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Today we discuss some Best Stunt Scooters. Everyone likes to ride a stunt scooter. It makes a wonderful gift for kids and young adults. With sturdier options available in the market, even the grownups will be tempted to buy one for themselves. The best stunt scooter will be a pleasure for anyone to ride.

In your quest to buy the best stunt scooter, you may be overawed by the sheer number of choices available in the marketplace. You can find a variety of models from starter models to advanced ones. It pays to do some research before you set out to buy a stunt scooter.

Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter Complete Trick...
Mongoose Rise 110 Expert for Kids Youth and...
Fuzion Z250 SE Pro Scooters - Trick Scooter -...
Fuzion X-5 Pro Scooter - Trick Scooter for...
VOKUL Pro Stunt Scooter with Stable...
Price not available
2,400 Reviews
Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter Complete Trick...
Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter Complete Trick...
Mongoose Rise 110 Expert for Kids Youth and...
Mongoose Rise 110 Expert for Kids Youth and...
Fuzion Z250 SE Pro Scooters - Trick Scooter -...
Fuzion Z250 SE Pro Scooters - Trick Scooter -...
Fuzion X-5 Pro Scooter - Trick Scooter for...
Fuzion X-5 Pro Scooter - Trick Scooter for...
Price not available
2,400 Reviews
VOKUL Pro Stunt Scooter with Stable...
VOKUL Pro Stunt Scooter with Stable...

You can acquire the best trick scooters in the market for your money if you read up a bit on them beforehand. To make it easier for you, our unbiased experts have reviewed the 7 best scooter brands and also provided a list of things to consider before buying the best stunt scooter for your sports-loving child.

stunt scooters:

Stunt scooters are a type of kick scooter with larger wheels than traditional kick scooters. Stunt Scooters are usually used for tricks, but can also be ridden just like any other kind of bike or scooter. They can be found in various types and brands, such as Razor and Mongoose.

Stunt scooters vs trick scooters:

Stunt scooters and trick scooters are two types of scooters in the market.

Stunt scooters are designed for stunts and tricks, while trick scooters are designed for tricks and flips.

The main difference between them is the design. Stunt scooters have a wider wheelbase, which is better for performing stunts like jumps, backspins, etc., whereas the design of a trick scooter is more suited for performing tricks like spins and flips.

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7 Best Stunt Scooters & Reviews

1. VOKUL Pro Stunt Scooter:

It is a freestyle pro-entry-level scooter. Its deck is made of 6061 aircraft aluminum with reinforced heat-treated forged plates. The batwing bar is made of 4130 Chromoly with Triple Clamp to ensure stability and safety.

Not only is it sturdy but lightweight as well. It is built to handle weights up to 220 lbs (recommended 140 lbs). It comes with different color choices and is very smooth to ride on. It is shipped securely with gift-design packaging.

It is very easy to assemble. All you need to do is tighten the three 3-bolt clamps to assemble it. Its dimensions are – wheel to wheel 26″ deck size and floor to handlebar 31″ height

The Vokul TRII S2 Entry Pro Scooter has a sturdy handlebar made of medium carbon steel tube that is designed to be very comfortable. The welded areas are smoothed out with the Vokul logo. This prevents knee and chin hits. The handle is treated with a heat-treating process that further improves strength.


Stable performance, due to the reinforced deck and carbon steel handlebar.
Strong build and large size.
Great looking, and comes in different colors.
Lightweight ( 7.3 lbs).
Great customer service and warranty.


Wheel issues. They could be more durable.
Clamp issues. It does not stay tight for long and needs constant monitoring.

The verdict

Overall, this is a sturdy entry-level scooter that is perfect for a beginner to hone riding skills. It is suitable for kids between 7-14 years of age. At 7.3 lbs, it is lightweight, strong, and rides smoothly. What’s more, it looks great too! Among other choices for beginner scooters or kids’ stunt scooters, the VOKUL Pro is good value for money despite some flaws.

