Chrome Wheels 3 Wheel Micro Mini Kick Scooter review

Chrome Wheels 3 Wheel Micro Mini Kick Scooter review

The Chrome Wheels 3 Wheel Micro Mini Kick Scooter is currently one of the most popular scooter for kids, they really love the ride. They appreciate the action and fun that comes with owning one. This makes it one of the best presents you can buy your children.

The smooth skimming Maxi has a bend and slide attribute that enables toddlers scooter to ride the scooter like just the way they surf with their skateboard on a walkway, using the handlebar to have more control and mobility scooter.

The Triple Chrome Wheels Micro Mini Scooter is characterized as the smoothest and safest ride, this is owing to the fact that it is covered in polyurethane fiberglass; a pleasant feature. It has also been issued a Prosperity certified by the regulatory body “CPSC”; the Micro Mini is recommended for children weighing as much as 110 pounds and is considered safe to use by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Many youngsters ride their Micro Mini Scooter everywhere, even to classes. The Chrome Wheels 3 Wheel Micro Mini Kick Scooter is a very good machine. Size is not a challenge for any adult who is in need of a scooter with which to move around.

Features Of The Chrome Wheels 3 Wheel Micro Mini Kick Scooter

The Chrome Wheels 3 Wheel Micro Mini Kick Scooter is intended to meet the needs of consumers. After a long while of research, investigating and testing the components, we tagged this scooter as a one of the best in our collection.

Chrome Wheels 3 Wheel Micro Mini Kick Scooter review

Light in weight

The Chrome Wheels 3 Wheel Micro Mini Kick Scooter is a very well-constructed light weight scooter which is built to sustain heavy weights. The design is intended for both grown-ups and kids. This scooter is easy to handle and maneuver; a phenomenon that is owing to the light weight feature of this gorgeous release. Bike and more often than not it can hold up under heavy weights as well. It is designed for both kids and grown-ups alike. It is light weight, which makes it simple to handle and simple to convey. In case of picnics or other trips, this bike can be easily moved about with a van or a car.

Large wheels

One of the most amazing components of Chrome Wheels 3 Wheel Micro Mini Kick Scooter is its possession of extensive tires. This of course ensures a comfortable and smooth ride. This wide tires ensure a firm grip and balance on the surface zone which in turn offers riders a very decent control when riding.

Its nice grip prevents slipping, and the extensive tires also bestow on the bike an agile appearance; a feature that ensures smooth and nice ride. While riding on this beauty, adjusting yourself rapidly is made possible and you can ride long distances without getting stressed.

Dynamic Handle

This scooter has a long handle. You can easily reduce the long handle by folding it right onto the base, this makes it shorter and easily carryable. It can be easily conveyed to anywhere you want by simply putting it in the cargo space of your van or car. If you consider storing it in your car park or garage, it will only consume a small area of space which is an added advantage.


Even though this machine does not run on an engine, it could still be paced around the streets with confidence. In case of some child stunts or any sort of accident in the course of riding, a foot brake in form of a button located on the curved guard, towards the back can be tapped to bring to halt the push scooter. The bike will slow down at the press of the brake button.

Adjustable handle bar

The handle bar of this scooter can be adjusted to fit the user. Over time, there have been quite a number of talks about the installation of a rigid and non-adjustable handles on the bike. And that “too small” or “too wide” is the characterizing property of the handles. Well, this is owing to the fact that children sizes differ; moreover, the handle bar is adjustable so as to fit various children sizes as well as grown-ups as the urban scooter can also be used by grown-ups.


  • Smaller scooter size
  • A better alternative to walking
  • Emergency paddle brakes
  • Large wheels
  • Adjustable handle bar


  • Slower when compared to other scooters
  • Bad finishing
  • Body parts are not of new design


Q: What features differentiate the “Mini” and “Maxi” versions?

A: Users choice between these two should be based on the size of the kid. Children of ages 5 to 12 years, also weighing about 110 pounds are the target of the Maxi version, even though the scooter might also be comfortable for kids of lesser ages, depending on the weight of such kids. Note that the weight limit of the Maxi version is 35 pounds which happens to be the peak on the capacity list. On the other hand, the Mini version is designed for younger riders, owing to its light weight.

Q: How can one move the Chrome Wheels 3 Wheel Micro Mini Scooter when traveling?

A: Installed in the bike is an arranged red tab located at the bottom of the handle bar. This tab can simply be pressed to make the handle bar easy to pull out to ease packing. The aim of the tab innovation is to enable users snap the handle bar in and out of the base of the bike.

Q: How is the Chrome Wheels 3 Wheel Micro Mini Scooter handlebars altered?

A: Altering the handlebars is as easy as releasing the catch, adjusting the stature and re-snaring the clip to wrap up.

Final Verdict

Conclusively, confusion can arise in the process of making the right choice between the 3 Chrome Wheels Scooter Maxi and the Mini for your kids as there are little or no difference between them. If eventually you’re not convinced that the Chrome Wheels 3 Wheel Mini toddler scooter is the right one for your child, then you can opt for the Micro-Scooters; which seems better for children. Micro Maxi is one nice scooter on which kids ride the walkways to their classes too.

The Chrome Wheels 3 Micro Mini Kick Scooter has been labeled one of the best Mini bikes in the scooter for women market today. A more inspiring point about this scooter is that the manufacturers have combined their experience in the production of adult kick bikes with that of kid bikes which are now produced in like manner.

Purchasing a kick bike is a very simple thing to do for all. Only that the size of the intended user should be put into consideration so as to guide buyers’ choice. Overall, users are bound to get best of the amazing Maxi Micro Scooter.

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