Best push scooters – Guide and Reviews

A push scooter, also known as kick scooter, is a human powered land vehicle where the rider moves around by pushing off the ground. Some of the best push scooters have only two wheels while others that are designed for younger children might have three or four wheels.

They offer a fun and safe way to move around. Some people might even use them during long shopping trips to the mall or to simply go around their own houses.

It is so common now to see them parked at a school or a university parking lot. Some of the push scooters are foldable for easy storage. Scooters provide better stability at low speeds than most bicycles and allow the rider to alternate between pushing off the ground or simply standing on the deck with both feet to enjoy a smooth fun ride.

The push scooters will be safe, durable and appropriate for all surfaces. They can be used by young children as well as elderly seniors and the fun element is not affected whether you use them to run errands or to go around.


OUR Recommended push scooters

Looking for the push scooter? Take a look at this short list of these high quality and durable push scooters. With these different designs you will definitely land the one that best works for you

Micro White & Black Adult Scooters

Micro Lady Flex Scooter

Micro White & Black Adult Scooters is one of the push scooters for ladies. The flex footboard is made of very high quality fiberglass and wood to ensure a smooth and safe ride which by far more comfortable than going on metal decks.

It also allows for the absorption and balance on uneven levels. The flexible footboard features a nice floral print that is appealing to the ladies. It weighs 4.3 KG making it easy to carry and drag around.

 This amazing push scooter supports a maximum weight of 220 pounds making it one of the most durable and sturdiest options out there.

It is suitable for ages 13 + offering a fun option to safely moving around. The 145 mm polyurethane tires provide maximum stability and support whether you are kicking off the ground or simply standing on the footboard. The scooter is foldable and will fit at the back of any car with no problems whatsoever.

Features at a glance

  • A sturdy design that can be folded for easy storage and carrying around.
  • A durable flex footboard made of high quality fiberglass and wood that offers a smoother ride than metal decks.
  • Attractive floral print on the flex footboard.
  • Supports maximum weight of 220 Ibs while weighing roughly 4.3 KG itself.
  • Durable strong wheels for the safest commuter scooter experience ever.

Micro Flex Blue Kick Scooter 200 mm

Micro Flex Blue Kick Scooter 200 mm

This high quality new innovative design is made of sturdy aluminum and comes in an eye catching electric blue metallic finish. 

The Flex 2 wheel scooter features a patented flex deck made of marine ply and high quality fiberglass for a comfortable flexible ride. This is by far one of the most comfortable and stable scooters to use.

The Italian designed rebounding wheels come with extra thick polyurethane coating and performance grade bearings in addition to being larger and faster. 

This ensures smooth gliding for a super quality safe ride. Its height suits most adults making it fun and easy to go on. All parts are replaceable and are offered by the dealer.

Features at a glance

  • Rebounding tires with extra thick polyurethane coating and performance grade bearings that resist high pressures.
  • 200 mm wheels for maximum glide with minimum effort.
  • Flex footboard made of marine PLY and high quality fiberglass making it incredibly comfortable to use.
  • Handles made of padded foam and fitted with rounded rubber plugs at the end to prevent injuries and to protect the stunt scooter from damage.
  • Quick and easy folding using the double buttoned folding system for easy storage.
  • Made of polished aluminum with an attractive electric blue finish.

Xootr Mg Adult Kick Scooter

Xootr Mg Adult Kick Scooter

Xootr Mg Adult Kick Scooter is solely sold by Amazon, the only authorized internet retailer of Xootr kick scooters. This hand assembled outstanding kick scooter comes with an integral die-cast magnesium deck that is wide enough for two adult feet.

The bed has raised numbs to keep the feet securely in place even during wet conditions. It has a low deck for easy and efficient kicking in addition to the ultra-fast and smooth glide supported by the front and rear braking systems.

This could be one of the lightest options in the market. The handlebar is adjustable and the urban scooter can accommodate adult heights up to 6’7” making it one of a kind. The hand brake makes this scooter perfectly safe to ride even under the rain.

It supports a maximum weight limit of 250 Ibs making it one of the sturdiest and most durable kick scooters out there. The manufacturer guarantees that your Xootr scooter is free of defects.

Features at a glance

  • A low and light deck made of magnesium to provide the best and easiest sliding experience.
  • A wide and comfortable deck with raised numbs for ultra-safety and stability.
  • Adjustable handlebar that can accommodate up to 6’7” height.
  • Maximum weight
  • Supported is 250 Ibs, despite the fact that it is light.
  • Front and rear braking system for safely and balance even in wet conditions.