2. Fuzion X-5 Pro Scooters:

Fuzion X-5 Pro Scooter - Trick Scooter for...

The Fuzion X-5 Pro Scooters are a beginner to intermediary-level scooters that can take your young child to the next skill level. It has been redesigned to make it more lightweight and durable. It employs- Grade components that are found only in more expensive models.

It contains a 20″ X 4” aircraft-grade aluminum deck. The fork is 3D-stamped one-piece steel. The Fuzion 5 spoke 6061 aluminum core wheels with high rebound are made with PU and designed for speed and comfort.

The durable and dialed threadless headset consists of a super smooth IHC compression system with sealed bearings and Fuzion’s brand-new 3D Stamped Steel FAZE Fork. It also has Fuzion’s new nylon/steel custom brake which is durable and noise-free.

The team at Fuzion has redesigned every component of the Fuzion X-5 Pro. It is built to be light, fast, and strong. In addition to the new 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum Box-Shaped Deck design, the new heavy-duty and smooth IHC compression system has a threadless headset and sealed bearings.

The heavy-duty steel fork fits both 100mm and 110mm wheels. The Fuzion X-5 Pro has high-tensile steel V-shaped handlebars with Fuzion’s composite rubber grips for maximum grip and comfort. It is designed to enhance performance and offer a supreme riding experience to the beginner or intermediate rider in either park or street riding.


  • Redesigned to be faster, lighter, and stronger.
  • Fuzion 5 spoke 6061 aluminum core wheels with high rebound designed for speed and comfort.
  • Fits both 100mm and 110mm wheels.
  • Uses- Grade components that are found only in more expensive models.


The headset is prone to loosen.

The verdict

The Fuzion X-5 Pro Scooter is one of the best beginner scooters out there! This product punches above its weight. It uses A-grade materials used by more expensive models. It will make a great gift to your active child.

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3. Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooters:

Fuzion Z250 SE Pro Scooters - Trick Scooter -...

The Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooters are intermediate and beginner stunt scooters for kids 8 years and above. The Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooters are also considered entry-level pro scooters. It is designed to be tough. It can easily take the impact that likes pro scooters. Your kid can ride the scooter hard like the pros.

The Fuzion Z250 Pro is redesigned from the ground up with two new graphics and 4 colors and all new parts. It has been fully upgraded with all new Fuzion-designed custom components. It features a brand-new deck and neck design with a 3-degree top concave design and a flat bottom with rails ideal for grinding.

The Fuzion’s new deck and the neck distribute landing forces and impact evenly across the deck’s outer surface. This makes it the toughest and lighter kids’ stunt scooter around. The redesigned Fuzion Drift Riser Bars are made from Chromoly steel and are larger.

They are fitted with oversized 155 mm Hex Grips made with Fuzion’s own compound and capped with tough Nylon Bar-Ends. The Fuzion IHC Integrated compression system comes with fully sealed headset bearings! The sculpted one-piece Chisel steel fork is lightweight and the double bolt clamp is made out of a 6061 aluminum alloy.

The new Nylon and Steel Triad brakes are noise-free and easy to adjust. The 110mm Trace wheels, 6061 Alloy Core Wheels with high rebound 88A PU, and super-fast ABEC-9 Fuzion bearing make it fast as well as stable.


  • Rugged, built to take on rough kids.
  • Smooth and a quiet ride. The Nylon and Steel Triad brakes are noise-free.
  • ABEC 9 rated bearing (the highest precision you can get).
  • Ultra-cool to look- sleek design, smooth glide, and fresh graphics.
  • Easy to fit. All you have to do is tighten two bolts because it comes pre-dialed.


Comparatively expensive

The verdict

This is that one stunt scooter that all kids crave. It is one of the toughest scooters out there. Though relatively expensive, it makes sense to spend extra dollars on its ruggedness and the oomph factor.

