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Today we discuss more than 20 electric scooter handlebar accessories. With the right handlebar accessories, it’s possible to transform any electric scooter into a one-of-a-kind ride. From handlebar riser kits to replacement bars and grips, there are plenty of options out there just waiting to make your ride look extra snazzy.

And best of all, these nifty complementary items can be easily installed at home with little time or effort. Read on to explore some of our favorite electric scooter handlebar accessories that are sure to turn heads.

20 electric scooter handlebar accessories:

  1. Phone Mount
  2. Rearview Mirror
  3. Bell or Horn
  4. Headlight
  5. Taillight
  6. Handlebar Grips
  7. Water Bottle Holder
  8. Bluetooth Speaker
  9. Dashboard Display
  10. Locking Mechanism
  11. Brake Lever
  12. Throttle Control
  13. Hand Warmers
  14. Mirrycle Incredibell
  15. Bar End Plugs
  16. Side View Mirror
  17. GPS Tracker
  18. Multifunctional Display
  19. USB Charger
  20. Foldable basket

1. Phone Mount:

The Phone Mount of an electric scooter is a useful accessory that allows you to use your smartphone while riding. It gives you the ability to access navigation, music, and other apps that are available on your device which can be very helpful when out and about. The mount also offers a secure place to store your phone while riding, ensuring it doesn’t get damaged while you’re on the move.

it allows you to keep your eyes on the road ahead and maintain proper posture while riding, as looking down at your phone can lead to pain or injury. With a quality Phone Mount of an electric scooter, you can stay connected and safe during your rides.

benefits of Phone Mount:

  • using a Phone Mount on an electric scooter includes being able to take hands-free calls or listen to audiobooks while you ride.
  • with some specialized mounts, you can even attach action cameras like GoPro and record your rides in stunning HD quality.
  • This can be a great way to capture memories, share them with your friends, or even upload them online and show off your skills.
  • A good phone mount for an electric scooter will help you make the most out of your rides and keep you connected while on the go.

2. Rearview Mirror:

The Rearview Mirror of an electric scooter is a vital safety feature that provides riders with enhanced visibility when operating an e-scooter. This allows the rider to have a direct vision of what is behind them, helping to reduce accidents and improve overall safety while riding.


  • The benefits of having a Rearview Mirror on an electric scooter are evident. Not only does it improve the safety of e-scooters, but it also offers riders a more convenient and comfortable ride as well.
  • riders can have better control over their vehicle and stay one step ahead of any potential danger.
  • it allows riders to assess various road conditions, such as oncoming traffic or potential hazards.
  • offers riders a better sense of spatial awareness when operating their e-scooter.
  • can be especially beneficial during night riding or in areas with limited visibility.
  • allows the rider to easily identify surrounding obstacles and maneuver around them with a 360-degree view of their surroundings.
  • provides a wider field of vision and helps the rider to keep an eye on other traffic or obstacles.
  • the mirror helps the rider to maintain better control over the vehicle and make quick and safe decisions when driving.

3. Bell or Horn:

Electric scooters are gaining in popularity as an efficient and sustainable mode of transportation. The bell or horn on electric scooters is a useful addition that helps riders communicate their presence to other vehicles or pedestrians in the vicinity.

The primary function of the bell or horn on electric scooters is to alert others that the rider is approaching, as electric scooters are often quieter than traditional motorized vehicles. This allows riders to stay safe on the roads, and can even prevent accidents from occurring. Additionally, these bells or horns provide a pleasant sound that helps communicate with fellow cyclists or pedestrians in crowded areas.

The other benefit of having a bell or horn on an electric scooter is that it can be used to signal turns and other maneuvers. By knowing when a cyclist is turning, drivers have time to react and make safe driving decisions. Additionally, the sound of the bell or horn serves as an auditory reminder for pedestrians to look both ways before crossing the street.

Overall, bells or horns on electric scooters are beneficial additions that can help riders communicate on the roads and sidewalks while keeping themselves and others safe.

Electric scooter bells or horns are a great way to signal your presence, alert other drivers of your movements, and ensure everyone’s safety. They can be used in any situation where it is necessary to warn people of potential danger or to signal the rider’s intention. With their low cost and easy installation, electric scooter bells or horns are essential safety features that can help keep everyone safe on the road.

