Best scooter for broken foot

6 Best scooter for broken foot

scooter for broken foot foldable:

Best scooter for broken foot

1.KneeRover Economy Knee Scooter:

This knee scooter is more comfortable and safe than crutches. It can be used in both indoor and outdoor places. It has four wheels which are 7.5 inches, two on-wheel brakes, and an adjustable handbrake. The Economy Knee Scooter weighs only 21 pounds and supports up to 300 pounds! The kneepad can be adjusted too so it is perfect for kids or adults who are 4’9″ – 6’4″.


ColorMatte Black
Product Weight21 lbs
Weight Capacity300 lbs
Overall Length31″
Handlebar Height Range29″ to 37″
Overall Height w/ handlebar folded16.5″ (fits in the trunk of compact cars)
Knee Support Height Range16.5″ – 22″
Knee pad7″ width x 12.5″ length
Front Axle Width16.5″
DUAL Rear onWheel Brakes

Razor A Kick Scooter Green

2.KneeRover Economy Knee Scooter:

This is a knee scooter. It will help you stand up. You can steer it with your knees by pushing on the handlebars at the front. This one has an extra braking system so that if you push on the brake, it will stop all motion of your knee scooter. The color of this one is metallic blue

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3.KneeRover Deluxe Steerable Knee Walker:

KneeRover makes a knee scooter with a tie-rod steering mechanism. The Knee Rover Knee Cycle crutch alternative has an adjustable knee pad. The most popular and best high-performance knee scooter from the company is Heavy Duty.

The Knee Rover Knee Cycle crutch alternative is an adjustable knee pad and it weighs only 24.7 lbs, while the Heavy Duty premium steel frame offers a convenient basket and is the best deluxe knee walker value in the industry from a brand you can trust. It supports up to 300 lbs weight capacity.

4.ELENKER Steerable Knee Walker :

ELENKER Steerable Knee Walker Deluxe Medical Scooter for Foot Injuries Compact Crutches Alternative. Weight Capacity: 300 lbs. This has easy-to-use brakes that help you slow down or stop. You can lock the handles with these locks and it will make this knee walker safe to use.

The padding is comfortable and evenly distributes pressure so you can get relief from pain, reduces friction, and helps you have a more comfortable everyday life. When it’s time to fold up your walker, just push the brake on the handle over to the side, then fold it down by pushing in on both of them at once. When you’re done with your knee walker for good, just loosen the straps.

Item Weight23.37 Pounds
Age Range (Description)Adult

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5. Vive Mobility Knee Walker:

The knee scooter is durable and compact. It is used for recovering from injuries or PCL surgery in the foot, ankle, or lower leg. The wheels are made of polyurethane so they are stable when it’s both inside and outside.

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It has dual rear disk brakes so it stays in control while you use it. It is lightweight and durable because it is made out of steel. You can adjust the knee platform between 19″ – 23.5″. When you want to store or transport your scooter, all you have to do is fold in two points: the steering column and the midpoint of the base.

Color: Black

BrandVive Mobility
Age Range (Description)Adult

6.RINKMO Knee Scooter:

This is a knee walker with soft wheels. It is a good idea to use a knee walker when you cannot put weight on your leg. You can use this for any injury, but it is best for foot injuries. There are 4 big soft rubber wheels that make the ride more comfortable and safer than crutches.

The steering on this walker is better because of the tie-rod steering system, which helps it go in all directions without turning as much as other types of knee scooters. This makes it easier to balance and easier to drive on all surfaces, even those with bumps or holes in them. It only weighs 22 pounds so you will not have trouble moving it from place to place or carrying it.

Best scooter for broken foot
Best scooter for broken foot
Item Weight22 Pounds
Age Range (Description)Adult

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