how to make a hoverboard faster

2 Ways on How To Make A Hoverboard Faster?

You might just buy a hoverboard and want it to speed up your journey.

But now that you’ve been using it, you came to know that it’s not as fast as you thought it to be. And if it doesn’t serve the purpose of moving around in a quick way, it’s of no use.

So you’re willing to take a second chance and learn how to make a hoverboard faster?

Well, to make it faster, you can clean the junk inside the hoverboard panel. For that, you’ll need to open the panel and put in some lubricant to make the junk liquid. And wipe out excess dirt with a clean cloth. Or you can attach double-sided tapes to the board joint. And align the binnenband to it. Lastly, secure it with hobby tape. And you’ll have a stable and faster hoverboard to ride.

So, you might be interested in knowing the process in detail. Because we’ve bought every aspect in light to help you.

What Made It Slow? How To Make A Hoverboard Faster?

You spent a specific amount of money on this hoverboard and definitely you had high expectations from it. You wanted it to work way faster than it is. Or maybe you wanted it to work like a witch’s broomstick. 

But my friend let’s come to reality because it ain’t any broomstick. Or just because it was named a hoverboard doesn’t mean that it will hover. 

We might not be able to make it fly. But we surely can help you to find out why it’s not fast enough. And how to make it faster than before. So bear with us.

Junk In The Hoverboard Insider

We always forget to check the basics. And almost never open the hoverboard panel to see what’s inside. We don’t even clean it.

But if you’ve noticed your hoverboard being slow, the reason might be junk. 

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Yes, when junk and dirt get clogged up inside the hoverboard, it slows down the moving process. Because the clogged junk makes a tight grip. Thus the hoverboard fails to operate smoothly.

And the only way to check is to open the hoverboard. And see if you see dirt inside the panel hole. If yes, then that’s the reason.

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Hoverboards Create On The Roads

Make It Faster

Even if you’ve found dirt and junk inside your hoverboard, don’t panic. Because we will let you know how to clean the junk and make your hoverboard faster.

But let’s tell you what you’ll need first,

  • Paper Towel
  • Gloves
  • WD40
  • Clean cotton cloth 
  • Screwdriver

We’re assuming that you’ve already opened up the panel. So you’re one step closer to making your hoverboard faster. Now lift your hoverboard and place a paper towel below it.

Put the hoverboard on top of it and put on your gloves. Remember we talked about the junked hole? 

Well, take the WD40 and spray it on the hole. Start spraying on from the silver liner outside the hole. Then continue spraying inside the hole.

You’ll see that the junk is liquid and coming out from the other end. And falling into the paper towel. 

Basically, that’s why we placed the towel below. So that all the junk can fall there, and your favorite carpet is saved as well.

You can repeat the spraying process until all the visible comes out. Then take a clean cotton cloth and wipe the hole clean. 

This way, any stubborn junk that hasn’t dripped, will also come off. Now, for the last time spray the lubricant and see if junk comes out or not.

At this stage, there shouldn’t be any remaining junk. So your work is done here. Now just attach the hoverboard panel again with a screwdriver. 

Unstable Smart Balance Wheel

If you own a hoverboard, you’ve noticed that the two wheels balance weight automatically. So when you reach up to 6 km/hour speed even the slightest move of your feet will confuse the board. 

And trying to rebalance itself, will slow you down. Or you’ll just fall.

The same might happen when you encounter little bumps on road. Either the hoverboard flips you to the ground or slows you down.

You can label it as a manufacturing defect as the wheels are made really unstable. And if you got a kids hoverboard, then it might be a big issue. As there are safety concerns as well.

But you can make your hoverboard more stable and faster by balancing the board. And that’s quite simple.


It’s time to break some eggs, my friend. But we assure you, it’s all fun work. But to start, you’ll need these things handy-

  • Binnenband 
  • Hobbytape
  • Double-sided tape
  • Scissors

First, cut the binnenband in half. And open it from the middle. Now cut two pieces of 1-inch double-sided tape.

Bring the hoverboard and put it upside down. You’ll see the joint now. Attach the double-sided tapes to both sides of the joint of the balance board. Time to put the binnenband over the tape. And wrap the joint from both sides tightly. 

When you’re done wrapping the binnenband make sure to secure it with hobby tape. You might need a helping hand here. So tell someone to hold the wrapped binnenband tight while you wrap the hobby tape. 

Wrap the hobby tape at least 3 times around the binnenband to make sure it stays in place.

Now do a quick check. Put your hands on the sides and put pressure. 

You’ll see that these are not moving independently. So here you go. Now not only you’ll have a safe ride but a faster one than before.

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Black Friday deals on hoverboards for 2021

You won’t have to worry about the unstable wheels anymore. Because you’ll be balancing the hoverboard on your own. So you can speed up as much as you like.


Question: Is there any other factor that might lower the speed?

Answer: Yes, if the battery is dead or low, then it might hamper lower the speed. The battery needs to be fully charged before the ride. And the charge lasts up to 45 minutes.

Question: How much weight can a hoverboard take?

Answer: A general hoverboard can take up to 225 lbs of weight. But it’s wise not to cross the weight limit. Otherwise, it may cause damage to the hoverboard.

Question: Can I ride my hoverboard above the water substance?

Answer: no matter how tempting it sounds to ride over water, we suggest you not to. Because after all, it’s an electric device. And being in touch with water will damage it.
how to make a hoverboard faster


So, you’ve got your answers on how to make a hoverboard faster. Now it’s time for you to start working on any of the given alternatives.

If you seek any further information, do comment and let us know.

Thank you and happy riding!

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