Little Tikes Lean to Turn Scooter

Little Tikes Lean to Turn Scooter

Let's admit it; kids are adorable, well I think they are. Personally, I can't say no to them. But with that comes more responsibility, you must have some money put aside to get them toys on cue or special occasions.

If you want to buy your daughter/nephew/niece/grandkids a present and you don't know what to give them, I'd recommend Turn scooter. Sounds dangerous right? It's not. There's a whole world of scooters for kids out there that needs to be explored.

Scooter Inside

Deciding on the best scooter for kids will determine how much joy it will bring to your kids. Let me gives you more details about the Little Tikes Lean to Turn Scooter and I believe you will love it.


little Tikes Lean To Turn Scooter is intended to address consumer needs. From days of research, testing and breaking down the components, We put little Tikes Lean To Turn Scooter as one of the best in our electric scooter for kids List.

Three Wheels

2-wheel scooters are efficient if your kids are a little older or have experience riding one. But if you're introducing scooters for the first time, you need a 3-wheel scooter.

And this is the best one. The third wheel in the front acts like a training wheel for your kid. It also adds more sturdiness to the scooter for the comfort of your kid.


Before your kid learns to ride on his/her own, s/he needs to be trained. As a parent, you wouldn't want to spend all of your afternoons/evenings teaching you kid how to ride. That's why this scooter is easy to ride.

You only need to train you kid once or twice or depending on how fast they learn, and they'll get the hang of it. The additional foot-to-floor feature makes your kid, and even yourself feel safe as their feet won't be too elevated.

Lean To Steer

For the kids who haven't ridden scooters before, it may be scary. New, unfamiliar things are scary. Other scooters for kids in the market may be a little stiff when in use. Your kids may not be able to balance well on them.

However, this Little Tikes scooter has a lean to steer feature that will teach balance and coordination to your kid. With experience, they'll be able to maneuver those corners like pros

Low To The Ground

Physics and Math explain the relationship between height and distance. If objects are higher, it's natural for them to drop and break compared to objects that are lower quickly. With this in mind, the Little Tikes Scooter manufacturers made the scooter low to the ground.

This helps your kids balance easily which in turn reduces accidents or them falling off. And even if they fall off, there will be a low chance of them getting hurt.

Quick Release Handle

If you're considering buying a scooter, you're probably thinking how you will store it mostly if you're low on space. This Little Tikes Scooter for kids comes with a quick release handle for easy storage.

Scooter Inside

You can easily disassemble the handle from the body of the scooter and put it in a tight corner of your garage. The rest of the body can then fit in the playroom or your kid's bedroom or somewhere else in the garage. Then you can assemble it when your kids want to use it.


  • Easy to ride
  • Total of 3wheels with 2 in front
  • Lean to steer
  • Low to the ground
  • Quick release handle
  • Can be ridden by both tall and short kids
  • Perfect for beginners and intermediate toddlers
  • Weight is perfect for balance


  • Scooter doesn't swivel
  • Slow if your kid is an excellent rider

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this scooter have brakes?

A: yes it does, the foot brake is attached to the back wheel.

Q: Can the handlebar change the height or go up/down for a different size child?

A: the bar is one height and can't be adjusted.

Q: What is the height of the handle bar?

A: from the bottom of front wheel to top of the handle bar is 24 inches.

Q: What is the age limit of this scooter?

A: the age grade is 2-4 years.

Q: Are the wheels made from plastic or rubber?

A: the wheels are made from thick plastic that's ergonomic and long lasting.

Final Verdict

Little Tikes are known for making products that encourage active and imaginative play for kids. Products, like this scooter for kids, get small bodies for easy movement and use that spark curiosity in kids.

Always teach your kids on the importance of safety riding for themselves and other kids. They will grow up to be responsible adults. That said, ensure your kids wear helmets, gloves, knee and elbow pads every time they go on rides. 

This will not only be safe for them, but it will also save you a trip to the emergency room. The above toddler scooter is the best scooter for kids in the market if you're looking to introduce your child to his/her new favorite toy.

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