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In conclusion, electric scooter bells or horns are a useful feature for increasing public safety and helping riders communicate in crowded environments.

4. Headlight:

Headlights are one of the most important components of an electric scooter. They provide a bright, consistent light source for riders to see at night or in areas with limited visibility. Headlights on electric scooters serve multiple functions and offer several benefits:

1. Increased Visibility: Headlights help riders to be more visible on the road, especially at night when other drivers may not spot them as easily. This is an important consideration for rider safety, helping to prevent collisions and injuries.

2. Improved Navigation: The bright light emitted from headlights allows riders to navigate better in low-light situations or unfamiliar areas. This is especially useful in rural or urban areas where streetlights may be sparse.

3. Light Up Obstacles: Headlights can also help riders to identify obstacles on the road, such as potholes, bumps and rocks, that might otherwise go unseen until it’s too late. This can help prevent accidents and costly repairs.

4. Style: Having a bright, stylish light source on your electric scooter can also add to its aesthetic appeal. Modern LED headlights come in various sizes and colors, making it easy to customize the look of your ride.

In short, having a good set of headlights on your electric scooter is essential for staying safe on the road. Not only do they provide improved visibility, but they can also help you navigate better and light up obstacles. Furthermore, modern LED headlights offer a wide range of customization options to make your electric scooter look great.

5. Taillight:

The taillight of an electric scooter is an important safety feature that provides visibility to the rider, allowing them to be seen by other vehicles and pedestrians. This can help to reduce the risk of accidents and make riding safer for everyone.

The taillight also serves as a warning signal, notifying other riders when they are approaching from behind. This feature can be a lifesaver when riding in busy or hazardous areas, allowing riders to take extra precautions and avoid potential collisions.

The taillight of an electric scooter also provides several functional benefits. For starters, the bright LED lights are highly visible during the day as well as at night, making it easier for other vehicles to see the rider and providing extra security while on the road.

the taillight can be used as a brake light, alerting drivers behind when the scooter is slowing down or coming to a stop. This feature can help to reduce rear-end collisions and make riding more secure for both riders and other vehicles on the road.

the taillight can also be used as a turn signal, allowing riders to indicate their intentions when turning onto another street or lane. This helps to make riding more predictable and safer for all involved.

Overall, the taillight of an electric scooter is an important feature that provides both safety and functional benefits. The bright LED lights are highly visible during the day and night, providing greater visibility for riders.

the taillight can act as a brake light, warning drivers when the scooter is slowing down or coming to a stop. Finally, it can also serve as a turn signal, allowing the rider to indicate their intentions when turning onto another street or lane.

6. Handlebar Grips:

bar grips are an important part of electric scooters. They provide riders with a secure and comfortable grip as they navigate their ride. Handlebar grips allow for greater control of the scooter, which can help prevent accidents or injuries.

handlebar grips provide additional cushioning from any bumps or vibrations on the road. This extra layer of comfort helps riders maintain their balance while they ride.

The handlebar grips also have a few other practical benefits. They help absorb shock from the road, making rides smoother and more comfortable for users. This means that riders can go faster and longer without experiencing any discomfort.

handlebar grips help protect riders from the elements, such as wind and rain. This keeps their hands dry and comfortable while they ride. Finally, handlebar grips offer a better grip when making sharp turns or sudden stops. This is especially important for avoiding accidents or injuries on the road.

7. Water Bottle Holder:

Water Bottle holders of electric scooters are a great way to keep your favorite beverage close by while you ride. Not only do they make it easy to stay hydrated on the go, but they also provide a secure place for your water bottle, ensuring that it won’t fall out mid-ride.

Water Bottle holders can also be used to store other items such as snacks, books, and your phone. This makes them an ideal accessory for those looking to bring their belongings along with them on their rides.

Moreover, Water Bottle holders are usually designed in such a way that they don’t interfere with the maneuverability of the electric scooter or add unnecessary weight. All in all, Water Bottle holders of electric scooters are an excellent way to stay hydrated and have your essentials with you on the go.

