids need to be lightweight because kids use them. You need one that won't strain your kid's developing muscles and bones but at the same time give your kid an amazing experience. The Mongoose Scooter is just that.

Mongoose Expo Scooter

For a scooter this good to be on top of its game, it's lightweight. This feature makes it easy to balance when coasting, easy to brake when stopping and interesting but able to handle your kid's weight when doing tricks.


  • 12inch air tires that work on different terrains
  • Wide foot deck
  • Caliper hand brake
  • BMX freestyle rotor and axle plugs
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy-built
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • The brake cables are free floating


  • The rims are made from plastic
  • Your kid may hit his legs/ankles on the bar ends at the back wheel. It's removable though

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the maximum weight limit and the average height for this scooter?

A: The frame of the scooter can handle up to 220lbs and meant for people that range under or between 5ft.

Q: Can the handle be adjusted up or down?

A: Yes the handle can be adjusted to 34inches.

Q: What ages of children are allowed to ride this scooter?

A: The scooter can be ridden by kids of any age as long as they can handle it. The scooter is however recommended for kids who are 4years and above.

Q: Does the scooter come pre-assembled?

A: No, it doesn't come pre-assembled. You have to put it together yourself. It, however, comes complete with an instruction manual.

Q: Are the wheels made from metal or plastic?

A: The wheels are made from metal and are sturdily built to handle your kid's weight.

Final Verdict

Toddler scooters can be the training wheels for kids who are scared to ride bicycles. They teach your kid balance and coordination. The Mongoose Scooter is the best scooter for a more adventurous kid as it will allow him/her to perform tricks when riding.

The good thing is it can be used by every kid as long as they know how to ride a scooter. If your kid is starting out, I would recommend you get a smaller one with three wheels.


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