Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Commuter Scooter – GUIDE & REVIEW

Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Commuter Scooter – GUIDE & REVIEW

Your doctor will recommend walking for a particular amount of distance to keep healthy and happy. However, you cannot walk to work and back, even if you are not a fan of public commuting. If you manage to beat the morning queue, you have to sit side by side or stand next to stressed and adults that keep on glancing at their watch, hoping they don't get late to work.

You have to admit that commuter lines, especially during rush hour, are not the most fun way to travel. Walking or cycling is another alternative, but reaching the office out of breath or drenching in sweat is not the best way to face your boss and workmates. Plus, starting the day tired is at the bottom of the list of ways to keep motivated and energized at work.

The best electric scooter for commuting is compact, easy to use, and appropriate for all ages. Unlike cycling or walking to work, the electric scooter does all the work for you. All you need to do is steer it through the traffic and enjoy the view, as the cool breeze blows your face.

The best commuter scooter has rechargeable batteries that you can easily plugin and recharge as you do something else in the evening.

Gotrax GXL V2 Commuting Electric Scooter

Gotrax GXL V2 Commuting Electric Scooter

The GXL Commuter is the best commuter scooter in its class, as various users can attest. If you loved the gxl commuter, then you're going to adore the Gotrax GXL V2, it's upgraded version. The V2 is inexpensive, well-balanced and easy to use.

It has a top speed of 16 miles per hour and a range of 12 miles. Well, the speed and range may not be the best, but it serves the purpose quite well.

The electric scooter is well built, with durable materials and a stylish design. If you are looking for something that looks the part, then gxl V2 is the ultimate. The scooter has the aesthetics to keep everyone looking your way.

The pneumatic tires are quite capable and shock-absorbing for a smooth ride. They are lightweight and durable. You may notice that these pneumatic tires are an upgrade from the previous model and it adds to the overall quality of the commuting electric scooter.

It also comes with an improved rear disc brake that you can activate with a hand lever the same way with a bicycle. Most people will agree that a hand lever is more efficient than a foot pedal. The reinforced rear fender is more robust compared to the others on the market.

Things I liked about in GOTRAX GXL V2 SCOOTER

  • The commuting electric scooter is inexpensive
  • Well balanced and easy to use
  • The electric scooter is stylish
  • Lightweight and durable pneumatic tires
  • Improved rear disc brake

Things I didn't liked about the GOTRAX GXL V2 SCOOTER

  • Most users say that the scooter is slow
  • The motor may be a bit noisy

Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter

Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter

Electric scooters for commuting have never been this stylish and functional. In particular, the Hiboy S2 is strong and durable with solid tires to make your commuting enjoyable and safe. It has a minimalist look, but the electric scooter has some touch of professionalism.

The construction of the electric commuter scooter is stable and durable. You can feel that it is reliable for the price. The acceleration of the scooter is quite decent and it is better than most others in the same price range. On a bumpy terrain, the scooter is quite efficient and holds up pretty well.

For visibility and safety at night, the e-scooter has a white headlight. It also comes with red running lights below the deck and any approaching traffic can see you from afar. You can switch off the running lights if you need to.

The double braking system is quite efficient, and the big solid wheels add to the safety of the scooter. The wheels are more significant than the average and that somehow contributes to its stability.

You only need the Allen wrench to assemble the electric scooter within a few minutes. The smart battery management application is a great addition. It displays the status of the battery and issues a warning if necessary. 

Things I liked about in HIBOY S2 ELECTRIC SCOOTER

  • The e-scooter is stylish
  • Durable and solid tires
  • Solid and durable construction
  • Good acceleration
  • White headlight and red running lights
  • Effective double braking system

Things I didn't liked about the HIBOY S2 ELECTRIC SCOOTER

  • There are a few complaints regarding the rear fender

Segway Ninebot MAX Electric Kick Scooter

Segway Ninebot MAX Electric Kick Scooter

The Segway Ninebot MAX has an astonishing speed of 18.6 miles per hour, which is better than most on the market. The powerful 350 watts battery keeps you going for up to 40 miles. For most people, this is a decent range to your local supermarket or workplace and back.

To ensure the health of the battery, the electric commuter scooter comes with a smart battery management system. As a result, you can enjoy the maximum use of the scooter and keep riding for longer.