The main benefit of using a Water Bottle holder for your electric scooter is convenience. Instead of having to carry around a bulky drink container or worry about spilling your drink, you can simply attach it directly to your electric scooter and be on your way.

This can help you keep your hands free for other tasks, such as maneuvering through traffic or navigating turns. Additionally, Water Bottle holders are typically designed with safety in mind. They are to stay securely attached to the scooter even at high speeds, so you don’t have to worry about any accidents.

Finally, these holders can also be used to store other items like snacks, books, or your phone while you ride. This allows you to have all of your essentials with you without having to carry them around in your hands. Overall, Water Bottle holders can offer convenience and safety for electric scooter riders and make it possible to bring along their belongings on their travels.

8. Bluetooth Speaker:

Bluetooth Speakers are becoming increasingly popular for electric scooters as they provide a great way to listen to music, audiobooks, podcasts, and other audio content while riding. With Bluetooth speakers installed on an electric scooter, riders can take advantage of hands-free access to their favorite tunes or audio stories, allowing them to stay focused on the road ahead.

The advantage of having Bluetooth Speakers installed on an electric scooter is that riders can experience a more enjoyable ride with clear and crisp sound quality. Additionally, riders will be able to make and receive phone calls through their scooters’ speakers without ever needing to take out their phones. This makes it possible for riders to stay connected and to remain aware of their surroundings while riding.

Another great benefit of Bluetooth Speakers is that they are easy to install on most electric scooters and require little maintenance or upkeep. Additionally, they can provide a significant boost in power output, allowing riders to have access to louder volumes suitable for any environment – such as busy streets, parks, and other outdoor areas.

Overall, Bluetooth speakers provide electric scooter riders with greater convenience and better sound quality during their rides. In addition to providing a hands-free connection to music and phone calls, they offer increased power output for louder volume and require little maintenance or upkeep. With all these great benefits, it is no wonder that Bluetooth Speakers have become increasingly popular for electric scooters.

9. Dashboard Display:

A Dashboard Display of electric scooters is an important tool used by riders to monitor their performance. It provides a comprehensive view of data that can be used to improve safety and efficiency while riding.

The display includes information such as current speed, battery level, odometer readings, ride duration, and distance traveled. Riders can also access additional features such as trip planning, navigation, and battery charging.

The primary benefit of the Dashboard Display is that it allows riders to easily track their progress while riding. The display provides instant feedback on how far and fast they are traveling, helping them stay within safe speed limits and keep an eye on their battery life so they can make it to their destination without running out of power.

the display can provide real-time navigation instructions and alert riders when they need to recharge their batteries or slow down for any reason.

Another benefit of the Dashboard Display is that it improves rider safety by offering an easy way to monitor vital information such as speed and battery life, as well as providing visibility of upcoming terrain changes. This helps riders prepare for any unexpected obstacles or dangerous road conditions they may encounter while riding.

Overall, the Dashboard Display of electric scooters provides riders with an easy way to access vital information and improve their safety when using the vehicle. It is a great tool that can help

10. Locking Mechanism:

The locking mechanism of electric scooters is a very useful feature, as it allows the user to easily secure their vehicle when leaving it unattended. It prevents unwanted access to the electric scooter and its contents. This feature can help deter theft and vandalism, making it safer for both riders and cyclists alike. Additionally, a locked electric scooter is a secure form of transportation, as it prevents potential attackers from being able to steal the vehicle or any of its contents.

The locking mechanism on electric scooters also provides an added layer of safety for users by preventing the scooter from becoming damaged due to environmental factors such as wind, rain, and snow. Furthermore, when using an electric scooter in a public area, such as a park or other areas where children are present, the locking mechanism can help keep them safe by preventing unauthorized access to the scooter.

Finally, electric scooters with a locking mechanism can help provide peace of mind for riders and cyclists alike. Knowing that their vehicle is secure when not being used can provide a sense of security, which is especially useful in urban environments where theft and vandalism can be a common occurrence. With this feature, users can enjoy their ride without worrying about the safety of their electric scooter or any of its contents.

