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Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Pro Scooter – Guide & Review

Have you ever wondered why pro scooters are so common among people of all ages? What makes these scooters perfect for everybody? I’m here to provide you with more information about pro scooters and why everybody regardless of occupation is attracted to them.

There are many reasons why you should own a pro scooter. Not only do they offer you an economical way of traveling short distances but they are also fun and easy to use. You can enjoy great adventures with electric scooters whether you are a child, teenager, or adult.


If you are wondering where to start when purchasing a pro scooter, I have made a list for you of the best brands in the market. You can pick any of these pro scooters I have reviewed here and expect the best performance.


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If you are looking forward to purchasing the best pro scooter, I would suggest you pick any of the five top products that I have reviewed below.

1. Xspec Aluminum Pro Kick Scooter

Do you want to own an off-road scooter that is designed for teens and adults who want to have an enjoyable and fun moment on the road? The best pro scooter that will provide you with all that is the Xspec Aluminum Pro Stunt Kick Scooter.

On my last birthday, my husband bought this scooter for me as a gift, and it is really amazing. The scooter can take you to different terrains such as hills, and trails and you can also use it at skateparks. You can also use the scooter over grass and trails with ease.

I love the large air-filled tires that offer a smooth ride even when you are riding on the toughest terrain. The scooter is also designed with reinforced triangle design handlebars which are thick and oversized to give you the opportunity to jump without sweating it.

Compared to other pro scooters that I have used before, this model feels lightweight and it is also designed with a sturdy steel alloy frame that extends its lifespan. This scooter is also designed with Fender brakes that provide you with reliability, strength, and durability.

If you are an adult who wants a pro scooter that will handle all off-road punishments, get this one, and you will enjoy using it.

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Things I liked about in Xspec Aluminum Pro Kick Scooter

  • It is designed with large wheels
  • It can accommodate users with up to 120kg
  • Designed with Fender brakes to provide strength and durability
  • Provides 4-inch off-ground clearance
  • It has an innovative crossbar design
  • It can be used on different terrains

Things I didn’t like about the Xspec Aluminum Pro Kick Scooter

  • The scooter is not foldable

2.Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter

The introduction of scooters has greatly helped people to move over short distances or simply ride them for fun. With a great model like the Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter, younger riders who want to perfect their skills can have fun moments when using the scooter.

The product is designed with heavy-duty heated treated aluminum that makes it withstand skate and street parking riding. This lightweight scooter comes in six different vibrant colors that look amazing and interest your audience.

When you are riding the scooter, expect total control because it is designed with 18-inch steel batching handlebars that allow you to get the best control of the device when you are riding or doing your stunts.

If you have a younger child who wants to enjoy a fun time on the road, you can buy them this scooter designed with wheels that offer a smooth ride. It also has steel flex brakes that offer you reliable stopping power hence making it perfect for beginner users.

Younger rider also finds this scooter very easy to use. Its high-strength handlebars designed with comfortable grips offer them a nice feel when on the road. The scooter also features a rugged design to enhance the riding experience of your child.

Things I liked about in Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter

  • Designed with soft hand grips
  • The scooter is lightweight
  • Designed with heat-treated aluminum to provide durability
  • Has nice colors that attract your audience
  • Perfect for beginners
  • It has steel flex brakes

Things I didn’t like about the Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter

  • Not ideal for people under 7 years or those who weigh more than 140 pounds

Urban 7XL Deluxe kick scooter Adjustable to Kid and Adult Size

Not all pro scooters that you find on the market will offer you fun moments. Some of them are total hazards, and they can cause more injuries than fun. I know that this is not what you want when you are on the road. Therefore, I’m providing you with an amazing product that is respected by pro riders.

The Urban 7XL Deluxe kick scooter is an incredible product that is made to meet the needs of kids and adults. The scooter is made of solid rock top quality that provides you with a long-lasting performance. Pro-riders have tested the scooter for durability and smooth performance, and this makes it the best product on the market.

For maximum riding comfort, this pro scooter is designed with extra-thick foam handles that give you a nice feel when you are on the road. The handlebars are adjustable which makes the toddler scooter easy to use for both kids and adults. You will also enjoy the ABEC 7 carbon-bearing that is included to offer a smooth ride as well as extra speed.

The wheels of the scooter are large to offer nice traction on different terrains. The scooter also features dual shock suspension hence guaranteeing you a smooth ride.

For those who love carrying their scooters wherever they go, this model best suits you. It is foldable and comes with a strap to carry around with ease.

Things I liked about in Urban 7XL Deluxe kick scooter Adjustable to Kid and Adult Size

  • Has bearings that offer speed and smooth rides
  • The handlebars are adjustable making it perfect for kids and adults
  • The handlebars provide comfort and control
  • Designed with large 8-inch PU wheels
  • Comes with a carry strap for easy portability and it is also foldable
  • Provides durability and a high performance

Things I didn’t like about the Urban 7XL Deluxe kick scooter Adjustable to Kid and Adult Size

  • Heavy usage can cause wear and tear
  • The suspension can get noisy after some time

Vokul VK6 Extreme Pro Scooter – HIC Compression, FSA Sealed Headset, Chromoly Integrity Bar, Triple Clamp

Are you an intermediate or advanced rider who wants to enjoy riding a pro scooter? The Vokul model VK6 is an amazing product that you can try or buy for your kid. The product comes at an affordable price, and it is super durable featuring one-piece bars with 4031 Chromoly.