2016 Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooter

2016 Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooter

This is by far the ideal scooter for beginners but it is also very good for intermediate users. It comes in four beautiful colors and is offered in a wide range of graphic innovative prints.

It has been tested to ensure that it is easy to ride and that it is quite durable and sturdy even under the most unusual conditions.

This new and renovated design is built using the Fuzion’s Dog Bone design that has a 3 degree top and bottom concave design.

This special design makes this scooter ideal for grinds. The Dog Bone design together with the Neck design helps to distribute landing forces evenly across the deck. This makes Fuzion Z250 Pro scooter one of the toughest and also lightest scooters to jump on. This scooter is made of high quality components that are only offered in much more expensive scooters.

These include the HIC special compression system and the integrated system of headset bearings. It has a light weight steel for balance and safety as well as 110 mm PU tires. The flex brakes are easy to adjust making this scooter one of the most versatile options available in the market.

Features at a glance

  • Simple design that is ideal for beginners.
  • Attractive colors and designs to suit every taste.
  • High quality components and a competitive design that ensures maximum stability, balance and absolute fun.
  • 110mm cast PU tires with sturdy Aluminum core and bolt on steel flex style rattle free brake.

Razor E90 Electric Scooter

Razor E90 Electric Scooter

The best transition ever from kick to razor electric scooters. Razor E90 Electric Scooter is wonderful scooter uses a simple kick start motor and can travel at powerful speeds up to 9 mph.

The innovative chain motor is powered by a rechargeable 12V built in battery system that provides up to 40 minutes of continuous ride.

Do charge the battery for 12 hours before initial use and make sure that your scooter is not overly charged. The battery charger is included.

It features a push button throttle in addition to a spring loaded kickstand. The rubber handles and the enhanced foot brake system ensure a safe and smooth ride.

Toddler scooter offers a simple yet innovative option for those who plan on taking their scooter experience to a whole new level.

Features at a glance

  • A transition from kick to electric scooters.
  • A simple chain-driven motor that operates on rechargeable batteries providing a fun experience of up to 40 minutes of continuous ride.
  • A spring loaded kickstand with enhanced foot brake system to provide a
  • balanced and safe ride.
  • Perfect for kids 8+ and young teenagers.

How to choose the push scooter

With a lot of options available in the market, choosing the push scooter can be quite tricky. A good market research is what you need to find the push scooter that will address your individual needs. There are some points that must be taken into consideration while you are about to make the decision of buying your new ancheer adult teen kick push scooter..

The Deck or Platform

This is not only the resting place for the foot you are not pushing with, but actually the core of the push scooter and what it is all about. The deck is usually made of Anodised Aluminium because it is highly durable and very hard-wearing. The deck could be made of either one or two pieces and both designs are just as strong.

Make sure that your deck is flexible enough to absorb shocks but also durable. Read the weight limit and get a push scooter than can easily support your weight. Make sure that your deck is also wide enough for both your feet.


The strength of forks is what you must be looking for when you are evaluating the push scooters in the market. The forks take the impact whether you are simply chilling on your scooter or performing tricks.

They are usually made of steel and there will always be a correlation between the strength of the forks and the weight of the whole scooter. This is another factor that will greatly affect your performance and comfort level while you are using a push scooter.

Price versus quality

There are tons of models for push scooters available in the market offered under many reputable and unknown brand names. The push scooter is not necessarily the most expensive one.

There will definitely be a relation between price and quality as good things tend to come with a high price tag but this doesn’t mean that you have to go on top of your budget limits if you want to buy a sturdy durable push scooter.

Make sure that your push scooter is made of high quality parts as safety is the main point on the stake here. Look out for guarantees or highly sponsored products that can be easily fixed or replaced.

Final Verdict

The quest for finding the push scooter is not easy. There is an unlimited number of products, designs and claims offered by different manufacturers all over the globe. In this review we tried to highlight 5 of the most reliable and high quality push scooters offered in today’s market.

The price differs from one model to another and so do the specifications. I recommend that you assess your needs carefully before you make a purchase. Don’t buy a scooter that exceeds your needs as you will be paying for qualities that you are unlikely to use.

I suggest that you invest in a high quality push scooter that will provide you with the safest and most comfortable ride in a safe and risk free environment. Pay attention to weight limits and restrictions provided by the manufacturer as they are guaranteed to extend the life of your scooter as well as improve its performance.

The best push scooter is one that is reliable and perfectly designed to suit your individual needs. Consider the weight and easy maintenance of the scooter. Rate high quality as one of the most important features to consider before buying a taotao scooter. You are safer buying a decent push scooter than a cheap one that keeps on breaking or requires new spare parts all the time. Remember safety comes first!

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