How To Teach A Toddler Scooter

5 Easy Steps On How To Teach A Toddler Scooter

Well, riding a scooter is not that easy. And if you don’t take the initiative to teach your toddler beforehand, they might get hurt.

So, how to teach a toddler scooter properly?

For starters, you need to buy a good scooter. Then you can start teaching them the basics. After that, show them how to ride a scooter. If they’ve got the gist of it, let them practice indoors. Next, you’ve to teach them how to maintain balance. Lastly, if they are ready to go outside, let them ride by themselves under supervision, of course!

Want to know the details of

How To Teach A Toddler Scooter

Well, we’ve broken down all the steps into small chunks. So, let’s jump into the details-

Buying the Right Scooter

When your toddler is ready for riding a scooter, at first you need to get your toddler their own scooter. But, it’ll be foolish to just buy any scooter. You have to make sure it’s the most suitable one for your child. 

That’s why you should go through the tips below before buying a toddler scooter

  • The size of the scooter is a very important factor when buying one. Because if the scooter is too big then the toddler won’t be able to hold the handlebar let alone ride it. Similarly, if it’s too small, your kid can get hurt. Thus, bring the child along with you when going to buy a scooter.
  • It’s better to buy a scooter that has a braking option. This will decrease the chances of getting hurt. The brake system is often seen in a 3-wheel scooter, which is a very good option for your kid.
  • Durability is another important factor. Since kids have a tendency of breaking most things. So, you should go for a long-lasting, strong-built yet lightweight scooter for your child. 

Thus, you should buy a scooter while keeping these important points in your mind. Now, after getting the best toddler scooter, you should think about how to teach your toddler to ride a scooter.

How To Teach A Toddler To Scoot

To teach the little ones properly, we’ve discussed 5 easy steps. These steps are applicable to everyone who’s interested to learn how to ride a scooter. The steps are-

When Can A Toddler Ride Scooter
Toddler Ride Scooter

Teach Them The Basics

Starting from the basics is always the right move. So what are the basics?

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Well, you can show them the scooter first. Then let them observe and touch every part of the scooter. You can even explain which is which. For example, you can show them the brake and demonstrate its functions. 

Give your kid some time to get accustomed to the scooter. When you’re sure your little one has understood the basic components, proceed to the next step. 

Show Them How to Ride It

Most of you might ride your toddler’s scooter yourself to show them how it’s done. But buddy, you might break the scooter as you’re too big for it. So, what can you do instead?

Well, you can show them videos of other toddlers riding a scooter. Furthermore, if you’ve got your own scooter, ride it in front of them. 

Show them how to use the handlebar to steer the direction from left and right. You can also show them how to use their leg to ride the scooter. Teaching them how to press the throttle is essential if you buy a toddler e-scooter.

Make sure to show them how fun it is to ride it. If you make it interesting, they’ll catch up quickly.

Teach Them How To Balance

Balancing is the most crucial technique when it comes to riding scooters. So, you need to help your toddler to get the hang of balancing.

You can show them how to stay balanced while standing on one foot. Then you can tell them to put that same foot on the ground to support them if they feel like falling. For an electric scooter, you can show them how to stay balanced while having both feet on the stand.

And trust us when we say that little by little through practicing like this, your little one can master the balancing technique.

Mongoose Expo Scooter Assembly
Mongoose Expo Scooter

Let Them Practice Indoors

Let’s assume your little one understood the basics of riding scooters. Now, where should you let them practice? 

We strongly suggest starting indoors. It’s safer for the child to practice inside the house.

While practicing, you can attach a strap to the scooter and use it to pull the scooter. This will help your toddler understand the speed they would want to have when riding a scooter. 

You can buy these attachable scooter straps online or in stores. Here are our personal recommendations –

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Once they’ve gotten the hang of riding around at a safe speed, you can think about putting them in real-life scenarios.

Take Them Outside And Let Them Ride By Themselves

Once your toddler has got enough practice, you can take them outside. However, you can’t just pick any place. 

You have to pick somewhere with smooth, and flat ground. You can usually find this type of ground in a park. So, take them to a park and let them ride by themselves. But you’ve to be by their side to ensure their safety. Don’t take your eye off them, or else they might get hurt when unattended.

Eventually, your little ones will be able to ride all by themselves. And you can sit on the bench and watch them enjoying their ride! What a lovely way to spend some time at the park!


Question: How to teach toddler to steer the scooter?

Answer: You’ll find two types of steering mechanisms. The traditional one, for which you need to use the handlebar to go left and right. And the lean-to-steer one, for which you need to lean right to go right and left to go left. You can demonstrate the methods yourself and show the toddler how it’s done.

Question: Are scooters good for toddlers?

Answer: Yes! Riding a scooter is good for their physical and mental health. So, do let your little one ride it.
How To Teach A Toddler Scooter


That’s all we could provide on how to teach toddler scooter. Now it’s time for you to give us some feedback.

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