4. Mongoose Rise Freestyle Kick Scooter:

Mongoose Rise 110 Expert for Kids Youth and...

Mongoose was founded in 1974 and has developed a reputation for making durable products. The Mongoose Rise Freestyle Kick Scooter is for children above the age of 8. It is rugged and light. It has a lightweight alloy deck with an extended standing area for pro-style scooter performance.

The one-piece 559mm x 559mm welded steel T-bar handlebar has bike-style grips that give you both durability and comfort. The triple anodized clamp collar provides precise, crisp steering. It comes with a full-coverage MaxGrip on the alloy deck and steel brake.

The Mongoose Rise Freestyle Kick Scooter has 100 mm high-impact plastic wheels and durable ABEC-7 bearings to provide smooth and non-slip riding. The high-impact plastic wheels can take some abuse from an energetic kid wanting to be a pro. The heavy-duty frame is suggested for riders ages 8+ and up to 220 pounds.


  • Extended standing area. The lightweight plastic deck provides an extended-standing area for pro-style scooter performance.
  • Smooth non-slip riding- due to high-impact wheels and durable ABEC-7 bearings.
  • A perfect combination of durability and comfort- due to a one-piece welded steel T-bar handlebar with bike-style grips.
  • Crisp steering- due to the triple anodized clamp collar.


  • Weak braking. Some customers have faced breaking issues.
  • The rubber on the tires is not durable.

The verdict

A product from a trusted company that makes BMXs must be good. Those looking for freestyle scooters must seriously consider the Mongoose Rise. The Mongoose Rise is strong enough to handle 220 lbs! At around $70, it is a good buy for an active child who likes it rough.

5. Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter Complete Trick Scooter:

Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter Complete Trick...

If you are getting better at riding, you may want a scooter to take you to the next level. The Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter Complete Trick Scooter is your best bet. Though many consider it the best scooter for the Beginner to Intermediate rider for its price, it matches the pro scooters in many areas.

You can ride it hard as the pros do. The Fuzion Z300 Pro is built to absorb the rigors of dough riding. These scooters are packed with custom components! Solid 110mm Alloy Core Wheels Wrapped in 88A PU, with a smooth responsive nylon brake.

It has Chisel one-piece fork & larger Chromoly drift riser bar for comfort. It also has a large deck that can let you learn some best scooter tricks easily. It sports an ultra-cool look with its sleek design, new CNC headtube cut-out, smooth glide, and fresh graphics.

The Fuzion Z300 Pro comes in the color of your choice. All this only serves to increase its oomph factor.


  • Indestructible!
  • Very smooth and virtually silent.
  • Better balance and more foot room.
  • Smooth responsive nylon brake
  • Ultra-cool looks


Relatively expensive

The verdict

If you want an elite-level stunt scooter for less, then look no further than the Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter. It is rugged, lightweight, and looks and performs like a cool pro scooter. Your kid will love it. These good trick scooters are perfect for those who want to take their skills to the next level.

The relatively high cost is justified as the Fuzion Z300 Pro performs as well as many of the more expensive pro scooters! It is a near-perfect scooter for the cost.

6. Royal Guard II Freestyle Stunt Scooter:

ROYAL SCOOTERS 71103 Guard II Freestyle Stunt...

The Royal Guard II Freestyle Stunt Scooter is very sturdy. With a 6061-T6 post-heat-treated aluminum deck, the strength is double that of old Royal bars! It also has fast and precise chrome steel ABEC 5 bearings. The grips are ribbed for more comfort.

The Royal Guard II is lightweight as well as sturdy. It weighs only 7.9 lbs! Its dimensions are 25.4 x 4.4 x 32.2 inches. It has high rebound 88A PU cast wheels with spoked cores. It has a brand-new box section deck profile (great for learning double whips).

Also, the reinforced six-sided neck profile, and extra-strong bars, and new flex-brake offer unmatched performance and durability. With innovative ideas and technology, the Royal Guard II is a scooter with unmatched value for money.


