Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Commuter Scooter – GUIDE & REVIEW

Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Commuter Scooter – GUIDE & REVIEW

Having bumped into skateboards and roller blades when they hit the market, I realized with time that as much as I love them to commute through my short distances, there had to be a better way of doing things.

Thanks to innovation, commuter scooters arrived. As adventurous as I can be, I bumped onto these small vehicles. I have to confess! I just love commuter scooters since then like every other day. They are so much fun to ride. They don't require too much coordination like my previous means, neither are they time-consuming to get on.

So are you that zealous into scooters or at least interested in commuter scooters? Well, whichever is the case, you are just in the right place. The scooting community has more interesting stuff to offer. Excitement, fun, thrill and a little bit of some spoil for choice.

You stand a chance to offer an experience to your fellow commuter scooter lovers based on the most out of the world experience, with the most user-friendly scooters. You can never go wrong on this one.

I have researched the best and most superior commuter scooters that navigate through the rest and emerge as consumer friendly, easy to use and more importantly, classy with longevity.

Introduction to the Best Commuter Scooter

It is imperative to go for a scooter that well sorts out your concerns amicably. I tend to think the way we choose a scooter is equivalent to the kind of shoe we go for. Consider your age, body size and weight too.

Yes! Check your pocket to see where our budget could strike a balance for the quality and most appropriate choice. Your choice is as good as you intend your scooter to be.

If you are new into scooters, how about getting some expert in them that you trust to see you through the repairs and maintenance when they fall due, or you could also maintain your commuter scooter very well to cut down such costs in the long run.

Expect reliability and value for the dollar in any consideration that you may choose to tilt towards, for any of these top models. You can't go wrong anymore; they are all for your liking. Don't you think that is like killing many birds with one stone? Well, take a keen, detailed look.

Trikke T8 Sport Scooter

Trikke T8 Sport Scooter

Have you ever tried riding a scooter with that can go about the hills in your locality and see you through that terrain, so boring to walk on? This scooter has such ability for effortless riding.

I just happened to love its finishing; it is just terrific. You can rest assured you will attract attention from an ardent, when you commute through the traffic faster, using this commuter scooter.

Did I mention its body structure? It is very cleverly designed for that long lasting effect, thanks to the aircraft grade aluminum frame, that can support your weight but still strike a balance of the expected speed.

The tires are 8.5-inches best for the rough road. Anticipate negotiating corners and those bumpy hills, with the most dedicated tires of modern scooter designs.

It is portable and has excellent brakes for your safety concerns and that important slow-down. If you could think this commuter scooter is done, not yet. It comes with a water cage and water bottle, just in case you want to quench your thirst; it is all right with you.

This is a full-time convenience, implying, you never have to go thirsty in the middle of your scooting, remain distracted, just because you can't get water to grab around you.

You need a scooter that brings in more comfort and some luxury that makes it a step ahead of the regular brand in the market out there. The Trikke T8 Sport Scooter is such a perfect choice.

You will like the adjustable handlebar of this Trikke T8 Sport Scooter. It enables you to control the motions in a flexibe way without much strain for the best road concentration. The handgrips are Velo Atune molded.

The part that thrilled me more is when you can actually fold this scooter quickly and easily for your storing needs. If you go for this scooter, be assured of another means of going about your workout as you commute.

Things I liked about in Trikke T8 Sport Scooter

  • Comes with a reinforced aluminum frame for strength
  • Great rear disc brakes, with levers for lock parking brake
  • Has handlebar with extensions for accessories
  • Superb 8.5-inch tires
  • Nice stable molded handgrips
  • Has an added water bottle and grip mat

Things I didn't liked about the Trikke T8 Sport Scooter

  • Doesn't come completely assembled

Fuzion Cityglide Adult Kick Scooter - 220lb Weight Limit - Folds Down - Adjustable Handle Bars - Smooth & Fast Ride

Fuzion Cityglide Adult Kick Scooter - 220lb Weight Limit - Folds Down - Adjustable Handle Bars - Smooth & Fast Ride

If you think you have had enough of commuter scooters, not until you acquaint yourself with this commuter scooter. My workmate almost weekly had to ask for a ride, to enjoy a little bit of the indulgence it brings along. Today he has his own too.

For me, what caught my attention about it, is the elegant solid body outlook. It is preeminent.

If you happen to be that fan who likes checking into your coffee shop quicker to grab some cappuccino, well you don't need to be walking every other time. This commuter scooter has a quicker speed too.

