Micro Flex Series Kick Scooters

Micro Flex Series Kick Scooters

The introduction of scooters has made transportation easy for quite a number of people. Scooters offer an economical and environment-friendly mode of transportation, especially for short distance.

When you are commuting to work or going to school, having the right commuter scooter can make a difference regarding saving as well as giving you convenience as you ride.

For those adults who want to own best commuter scooter, the Micro Flex Series Kick Scooters is here for you. This adult scooter is known for its flexibility and its smooth riding which make it enjoyable to use.

Micro Flex Series Kick Scooters (200m)

The scooter has upgraded features and best suits adults who want to save time when commuting to work or just riding around the neighborhood. It is stylish and very convenient to use, and it is also very easy to pack.

If you want to enjoy riding, try this commuter scooter, and you will love the experience. Let me give you a detailed review of the scooter so that you can understand its features deeper.

FEATURES OF THE Micro Flex Series Kick Scooters

Micro Flex Series Kick Scooters is intended to address consumer needs. From days of research, testing and breaking down the components, We put Micro Flex Series Kick Scooters as one of the best in our Commuter Scooter List.

Smooth Rides

One of the main things that you should check when you are purchasing a scooter is the ability to give you smooth rides. The scooter is designed with a deck flex and large wheels that provide the rider with the smoothest micro rides.

The wheels are large measuring up to 200 mm, and they are designed with extra thick PU shore coating. Additionally, they also feature performance grade bearing that makes it easy to resist high pressure, and this brings about a smooth and quiet ride.

Adjustable Handlebars

Adult riders also feature different heights. There are people who are short, and others are tall. The good thing is that this scooter is designed to suit the requirements of everybody. It is designed with adjustable handlebars so that it will be very easy to accommodate taller adults.

You just need to set the height of the handlebars to suit your height so that it will be easy for you to ride. The scooter is designed with a T-Bar handle that has a maximum height of 37 inches above the deck and 41 inches from the ground to accommodate most of the adults.

Easy Parking

Sometimes you might need to carry your scooter from one point to the other. This model has a folding mechanism that makes it very easy to carry the scooter in your car or transport it with ease. It is also designed with a two-way kickstand for easy parking and carrying.


Comfort is a key thing when it comes to riding scooters. If you have a scooter that is not comfortable, you might not enjoy the rides. The Micro Flex Series Kick Scooters is designed with high-quality hand grips that ensure you are comfortable even when you are riding for a long period.

Micro Flex Series Kick Scooters

The scooter also features a patented deck-a marine ply and fiberglass composite that absorb bumps easily when riding, so you will always achieve comfortable rides.

Quality Construction

The scooter features a body that is designed from polished aluminum that makes it lightweight and durable. It also has a nice blue finish that gives the scooter an attractive look when you are riding. Even after using the scooter for a long time, you will still experience great services because it has a durable construction.


  • The scooter provides smooth rides
  • Fun for adults to ride
  • Easy to transport because it's foldable
  • Holds a weight capacity of up to 220 lbs
  • It has a durable and quality finish
  • Designed with performance grade bearing that resists high pressure
  • The scooter is lightweight


  • Has a complicated folding mechanism

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this scooter fold into a normal kick scooter?

A: This is just a normal scooter, and it folds up with ease for storage and carrying.

Q: Is it possible to ride the scooter in the rain? Anybody who has tried to ride the scooter in the rain?

A: I have tried to ride the scooter in the rain, but when you turn the corners, the wheels can slip on wet pavement.

Q: What is the measurement of the deck from the ground? I'm planning to buy this adult scooter for my wife.

A: The scooter is great for adults, and the measurements of the deck from the ground are 3 inches.

Final Words

Kick scooters are available in different styles and designs. If you need a gorgeous commuter scooter, get the Micro Flex Series Kick Scooters, and you will love every ride you take with this scooter.

The scooter comes with upgraded features making it very easy to ride. It is lightweight and foldable, and this makes it easy to transport and store. It is always great if you buy a helmet if you want to enjoy the safest rides on your scooter.

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