11. Brake Lever:

Brake levers are essential in electric scooters as they allow the rider to control the speed and stop when needed. The brake lever provides a quick, easy, and efficient way of stopping the scooter without having to physically push against the brakes or use other methods that can be time-consuming or difficult.

One of the main benefits of using brake levers on electric scooters is that they make it easier to control the speed. The rider can quickly and easily adjust the speed depending on their needs. This makes it easier to navigate through tight spaces, such as narrow alleyways or busy streets.

Using a brake lever is also beneficial for safety reasons. As mentioned before, using a brake lever makes it much easier to stop the scooter quickly and efficiently. This is important when avoiding potential collisions or slowing down in high-traffic areas.

In addition, brake levers can help reduce wear and tear on electric scooters. By allowing the rider to control their speed more easily, they can avoid putting too much strain on the brakes or motor, which can save money in the long run.

Overall, brake levers are a great way to improve safety and control on electric scooters. By being able to quickly and efficiently stop when needed, riders can more easily navigate tight spaces and high-traffic areas while avoiding potential collisions. Additionally, they can also help reduce wear and tear on the scooter, as they allow riders to control their speed more easily.

12. Throttle Control:

Throttle control of electric scooters is a useful feature that helps riders to adjust their speed according to the conditions they are riding in. The throttle control allows riders to smoothly accelerate and decelerate, as well as prevent them from over-speeding. This helps riders maintain a safe and comfortable ride while also reducing the risk of injury.

Throttle control can also improve the battery life of electric scooters by allowing riders to have better control over their speed and power consumption. This means that riders can achieve a longer range on a single charge, as they are able to use only the amount of energy needed for their desired speed.

Furthermore, throttle control can also help to improve the rider’s overall experience. This is because it offers riders a smoother and more comfortable ride, which can make riding an electric scooter even more enjoyable. Additionally, having better control over their speed can also make it easier for riders to navigate through busy urban environments or on trails with tricky terrain.

Overall, throttle control is a great feature to have on electric scooters as it helps riders maintain better control over their speed and power consumption, leading to a safer and more enjoyable ride. Additionally, the improved battery life due to throttle control can also be beneficial for those who are looking for a longer range on their electric scooters.

13. Hand Warmers:

Hand warmers are a great addition to an electric scooter. Not only do they keep the rider’s hands warm and comfortable, but they also provide extra stability when turning or maneuvering across different terrains.

The added grip of the hand warmer helps riders better control the scooter, enabling them to take tighter turns and ride more smoothly.

Furthermore, electric scooters with hand warmers offer a luxurious and stylish touch that can make any ride more enjoyable. All in all, having an electric scooter equipped with a hand warmer can provide riders with a safer and more comfortable ride.

In addition to the practical benefits, electric scooters with hand warmers can also provide aesthetic appeal. Not only do they add a touch of luxury but they also make the scooter look sleek and stylish. Riders who want to stand out from the crowd can customize their ride with attractive hand warmers that come in various colors and styles.

14. Mirrycle Incredibell:

Mirrycle Incredibell electric scooters offer a range of usage and benefits. Their lightweight and ergonomic design makes them easy to transport, store, and maneuver. They are also suitable for both short-distance rides and long-distance trips, making them a great option for commuters as well as recreational riders.

The Incredibell electric scooters also come with a range of safety features, such as headlights and rearview mirrors, that help riders stay visible and safe while navigating their routes. Further, their efficient batteries provide long-lasting power to get you where you need to go without having to worry about running out of juice.

Finally, the Incredibell electric scooters are an eco-friendly option since they produce zero emissions, and their low maintenance costs make them an economical choice in the long run. All in all, these electric scooters offer a range of uses and benefits that make them a great transportation option for any rider.

15. Bar End Plugs:

Bar end plugs are essential components of electric scooters. They provide a secure, safe and comfortable grip for the rider. By using bar end plugs, riders can achieve better control over their vehicle and have greater confidence as they ride. This helps to reduce fatigue and increase safety on the road.

The major usage of bar end plugs is to add comfort and grip to the handlebars of an electric scooter. This helps cyclists keep a steady grip on their vehicle, even when going over rough terrain or in wet weather conditions. It also protects against sharp edges and vibrations that can occur when riding.