The one-step folding system makes the scooter one of the most portable ones. You can quickly fold it and carry it on public transport. The scooter easily fits in your car boot or at the backseat for effortless transport to your destination.

One unique feature is the anti-lock braking system that ensures a safe stopping mechanism. It has shock absorbers on both wheels for a more comfortable and safe ride. The pneumatic tires are durable and have the right size for more comfortable balancing and riding.

Other great features include cruise control, Bluetooth, and LED display. You can easily choose the riding mode depending on the road and comfort level. 

Things I liked about in SEGWAY NINEBOT MAX SCOOTER

  • Powerful 350-watt battery
  • A speed of 18.6 miles per hour and a range of 40 miles
  • Smart battery management system
  • Folds in seconds for more comfortable transportation
  • Anti-lock braking system for a safe stopping mechanism
  • Shock absorbers on both wheels

Things I didn't liked about the SEGWAY NINEBOT MAX SCOOTER

  • The scooter is a bit heavy

Phaewo Electric Scooter for Adult

Phaewo Electric Scooter for Adult

Well, 28 lbs in weight are not the easiest to handle, but there is a silver lining in it. The electric scooter feels solid and well made for use by adults, and that is never a bad thing. It boasts a powerful 250 Watts motor that helps attain 18.6 MPH without a challenge - something to expect from the best electric commuter scooter.

At high speeds, this motor can attain 350 watts to ensure maximum performance. You will also appreciate the responsive disc brake that brings you to a stop smoothly and swiftly to ensure your safety. And talking of safety, the electric scooter has anti-slip 8.5-inch tires for efficiency when riding.

It can handle uneven surfaces and bumps so that you don't have to persevere an uncomfortable stretch. You don't have to dismount and that makes your journey so much easier. The one-step fold design makes it so much easier to transport in your car or public commuter buses.

After folding, you can easily carry the scooter with one hand, making it the best companion for commuting everywhere, including the parks. The battery specs are 36V 270WH and it can handle between 9 and 12.5 miles comfortably. That means you can travel to your favorite cafe faster and conveniently without having to recharge. 


  • Solid construction for durability
  • Powerful 250 Watts motor
  • Reaches a decent 18.6 mph
  • Effective disc brake system
  • One-step fold design for portability

Things I didn't liked about the PHAEWO ELECTRIC SCOOTER FOR ADULT

  • The 28 pounds weight is a bit heavy for some people

Hiboy MAX Electric Scooter

Hiboy MAX Electric Scooter

Thanks to the upgraded 350 Watt motor, the electric scooter has superior performance, and that makes it more popular than the others. As a result, it can attain a top speed of 18.6 MPH and climb 15% steep incline hills with so much ease that it will surprise you.

The one-step fold design makes it compact and easy to carry on public transport or your car. it only takes a short time to fold it, and you can be on the move sooner. It is also the perfect commuter companion because you can carry it with one hand.

Its braking system is smooth and comfortable to use. Specifically, it brings you to a stop quickly and effectively so that you can navigate traffic safely. The anti-slip pedal is wider to provide for a larger surface area for feet support.

Furthermore, the shock absorber on the front wheel makes it all pleasurable to ride in different terrain.

The Bluetooth connectivity allows you to check the scooter status before every use. You can also view other riding statistics and enjoy cruise control through the riding app that it comes with. The clear LED display and dual headlights are the other features that make the commuter scooter comfortable and easy to ride at any time of the day. 

Things I liked about in HIBOY MAX ELECTRIC SCOOTER

  • Powerful motor that helps attain a top speed of 18.6 mph
  • Folds easily and you can carry it with one hand
  • Smooth and comfortable braking system
  • A convenient Bluetooth connectivity
  • A wider anti-slip pedal

Things I didn't liked about the HIBOY MAX ELECTRIC SCOOTER

  • It is not very easy to fold
  • Cruise control is not the most effective

The Buying Guide and FAQs for Best Commuter Scooter

The best scooter for commuting to work makes your trips to the grocery stores or to work more comfortable and enjoyable. Deciding to buy a scooter is more convenient than picking the right one among many. So, what do you look for when purchasing an electric scooter?

