Electric scooters contribution to change

Electric scooters contribution to change

Today’s topic is Electric scooters contribution to change. As with any flurry of activity around a new tech concept, you might be inclined to wonder if this is a temporary trend. Here we take a look at the many ways technological advancements are changing the face of transportation for good.

If the later year’s developments in electric transportation have not yet caught your attention (where have you been?!) then now is the best time to familiarise yourself with what’s available to you and how it could revolutionize your commute, extracurricular pass time, well-being, and environmental contribution. The writing is on the wall and it is very loud and clear.

power bank facilities in electric scooter

Electric scooters contribution to change

The burning of fossilized fuel for transport is not only being hailed as one of the main culprits to our climate change but it is increasingly looked upon as outdated thinking and technological usage, not in line with where we, as a civilized society, need to be.

Whoever would have thought even ten years ago, that driving around in an all-electric car would be considered imperative and that such a car could even manage to look good while doing it? Well, Tesla has proved you can have both.

A number of car manufacturers are starting to catch on, realizing their environmental responsibilities and developing new and innovative ways to safeguard against further catastrophic climate change. Customers demand options if they are to stay loyal to their preferred choice of brand which is pushing designers to branch out.

Volvo for example has set a target that all cars released from 2019 onward will have an electric motor in combination with a combustion engine. By 2025 they plan for 50% of all car sales to be fully electric.

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This would put 1 million electric cars on the roads (by Volvo alone). Porsche is releasing their all-electric sports car the Taycan. Who would have guessed a fully electric sportscar by that brand even five years ago? A hybrid yes, but fully electric? 

Norway is paving the way with plans to have all domestic flights being electric by 2040. In Sweden, the state-subsidized purchase of an electric bike if the purpose was for commuting, by an amount of a maximum of 10 000 SEK (approx 1000 USD).

This ended in 2019 as the money funded for it was used up and the government did not extend the option. Approximately 100 000 people bought e-bikes as a result. The reason here is obvious. Travel to work is made simpler and easier and cheaper, which in any way shape, or form, is a very attractive option for the commuter.

It would take a very brave person to bet against a future for the electric scooter in the current economic (as well as world) climate. It ticks so many boxes by way of practicality, usage, simplicity, agility, and swiftness. And we are most likely only seeing the beginning of the development and possibilities of the electric scooter.

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Do you disagree? Do you think, there are not that many more options for the theme? Well, think back to the beginning of the history of the bicycle. Of course, the comparison is maybe not exemplary, as we are now in a more advanced stage compared to then, but it probably has some merits.

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After all, who would have thought back then, that the bicycle could develop as it has? Imagine bringing back a time trial bike used by one of the professionals on the bike tours in a time machine, and showing it at the beginning of the last century.

It would be nothing short of astonishing with its space-age technology, not to mention you would out bike the early cars of then at top speed(!) Never underestimate what the human mind can create and where we might take this formidable nimble electric scooter magic.

Any commuter writing down pros and cons will find that the electric scooter is very hard to beat point by point. Yes, there is not a roof on them….yet!! So one might be exposed to bad weather.

As we are on a bike or on a moped. It would not be surprising at all if we soon see a scooter with an inbuilt solution to that particular problem. There are so many options out there to revolutionize your commute to suit all manner of leads.

A lightweight electric scooter that gets you from A to B in less time, with less cost and way less environmental damage is something that every commuter should be looking to acquire. See this article for the best electric scooter for commuting. 

Electric scooters contribution to change

The electric scooter is here to stay. Once you try one and experience its advantages, you won’t go back.

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