  • Great value for money. The result of technology, innovative ideas, and materials used.
  • Superb durability. Due to the 6061-T6 Post Heat Treated Aluminum. The new heat treatment doubles the strength!
  • Pro-scooter-like performance. Great for learning tricks and honing skills.
  • Stable and comfortable. Safe and smooth to ride.


It is relatively expensive.

The verdict

The Royal Guard II Freestyle Stunt Scooter is a little more expensive than many of the freestyle scooters available. But the cost is justified due to its incredible performance and durability. It is one of the best beginner pro scooters for its cost.

7. Swagtron Stunt/ Freestyle Scooter:

Swagtron ST047 Elite Pro Stunt Scooter —...

Featured No. 8 in the Top 10 Coolest Products of The Decade by AOL, the Swagtron Stunt/ Freestyle Scooter is “READY TO GO PRO”. It is designed to soak in the impacts of the meanest tricks that professional scooters can whip out!

Impact-absorbing chrome (chrome + steel) stem and the aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum double-plated deck make the Royal Guard II extremely strong and lightweight. In spite of having a full metal body, it weighs only 8.6 lbs! It is strong and can support riders up to 260 lbs!

The 25.5” chrome steel stem, 20.5×4.3” aluminum deck & steel brakes are built to last and perform even in the wildest of cool pro scooter stunt sessions. The Dragon Claw CNC double clamp is a unique feature in this scooter. It secures the bars and fortifies the stem for absolute stability.

The Swagtron Stunt Scooter’s premium HIC system guarantees that your bolts and bars stay securely attached. You no longer need to worry about annoying rattles and headshakes.

The Swagtron Stunt scooter meets all performance, test, and labeling requirements necessary to make this freestyle scooter safe, fun, and perfect for pro-level competitions.


  • All-metal body- offers supreme sturdiness and durability required for intense pro scootering sessions.
  • Dragon Claw CNC double clamp- a unique feature that ensures stability in even the most grueling pro scooter sessions.
  • Extremely strong and lightweight.
  • Simple, yet elegant aesthetics.


No warranty!

The verdict

The Swagtron Stunt/ Freestyle Scooter is one of the best trick scooters available. For its price, it can give the most expensive pro scooter a run for its money. Whether you are a kid learning new tricks or a seasoned veteran, the Swagtron will serve you well.

Go for it if you want a nearly indestructible adult stunt scooter (yes adults up to 260 lbs can ride them) that is smooth, light, fast, and stable. The absence of a warranty is puzzling though. But most online marketplaces have a fair return and replacement policy.

Things to consider before buying the Best Stunt Scooter

1. Who is it for?

It is for your young child or your teenage son or daughter who is fast transitioning into an accomplished stunt scooterist? If it is for your young child, it is a great device for sharpening motor skills. You can start your 3-year-old with a kid’s stunt scooter appropriate to his or her size.

For a young adult though, you need a more expensive and sturdier stunt scooter. If he or she wants to go to the next level, you must consider buying the more expensive entry-level pro model that can withstand the impacts of a vigorous practice session.

For the pros, you have extremely tough models that can soak up a lot of punishment. These are made from extremely durable materials and are designed for optimal performance and strength. Any 7-year-old kid can ride the professional scooters. But it does not make sense to splurge money on one!

2. The wheels matter

The number and quality of wheels make a lot of difference. The little kids get good balance and stability in the 3-wheeled scooters. For older kids though 2 wheels are best. They are great for performing stunts and speed.

The cool pro scooter, it comes fitted with metal reinforced wheels. They are strong, durable, and offer good grip. Also, look if the scooter has the option to fit larger wheels.

3. Material used

All metal rides are preferred by professional scooters as they are extremely strong and durable. Special aluminum alloys are used to make extremely strong and lightweight the best scooters for tricks.