The benefits of bar end plugs are numerous. They provide riders with improved control and confidence when riding their electric scooters. They also protect against slippage of the handlebars, which can cause accidents and injury. Furthermore, they help reduce fatigue in long rides and also keep the handlebars from becoming damaged or worn out over time. Finally, bar end plugs provide improved safety for riders by making it harder for them to slip off the handlebars while riding.

Using bar end plugs can help to ensure that electric scooter riders have a safe and enjoyable ride every time. They are an essential component of any electric scooter and should be replaced regularly to maintain optimal performance. With proper care and usage, bar end plugs can provide riders with a comfortable grip for years to come.

16. Side View Mirror:

The side-view mirrors of electric scooters are essential for maximizing safety and visibility when navigating through traffic. Side view mirrors provide greater visibility for the driver, allowing them to observe their surroundings more effectively in order to make smarter decisions. Additionally, these side mirrors increase rider comfort by giving the driver a better overall field of vision so that they can be sure to spot any potential hazards before they come too close. The addition of these side-view mirrors also provides an added level of aesthetic value to the e-scooter; making it look cooler and more visually appealing.

Further advantages associated with side mirror attachments are improved stability while in motion, allowing riders to adjust their body position as necessary without having to take their eyes off the road or obstacles ahead; and increased anti-theft protection because thieves will require extra time and handling efforts in order to break into a locked scooter with side mirror attachments.

Overall, electric scooter side view mirrors are important for providing additional visual information about your environment (other vehicles, pedestrians etc.), comfort benefits during ride time such as improved posture stability or easier maneuvering around tight corners/obstacles on the roads/trails; and finally protecting valuable property from being stolen as well as boosting its aesthetic appeal which will attract potential customers who have an eye on style.

17. GPS Tracker:

The use and benefits of a GPS Tracker for electric scooters are many. For starters, it ensures the safety and security of riders using an electric scooter by providing real-time tracking information. This data can be used to determine whether or not a rider is taking the safest route and can alert authorities if there is any suspicious activity associated with their ride. Additionally, the GPS Tracker allows users to locate their scooter if it has been stolen or misplaced, reducing the chances of theft.

Other than that, GPS Trackers make it easy to monitor battery usage on electric scooters which helps in optimizing range – making sure you don’t go further than your battery will take you! Furthermore, they provide valuable insight into maintenance needs over time so that riders can maintain their long-term health and performance. Finally, they enable efficient fleet management by helping operators quickly identify problems before they become serious issues that could cause damage or downtime in their services.

18. Multifunctional Display:

The Multifunctional Display (MFD) of electric scooters is an incredibly useful tool for riders. It gives them instant access to a variety of important information, such as battery life, speed and range. This allows riders to plan their route based on how much battery life they have left or adjust the acceleration or speed according to the terrain ahead. Additionally, it can also provide extra safety features like warning lights when a cyclist is riding in low visibility areas. Furthermore, MFD can act as an interactive interface between rider and the vehicle: giving audio alerts when certain thresholds are exceeded (such as maximum speeds), displaying valuable diagnostics data that could point out potential problems before they occur, etc. All these functions help increase driver comfort and allow for better control over the electric scooter’s performance. Ultimately this leads to more efficient utilization of resources and potentially even savings on bills due to greater energy efficiency in some cases.

19. USB Charger:

The USB charger of electric scooters is an essential part of the power system that is used to keep your electric scooter running. It provides the necessary current to charge and maintain the battery, and this can be done quickly and easily when using a USB charger.

The main benefit of using a USB charger with electric scooters is convenience. With a USB port onboard, you can use any standard USB cable from any device (including cell phones) to charge your vehicle’s battery, meaning that you don’t need to carry around an extra charging cable for your vehicle’s battery case. Furthermore, you don’t need an AC adapter since most smartphones now come with one included in their cases–this means you won’t have to purchase any additional accessories just for your electric scooter. The result: faster charging times, less clutter in your bag or storage area due to having fewer cords, and no more worries about finding a compatible DC adapter for the wall outlet wherever you go.

