how do you make a regular push scooter into a stunt scooter?

The article you’re reading is about how to turn a regular push scooter into a stunt scooter. If you want to do this, it’s not too hard and can be done in just three steps!

You’re not always looking for a new ride, but when you are it can be tough to find the perfect one. You want something that’s safe, reliable, and affordable. But sometimes you need something more. Sometimes your needs are different than other people’s needs. That is why we have created this blog post on how to make a regular push scooter into a stunt scooter!

To make a regular push scooter into a stunt scooter, first, decide what type of stunt you want to do. Is it taps? Is it jumps? Is it grinds? What is your skill level on this that you need to do more or less precisely? The object ball will be discussed below.

Next, apply the corresponding tapes to the kicker on each side of your stunt scoot according to which type of stunt you’re practicing most for. If one has got black electrical tape covering all but one inch at the end for swinging boats with an open bottom, place the ball with its weight towards that end where all but one inch is taped off.

how do you make a regular push scooter into a stunt scooter?

  1. hang on to the handlebars and lean forward (fast)
  2. push one foot inward from the right leg, then return it back inside of left leg
  3. bend your knees a bit
  4. keep your arms loose and straight with hands on handles or out in front of you for balance, that is if they’re not wrapped around the handlebar already.


  1. Make sure the scooter is in good condition and that all parts are working properly
  2. Remove any metal bars, such as a kickstand or foot bar
  3. Add a wide front wheel to give it more stability and make turning easier
  4. Replace the rear wheels with ones that have larger diameter wheels (like bike tires) for better grip on ramps and other surfaces
  5. Cover the handlebars with foam grips to reduce hand fatigue during tricks

If you want to make your regular push scooter into a stunt scooter, there are many ways. You can purchase an aftermarket kit or do it yourself with parts from the hardware store. There are all sorts of kits available for sale online that will work well if you don’t want to take on this project solo.

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