It is also designed with FSA sealed headset threadless HIC fork combined and a one-piece beauty internal hidden compression system that offers a smooth and safe riding experience.

If you compare the scooter with others on the market, you will realize that this one is great in performance and riding feel. It is also designed with durability in mind to meet the needs of riders.

Another thing that I love about this scooter is its quality level 6061 T4 and T6 heat-treated alloy that is thicker and lightweight to provide strength and stability on the deck. The scooter also features 88A bearing ABEC-9 high rebound alloy core wheels that provide smooth rides. The wheels also feature a decent color combination that makes them good-looking.

When you are riding this scooter, expect the best performance because it is designed with TRT anti-slip comfort grips that reduce any vibrations when you are on the road. Other features that you will enjoy when you are using this scooter include the internal hidden compression system and the highly efficient composite brake among others.

Things I liked about in Vokul VK6 Extreme Pro Scooter

  • The scooter is light and smooth
  • Provides a safe riding experience
  • Designed with highly efficient brakes
  • Has anti-slip comfort grips that reduce vibrations
  • It has a nice color

Things I didn’t like about the Vokul VK6 Extreme Pro Scooter

  • They should have included grip tape on the scooter

Vokul VK3 T-Bar Pro Scooter

Are you a beginner rider weighing up to 140lbs capacity and want a perfect pro scooter that you will enjoy using, then you need to try the Vokul VK3 T-Bar Pro Stunt Scooter. This is a top-quality product that provides you with stable performance and a nice riding experience.

The scooter is designed from 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum featuring heat-treated forged plates in the deck that offers you a long-lasting performance. In fact, this is a scooter that will serve you for so many years.

The handlebar of the scooter is made of medium carbon steel with a tight triple clamp that ensures you achieve stability and safety when you are on the road.

For the best feeling when you are on the road, the scooter has wheels that are made of anti-abrasive, shock-absorbing, and a high rebounding PU to provide the rider with a smooth performance all the time.

The scooter is also lightweight with a tough aluminum deck and ABEC-5 bearing that provide the fastest rides. The deck is T$ and heat-treated to offer strength. It also has a non-slip surface to ensure that the rider always gets a solid grip on the feet.

Things I liked about in Vokul VK3 T-Bar Pro Stunt Scooter

  • Designed with a lightweight aluminum frame
  • The wheels provide a smooth ride
  • Has perfect grips for maximum shock absorption
  • Comes with chrome steering for smooth and easy turn controls
  • Perfect for beginners
  • It is lightweight
  • Offers a stable performance

Things I didn’t like about the Vokul VK3 T-Bar Pro Scooter

  • Complaints of the cramp getting lose
Best Folding Scooters – Guide and Reviews

How To Choose The Pro Scooter

Before you make a decision of buying your scooter, it is important to do your homework first. Find out the things that make up a great scooter so that you can get a quality product that will meet your needs. This buying guide will help you select the best scooter.

Weight Of The Scooter

If you want to enjoy a pro scooter, you should weigh 60 pounds or less. Kids who are overweight can choose upper models which are heavy-duty to accommodate their weight otherwise the pro scooter can break and cause injuries.


The bars that you choose for your scooter will highly determine the feel you will have when you are using your scooter. It all depends on your personal preferences, style, and the type of bar that you need. In most cases, you will find the bars of the pro scooter designed with steel tubing, but you can also find bars that are made of aluminum too.


The fork of your scooter is also very important to consider. This is the direct link that runs from the headset, connecting the bars, deck, and front wheel. You need to have a compression system so that the fork firmly attaches to the scooter bars.

The majority of high-end scooters are designed with a threadless fork as opposed to a threaded one so that you can achieve maximum strength and performance. Another important thing that you should check when you are choosing a scooter fork is to ensure that the wheels you choose will fit effectively on that fork.


You need to know that decks come in different lengths, widths, concaves, and styles. The standardized decks currently have one-piece bodies and head tubes. There are other pro scooters with either integrated or non-integrated headsets.

With the integrated ones, you can use them with no insertion of another aftermarket since the bearing is already installed. The non-integrated headset is ideal for riders who want to change the type of their headset to meet personal needs.


You should also check the wheels of your scooter because they also affect the feeling that you get. The wheels of the pro scooter are made of two parts which are urethane and core. The majority of entry-level wheels feature plastic cores, and they are not durable especially if you want advanced scooter riding.

Other Things To Consider

  • The brakes
  • Presence of lights
  • Compression
  • The clamp
  • Headset
  • Bar grips
  • Bearing
The Best Pro Scooter

Final Words

Now all the information that I have provided will meet your quest for buying the best pro scooter. Nobody is limited to riding a pro scooter, and you just need to get the right one to meet your needs and requirements. With any of these pro scooters reviewed above, you can be sure of happy riding.

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