how to make your electric scooter go faster

Today we discuss how to make your electric scooter go faster. If you’re looking for a fun and eco-friendly way to get around, electric scooters are a great option. But what if you want to take it up a notch? If you’re looking to make your electric scooter go faster, there are a few things you can do. In this blog post, we’ll explore some simple tips and tricks that will help you make your electric scooter go faster.

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10 ways to make your electric scooter go faster:

  • Change the gearing ratio of your electric scooter by replacing the drive sprocket with a larger one that has more teeth.
  • Modify the controller or purchase an upgraded version with higher amperage output for increased speed and torque.
  • Install a performance air filter to increase breathing efficiency and reduce overall friction.
  • Install a new high-performance motor with more windings, higher KV value, and superior-quality bearings for increased power output.
  • Upgrade to a lighter-weight battery pack with a higher voltage for longer run times and faster speeds.
  • Add an aftermarket exhaust system or intake manifold to increase the power output of the motor.
  • Install a set of performance tires to increase traction and reduce rolling resistance on the road.
  • Add aerodynamic body panels or fairings for improved airflow and reduced drag at higher speeds.
  • Reinforce the frame with rigid tubing for increased torsional strength enabling faster turning and cornering.
  • Add an auxiliary power source such as a petrol engine or a nitrous kit to increase acceleration and top speeds.
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Upgrade your Battery:

The battery is the heart of an electric scooter. The more powerful the battery is, the faster your scooter will be able to travel. So if you want more speed, upgrading your battery is the best place to start. There are many different types of batteries available, so it’s important to do research and find one that fits your needs and budget.

Install Pedals:

Installing pedals on an electric scooter can give you more power as well as greater control over your speed and agility. Pedals allow you to push harder when accelerating or climbing hills—so if top speed is what you’re after, adding pedals could be the way to go. Just make sure that the pedals are compatible with your model of electric scooter before purchasing them!

Replace Your Tires:

Replacing worn-out tires can have a huge impact on performance. High-performance tires provide better grip on smooth surfaces and offer increased speed potential—so replacing them could be just what you need for that extra boost in speed. Just like with batteries and pedals, it’s important to make sure that the tires you purchase are compatible with your model of the electric scooter before buying them!


Making your electric scooter go faster doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. With just a few simple upgrades like replacing old parts or installing new ones, you can get the most out of your ride! Whether it’s upgrading your battery or adding pedals for increased power, these tips will help give you the edge next time you hit the pavement on your electric scooter! With these easy modifications under your belt, nothing will be able to stop you from achieving maximum speed!

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