Battery Capacity

The distance of your daily commute will determine the right battery capacity for you. If the distance between your home and place of work is quite significant, then you will have to consider an electric scooter battery with a higher capacity. Running out of charge in the middle of your journey is not something that anyone of us fancies.

Charging Time

A fast-charging electric commuter scooter is most appropriate when you have to use it quite often. You may not have time to chill for extended periods based on the nature of your work. For example, a busy delivery service will not have all the time in the world to wait for a full charge.

Speed of the Scooter

The speed of the scooters for commuters comes into play when you have to get to the office sooner. The distance of your everyday commute and the level of traffic will determine if a high-speed electric scooter is the best.

Keep in mind that an electric commuter with higher speeds is more expensive. Some of us may not need high-speed scooters if they always have to commute in busy places or where the distance is not very long.


The conventional thinking is that the electric scooter for commuting is the easiest to ride, and they should be so. All the functions should be easy to use even for beginners. For example, the throttle should be familiar and the stopping system should be easy to figure out.


Unlike in the past, the number of materials that can be used to make scooters has increased over time. For example, you will come across electric scooters made of carbon fiber and other durable synthetic materials. But at a minimum, the frame should be robust and weatherproof. 

Pneumatic tires are also a special breed when it comes to electric scooters. They are shock-absorbent, lightweight, and provide the bounce to make the ride enjoyable.

Design of the Scooter

Most of us will prefer an electric scooter that is compact and lightweight. There may be sections along the way that need you to carry the scooter on your shoulders or hands. For example, moving across the park and down the stairs, where it would be challenging to ride.

It is also ideal if the electric scooter is easy to store in your office or at home. The weight of the electric scooter is another crucial factor to consider. Traveling with your electric scooter should never be an everyday workout where you have to carry a significant amount of weight on your shoulders whenever necessary.

Talking of portability, it is a good idea if the electric scooter is also foldable. It should not take a lot of your office space or garage space. The scooter should be easy to carry on a subway or train.

It will also be a good thing if the scooter is stylish as well. You know, you will be riding the scooter outdoors and it helps a great deal if it looks good. It is a psychological thing and you are more confident when riding.

Think about how the Lamborghini of electric scooters would make you feel riding every day. Pleasurable and fun is the word.

The Scooter Height

A scooter that may be comfortable for your friend may not be for you. What is good for the goose is not always good for the gander, well, sometimes. Your height will determine the height of the electric scooter that is ideal for you.

Some electric scooters have an adjustable height, and others do not. Either way, don't be too quick to purchase something that may be too short for you that you end up with back pains at the end of the day. The electric scooter should make your daily commute more manageable, not cause discomfort in all the funny places on your body.


It may not be the best decision to buy the cheapest scooters for commuters you can find. Always remember that the right quality products consume resources such as time, labor, market research, and design. All these must be factored in the final buying price.

Anything that comes too cheaply will most likely have inferior quality materials, and it may prove a risky affair to ride it every day. However, this is not a trump card to throw all your savings on a particular electric scooter. The most expensive electric scooter is not always the best.

Look around and determine the best features to have so that you may get your prize at the right market price. 

Safety Features

The primary objective of an electric scooter for commuting is to make your everyday commuting more comfortable and fun. However, that does not mean putting your life at risk every time that you hop on. Ideally, the best electric scooter for commuting should have various safety features.

For example, a wide non-slip foot pedal comes in handy during the damp days. Apart from a secure footing, the stopping system should be practical to keep accidents at bay. Something like the electronically assisted front brake comes into mind when thinking about safe electric scooters.

A rear light keeps you visible even in low lighting. Other road users should see you from a distance for the safety of everyone. 


What is the average speed of electric scooters?

Depending on the brand and model, the average speed of electric scooters is between 10 miles per hour and 25 miles per hour.

Which is the average range of the best electric scooters?

The best electric scooters for commuting have a range of between 20 and 30 miles. Longer-range scooters are more expensive, but ideal for covering long distances.

Final Words

The thought of purchasing an electric scooter is an exciting one. But this excitement dissipates when you land on a poor quality scooter that does not go the distance. Of course, you can't wait to start using a scooter, but take your time to choose the best.

The above selection is among the best electric scooters for commuting. Pick your favorite and get commuting to the supermarket or the grocery store, conveniently and in a fun way. 

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