The quality of the bearing in the wheels also matters when it comes to smoothness and the stability of the ride. High-quality and specialized treatment to increase strength, costs money though.

4. Safety and comfort

You must be able to stop your scooter with minimal effort. Your scooter must be equipped with a rear brake that is efficient and easy to use. Do not compromise on the quality of the material used to make wheels. Inferior materials can result in a bad grip and nasty accidents.

It should have a weight rating of at least 10% above your own weight. Performing stunts put a heavy load on the scooter. You do not want it snapping in the middle of your stunt! It should run smoothly and must have comfortable grips on its handles.

5. The scooter bars

Scooter bars come in different styles and sizes. Consider carefully what fits your needs best. They must be made up of aluminum or steel to be sturdy and safe. Strong aluminum alloys are preferred because they are light and strong. Keep in mind that the scooter bars’ dimensions will affect the choice of your clamps and fork.

6. The fork

The scooter’s fork runs through the headset and connects the bars, deck, and front wheel. It is considered to be the most critical part of a scooter. A compression system is used to connect the fork and the bar. Professional scooters have threadless forks that are considerably stronger and help perform better.

The kind of fork that you choose will affect the choice of wheels. Some forks combined with a specific type of wheel perform better. So, it is better to make an informed decision while deciding on the fork and wheel combination.

7. The clamps

The clamps are an important part of the scooter. You have a selection of Quadruple, Triple and Double clamps available. They are classified according to the number of bolts featured on the clamp to securely hold the bars to the fork tube. It is important to select the most reliable clamp for high performance.

8. The compression system

The best scooters for tricks have the best compression system. It is used to create a stable connection between the bars, deck, and fork. For a well-dialed scooter, this is a very important component. An unstable connection can lead to injuries and damage to the scooter.

The less expensive beginner scooters usually have a threaded compression system. The best trick scooters, however, have more durable compression methods such as- the Standard Compression System (SCS), Inverted Compression System (ICS), and Hidden Internal Compression System (HCS). These methods are designed to withstand the rigors that freestyle scooters are subjected to.

To round off

The above guide will help you understand the various components that go into making good trick scooters. Do not worry as all the best scooter brands have pre-dialed scooters with a lot of thought put into the best combination of various components. All you need to do is fit the clamp and ride!

When you decide to upgrade some components or custom assemble a stunt scooter by yourself, the guide will prove to be invaluable. As always, proper care and maintenance will go a long way to make your scooter last and perform optimally. Most importantly, use quality safety accessories.

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Razor DeltaWing Scooter Reviews

Stunt scooter buying tips (Shortlist) :

  1. Determine your budget
  2. Consider the scooter’s size and weight
  3. Look for a scooter with a safety brake or handbrake
  4. Make sure the wheels are well-balanced and not too heavy for you to push around
  5. Avoid buying a used stunt scooter that has been in an accident – check it thoroughly before you buy it!
  6. If possible, try out different models of stunt scooters at your local store or from online retailers (eBay is also one way to get a good deal on a new model) so you can find which type fits best with your needs and lifestyle preferences
  7. Before riding around town with your new stunt scooter purchase some protective gear like knee pads and wrist guards because they can save your life in case something goes wrong while riding!

Faqs for Stunt Scooters:

1. Are Stunt And Normal Scooters Different?

They are different beasts altogether! A normal scooter is used by kids to saunter along in a street, a playground, or a park. A stunt scooter, on the other hand, is used to perform stunts by pros.
They need to soak up a lot of punishment and so are built very strong.
Pro stunt scooters have t-bars and metal cores on the wheels. They are more expensive than normal scooters.

They, however, are heavier than normal scooters due to all the reinforcements used to make them durable. The normal scooters have foldable handlebars and are super portable.

2. How To Choose The Right Size Scooter?

Measure the height between the ground to your navel. Any scooter with a height between your hip and navel may suit you. Some skilled pros prefer higher ones. But most beginners prefer a low setup. Choose what is most comfortable for your style of riding.

