How to choose a scooter for your kid | The Ultimate Guide

How to choose a scooter for your kid | The Ultimate Guide

Like we all adults do, even kids feel like boozing in speed. Most of them surely want to go and visit nearby places like their best friend’s house independently. For such purposes, why not get them a scooter? But the main question that comes in your mind is about “how to choose a scooter for your kid?”. To answer all your questions and to help you with choosing a scooter for your kid, we have come up with this essential guide that have some tips listed down below.

1.Finding out the appropriate size of scooter according to the age:

Just like the way, if you purchase clothes that are way too large in size or too small in size, your children will face discomfort. The same way, if you purchase a scooter that is way too large in size or way too small, your children will face difficulty in riding that around. And once they face any kind of inconvenience or discomfort, they will no longer learn riding a scooter.
Hence, for finding out the adequate size for your child you will need to look up to reviews of different brands that have scooters manufactured for that individual age that your child is about. For example, if your child is a 10 years old kid, look out for articles that has scooter review for 10 year kids

2.Choose the correct size of the wheels:

You will get scooters that consist of small wheels made up of rubber, which is lightweight. This kind of scooters can only be ridden on smooth terrain. They are not capable of going over obstacles, or even over ordinary pavements. Such kind of folding scooters, also don’t have convenient handlebars, which will surely make them feel uncomfortable.
On the contradictory, scooters that consist of larger sized wheels and are slightly heavy in terms of weight, can easily go over obstacles without causing any kind of discomfort. Great inflated tires along with high-quality bearings is surely the best combination for kids to learn scooter riding smoothly. 

3.Height of footboard:

Footboard of the scooter is a very essential aspect to look at while buying a scooter for your child. If you see that the height of a footboard is way too high, know that your child full face a lot of discomfort. Because of the height being higher, your child will need to lower and squat. This will eventually cause pain in their legs. Be sure that the tread height of a footboard is about 7 cm.
To find out the accurate distance of the footboard from the ground, you can simply subtract the width of the footboard from the overall tread height. This will help you to make sure that the footboard is higher above the ground. Because of having this feature, children will have the capability of overcoming uneven surfaces and obstacles. 

4.Length of the footboard:

You will need to make sure to choose a scooter that has footboard length relatable to the total scooter length. The length of the footboard should not be way too long or wide in terms of length. If the length of the footboard is way too long there is a chance of the agility of the scooter getting reduced. On the other hand, if the footboard is wide then any kind of pushing off will be prevented.
Select a scoter that has an ideal footboard that has the length of 35cm and a width that is a bit larger than the width of a shoe that your child wears. Check out of the footboard has been equipped with safe anti slip features to make sure that the safety of your child is always there. Specially, when he or she is riding the scooter on wet roads.

5.Check out the brakes and levers of your scooter:

You will be handing over a scooter to your child. Hence, it is essential that you choose a scooter that will maintain safety at all times. For that make sure that the scooter has at least one brake that is high in terms of quality. The brake lever must also match with the hand size of your child. Make sure that the brakes and levers are adjusted according to the distance from the handlebars. This will help your child reach the handle bar comfortably.

6.Check that the scooter has quality bearings:

We all know very well that the ease and smoothness of a scooter ride will depend on the quality of the bearings. Even if there is a requirement of paying some extra bucks for getting scooter that has high quality bearings, get them. A scooter with good inflated tires and high quality bearings will make your child enjoy their whole time during their rides.

7.Choose a scooter that will ensure safety:

Select a scooter that is promised to meet all the safety standards for children to ride it. You can also check out some safety features. Check if the scooter consists of ergonomic handles that have flush bolts and enlarged ends for providing protection to your child from any sort of injury.

Final verdicts:

To sum up, we surely have cleared all sort of doubts that you had regarding how to choose a scooter for your kid. Following all the tips that we have listed above, will help you keep a close check on all the essential features of the scooter to get the right one for your child. Lastly, you are ready to get a scooter for your child now, get one as early as possible!

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