How to ride electric scooter – Guide for Beginners

How to ride electric scooter & Guide for Beginners

Today we discuss How to ride electric scooter. It’s best to allow your child to get familiar with the scooter, its features, controls, and the road. Don’t let him or her take it out on a busy street on the first day.

With proper training, daily practice, and patience, your child will definitely be able to run an electric scooter safely. Don’t worry if your kid is taking a bit longer. The learning time is different for everyone.

 Accidents are beyond our control. But what we can control is how well we train our kids. If they follow everything I have written above, you don’t have to worry much. That’s all for today.

Below I’ve laid out all the steps a beginner needs to follow:

Electric Scooter: A  Beginner’s Guide to Learning How to ride an electric scooter

Step 1: Choose the Right Scooter

Make sure that the electric scooter you are buying for your kid is suitable for his age and skill set. If he has never ridden a scooter before, look for a simple and straightforward design with easy controls. Pay extra attention to the power level. It is relatively tougher to maneuver a high-torque electric scooter for a beginner. Most importantly, make sure that the safety features are on-point.

Step 2: Choose a Suitable Place for Training

The ideal place for training would be a road with less traffic. You could also choose a large and empty parking lot if possible as we did. You don’t want any bumpers, barriers, or huge obstacles on the road during the training period.

Step 3: Thoroughly Read the Manual

Your kid will get to learn about the features, controls, and setup of the scooter from the manual. Get him to familiarize himself with all the basic functions as well as components of your scooter.

It will also help him understand the wiring and position of the scooter battery connectors. That way, he will be able to fix minor issues himself in the middle of the road if needed.

The manual also mentions the range capability of the scooter. It will teach your kid to regulate the speed when the scooter is close to its max. mileage range.

How To Charge Electric Scooter

Step 4: Keep Practicing

It would be best if your kid gets to practice with a same-age friend who already knows how to ride a scooter. Learning with a buddy makes the tedious training process enjoyable.

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The basics things to learn are-

  • How to open the latch to unlock the scooter and make it stand in an upright position.
  • Pressing the power switch to power up the vehicle. And then move slowly before twitching the throttle.
  • Learning how to swiftly control the handbrake on the handlebar.
  • Knowing when to accelerate, control the speed and slow down using the throttle. Your kid will find it very easy to balance himself while moving slowly. The real test is to maintain the balance with the increased speed and resist the temptation to Overspeed.
  • How to use the brakes and dock the vehicle safely after reaching the destination.


Step 5: Teaching the Traffic Rules

It is extremely important that your child learns all the traffic regulations and signs before hitting the road. Violating traffic rules is one of the most common causes of road accidents. At the least, your kids can be jailed or fined for not following the traffic rules.

Step 6: Rule of the Sidewalks

In most states, it is against the rules to ride motorized vehicles on the sidewalks. I have seen many kids and teens waving their scooters at high speed on pavements. They should learn it pavements are designed for walking.

There are elderly, differently-abled people, people with babies, and pets walking on these roads. So it’s not only unsafe but also unethical to ride a motorized scooter over there. The state of California has restricted the use of electric scooters on sidewalks under the Transit Code section 7.2.13.

Step 7: Keep Calm

Last but not least, any rider should know how to hold his nerves during an accident. It could happen to anyone, anywhere, even if you are following all the rules. Teach your kid to get away from the scooter as quickly as possible when he senses imminent danger. The scooter can go to hell.

They shouldn’t grab the throttle and speed up to save the vehicle. Rather he should quickly get out of the scooter and seek help from the nearby traffic cops.

How to ride electric scooter – Guide for Beginners


I know there are many parents who are concerned about electric toddler scooter safety. They are scared of potential accidents. It’s completely okay to be afraid.

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