Not only does it provide more efficient and convenient charging capabilities but it also helps increase safety as well; connecting through direct contact between devices like laptops and phones instead of going through long cables or outlets can help reduce overcurrents/overvoltage scenarios which may cause injury or damage electrical components on some vehicles—airplanes being particularly vulnerable due to their high voltage characteristics!

Additionally, if there ever comes a time when batteries become low while driving or flying they will still continue on without disruption as long as each device remains connected via its own dedicated power source-meaning no breaks in workflow even when energy levels dip too low! This could be extremely helpful during emergency situations such as those involving medical emergencies on board airplanes where doctors are trying desperately trying to save lives even after being cut off from traditional sources like AC adapters & wall sockets due to their bulky nature & other inconveniences associated with them (like tangled wires).

20. Foldable basket:

The foldable basket of electric scooters has a variety of uses and benefits that make it a great option for those looking to get around quickly, conveniently, and safely. The main benefit of electric scooters with foldable baskets is their portability: the ability to easily fold up the basket allows riders to store the scooter while they’re on public transportation or in crowded spaces—ensuring they won’t take up too much precious space. Not only can you store your electric scooter easily, but you won’t have to lug anything heavy around when running errands or getting from place to place.

Additionally, riding an electric scooter with a foldable basket makes carrying items easier than ever before due to its larger storage capacity than that of other common modes such as skateboards or bicycles. Whether its groceries, schoolbooks, lunchboxes or some other item(s) that needs transporting – the spaciousness provided by this type of basket can be used for both short-term and long-term purposes alike!

The convenience factor doesn’t just stop at transportability either; many models offer adjustable speed settings so users can choose according to their needs – allowing them more control over their ride experience. You also don’t have any worries regarding battery life; most models come equipped with built-in batteries that last anywhere between 15–30 miles per charge depending on usage habits! Additionally, many come equipped with sensors that detect balance adjustments automatically – ensuring riders are always safe and secure during use (which is especially reassuring for newbies).

Overall, foldable baskets are incredibly helpful features that significantly improve the usability of electric scooters making them all the more attractive options in today’s fast-paced world!

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some other necessary electric scooter handlebar accessories:

electric scooter handlebar bag:

Electric scooter handlebar bags are essential accessories that can be used for a variety of purposes. They provide riders with convenient storage space and keep their items secure on the go. The most common uses of electric scooter handlebar bags include:

1) Storing important items such as keys, wallets, and phones while riding;

2) Carrying repair tools and spare parts;

3) Storing snacks and drinks;

4) Providing an easy way to attach lights and other accessories, such as a GPS.

electric scooter handlebar grips:

Electric scooter handlebar grips provide a secure, comfortable grip for users while riding the scooter. The ergonomic design helps reduce hand fatigue and cramping during long rides. The soft rubber material provides additional comfort and shock absorption to reduce vibration from any terrain that is encountered while riding.

Additionally, these grips help maintain control over the scooter, as they allow the user to keep their hands in a secure and comfortable position while controlling the scooter. They also help protect against any accidental slips or drops due to wet conditions.

Lastly, handlebar grips can serve as attractive design elements that enhance the overall look of an electric scooter.

electric scooter handlebar hanger:

The electric scooter handlebar hanger is a great accessory that helps to keep your electric scooter secure while parked. It allows you to hang the handlebars on an upright surface like a wall, fence, or tree branch. The hanger also provides better control and stability for your electric scooter when you ride.

It can also be used to store your scooter in an upright position when not in use, saving you space and preventing it from tipping over. The handlebar hanger is adjustable, so you can customize the fit for your electric scooter model.

electric scooter handlebar accessories


how to fix scooter handlebars?

To fix scooter handlebars, loosen the bolts that hold the handlebar stem in place and adjust the angle of the stem to your desired position. Once done, retighten the bolts and check that the handlebar is securely fixed in place.

where to buy electric scooter handlebar accessories?

You can buy electric scooter handlebar accessories online or at specialty stores that sell electric scooters.

final words:

Ultimately, electric scooter handlebar accessories can make all the difference when it comes to your riding experience. Handlebar items and gadgets provide greater comfort, control, and protection for riders of all levels. if you want to upgrade your current ride, adding handlebar accessories is sure to enhance the overall look and performance of any set of wheels.

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