3. Can Grownups Use Stunt Scooters?

An adult stunt scooter is already being used by people in large work areas to cover distances quickly. It is a fun addition for many employees. All pro stunt scooters are extremely strong and built to carry an adult and also soak in the punishment of extreme stunts.

4. Are Stunt Scooters Foldable?

Unlike normal scooters, stunt scooters are not foldable. They are regularly subjected to intense trauma by pro stunt scooters and hence need to be strongly built. A folding mechanism can become a point of weakness for a stunt scooter. So, any scooter with foldable handlebars is not meant for stunts.

5. How Much Should My Scooter Weigh?

A stunt scooter will be heavier than a kid’s stunt scooter or beginner scooter. This is because of all the metal that goes into reinforcing a pro scooter. If you prefer lighter ones, you must compromise on durability or shell big bucks for the most expensive pro scooter that is made up of light and strong metal alloys.

6. Why My Bars Wobble?

Over time, nuts, bolts, and screws become loose due to use and impact. All you need to do is use the appropriate equipment to tighten them up periodically. A hex key or an Allen key set and a screwdriver with the right head or a smaller spanner set will do the trick.

7. Are Stunt Scooters Portable?

All stunt scooters are relatively portable. They are not large or cumbersome. The protruding handlebars, however, can be a bit of a hassle sometimes. In normal ones, they can be folded. But all scooters can easily be carried or put in the back seat or trunk of a car.

8. What Is The Best Width For A Scooter Bar?

Measure the width of your shoulder. The perfect width is a little bigger or a little smaller than the width of your shoulder. Try the sizes in between till you hit the sweet spot. The right size will give you comfort and good control.

9. Do Stunt Scooters Burn Fat?

It is one of the best ways for your toddler to strengthen his or her motor muscles. For others, it is a fun way to get fit. 46 minutes of riding burns around 350 calories an hour which is equivalent to a weight loss of around 1 pound a week. Additionally, it gives a good aerobic workout without getting too sweaty!

10. How To Maintain My Stunt Scooter?

Though stunt scooters are hardy, a periodic maintenance regimen will bring the most out of it. Here is what you need to do-
* Ensure that the compression system is tight.
* Tighten axle bolts every time before riding.
* Tighten clamps every time before you ride.
* Lubricate the headset periodically with the recommended lubricant.
* Keep the wheels dirt-free,
* Replace any worn nut or bolt as soon as you spot wear and tear.
* Keep your grip clean and replace it immediately if torn or damaged.

11. Is Assembling My New Stunt Scooter Complicated?

Stunt scooters are usually shipped in parts to avoid damage during transit. But it is very easy to assemble them. Most of them come pre-dialed and all you have to do is tighten the clamps using the appropriate tool which often comes in the package. Just tighten the bolts and nuts and go for a ride!

12. Is There A Warranty For My Stunt Scooter?

The best scooter brands always have a time-limited warranty. You need to check the terms and conditions carefully for information. Moreover, most online marketplaces have a reasonable return policy. If the product is damaged or defective, you can claim a replacement or a refund.

13. Does The Deck Size Matter?

The deck does matter. People often riding in parks prefer shorter decks and those cruising the streets prefer longer decks. Short decks help to turn better while the longer ones offer more stability and comfort. The width does not matter for most people. It usually does not exceed 4.75”.

14. Are All Stunt Scooters The Same Size?

All stunt scooters are not the same size. It depends on what type of scooter you want to buy and how you will use it. For example, a 24″ stunt scooter is larger than a 16″ one but smaller than a 20″ one.

best scooters for Adults


Whether it is the trick scooter for kids or an adult stunt scooter, it is a fun way to keep fit without sweating too much. It is one of the most popular first bikes for a toddler and helps improve their motor skills. It is extremely easy for a novice to start riding a stunt scooter,

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