best wheels for a stunt scooter

what are the best wheels for a stunt scooter?

If you’re new to stunt scooters, one of the first things you might be wondering is the best wheels for a stunt scooter? The answer to that question really depends on what riding style and skill level you have! Some people like softer wheels because they absorb more shock from jumps and drops; others prefer harder wheels with a lot of grips so they can go faster and do tricks easier.

How to choose the right wheels for your stunt scooter

Stunt scooters typically use larger bearings than other types of scooters. Larger wheels are good because they provide more stability than smaller ones, but it should be noted that bigger wheels tend to weigh more thus reducing the maneuverability which is essential for stunt scooting.

Therefore, taller riders who will not be doing tricks may want to consider smaller wheels while riders who plan on doing tricks will want larger wheels so as to trade off the extra weight with stability and still have maneuverability. Taller riders might also find that their scooter stops far sooner than normal which makes the need for taller wheels even greater.

what are the best wheels for a stunt scooter?

This is a difficult question because the best wheels depend on what you’re looking for in your stunt scooter. Some people need speed, some need a grip, and others need durability. Depending on what you’re specifically looking for it will most likely lead to two entirely different suggestions.

For example, if you’re looking for reliability then super-grippy wheels typically aren’t going to be that good of a choice as they’ll soon wear down and have adverse effects on any momentum you try to build up. If you’re not worried about how much effort it takes just to get started though then I can recommend a set of Atom Urethane Double Barrels

However, If your main goal is to do more of a street or park intensive style like Trials and Freestyle, then the more aggressive wheels will probably suit your needs more. If you’re looking for a more general use street and commuting wheel, we would suggest popping on some Rollerblade Stingrays.

what to look for in a stunt scooter?

tips for choosing wheels for a stunt scooter:

  • Think about how you will be using your stunt scooter – if you’re just riding around the block, then cheaper wheels might work for you.
  • Make sure to check out reviews before buying anything online.
  • Choose from urethane or polyurethane wheels for different riding styles.
  • Make sure the wheel is compatible with the scooter, including size and bolt pattern.
  • Consider your weight – heavier riders should choose a hard durometer tire that can withstand more pressure without sacrificing grip.
  • Select a wheel color that matches your scooter’s design.

There is no such thing as “the best type of stunt scooter.” It all depends on the preferences of the rider on what they value.


Measure from the inside of the wheel axle hole to the outside of it.
The diameter is usually 100mm and will vary depending on what scooter size you have. Contact us and we can tell you more


Most stunt scooter wheel bearings can be removed by pressing down on them like one would release a child’s finger from a tight grasp, as the bearing is usually not attached to anything.

best wheels for a stunt scooter

There is a diverse range of wheel options available for stunt scooters. The optimal wheel selection for your stunt scooter will hinge on your preferred riding style and your level of expertise. If you’re uncertain which wheels would suit you best, we have a comprehensive guide available for your reference. Additionally, we’re always accessible to provide you with any supplemental information you may require. Our team is delighted to assist you in any way possible!

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