What amazed me is its braking system that is perfectly suited for your safety. We like a scooter that is more secure.

Things I liked about in Fuzion Cityglide Adult Kick Scooter

  • Very effective large rear braking system
  • It is a portable, lightweight aluminum frame
  • Has high-speed wheels for rough terrain
  • Has an innovative folding system for quick transportation and storage
  • Great adjustable handlebars

Things I didn't liked about the Fuzion Cityglide Adult Kick Scooter

  • Doesn't come with a carrying bag

Micro Flex Series Kick Scooters (200m) (Black)

Micro Flex Series Kick Scooters (200m) (Black)

This outclassed many regular brands I had come across very easily, simply because of its incredible clever design that goes beyond just fun for the ride, but also its ability to withstand wear and tear for quite long.

Meet the Micro White & Black Adult Scooter that has the fastest speed. You never have to be so concerned anymore of catching up through the traffic.

Its body design is pure ergonomic, with a lower deck and a higher T-bar to ensure you get the best upright comfort you need for most of the enjoyment.

Just take a situation where you are done with your riding, and you happen not to have enough space around, the scooter has been choreographed to fix that. It is easy to fold to occupy lesser space. That must sound convenient right?

Another thing is its steering that is very responsive to your navigation. You have the most stable quality shock absorbing hand grips to actualize this commuter scooter ride.

The scooter's components are of high-quality material, for the scooter to serve you the longest.

Things I liked about in Micro Flex Series Kick Scooters (200m) (Black)

  • Very responsive and easy to use steering wheel
  • Stable with great shock absorbing hand grips
  • Foldable and portable convenience
  • Twice faster than walking

Things I didn't liked about the Micro Flex Series Kick Scooters (200m) (Black)

  • Doesn't come with a carrying strap

Freego Folding Electric Kick Scooter, Carbon Fiber 16.5lbs,20 mph,LG Battery with LED Light, and Long Arm SAE and Metric Hex Key Set

Freego Folding Electric Kick Scooter, Carbon Fiber 16.5lbs, 20 mph, LG Battery with LED Light, and Long Arm SAE and Metric Hex Key Set

I have to admit, though; this is one commuter scooter that left me thrilled to the core, most especially by its modern design that not only suits the rider's road demands but also its speed.

Go for this scooter expecting to have an on-screen sleek LCD display that will ensure you are up to date with the speed you are moving at, its battery meter, odometer and also the time covered after every distance.

You can as well customize its speed to suit your preferences for most of the fun. I found this a great innovation, not characterized in regular scooters.

Do you want more in a commuter scooter? Yes, there is for this one. The scooter also comes with a smart and high capacity battery system. This battery pack in cleverly fitted in for an excellent guarantee in heat dissipation and better even weight distribution.

The lithium-ion cell battery can run you up for 20 miles in range, for a high range and battery lifespan of over 500 cycles.

Things I liked about in Freego Folding Electric Kick Scooter

  • It can handle up to 220lbs
  • Has a front light and intelligent LCD display
  • Easy to fold and even store for your convenience.

Things I didn't liked about the Freego Folding Electric Kick Scooter

  • Doesn't come with a start key, but only a push button

Micro Suspension Scooter

Micro Suspension Scooter

Looking forward to doing some neighborhood, check out? Or could you be interested in getting into your leisure ride that quicker? Well, you can count on this incredible Micro Suspension Scooter.

Simply because it is the perfect choice for those long rides and negotiating the uneven terrain. You can be guaranteed of a smooth ride like no other.

The commuter scooter can absorb shocks, thanks to its patented suspension system. You can expect the front and back suspension to coordinate together for the best shock and vibrations containment.

You are likely to experience that feeling of floating on bumps as you bounce through them. The Micro Suspension Scooter is relevant for those of us who are quite heavier, but it remains that light enough for portability.

I like it's metallic bronze finish, it is extremely outstanding ad preeminent. You will attract attention when doing rounds at some point in time.

We like some us those commuter scooters that you can fold and pack them in our car for the next destination, and this scooter is foldable and reliable not to inconvenience you even in the midst of the crowd. This is why the scooter remains the ultimate choice for the short distance ride to the riders.

If you want to use the scooter different people of varying weights, it can handle it all too. This is made possible thanks to its under rear deck spring that remains adjustable for different weights of riders.

Go about the 360-degree turn without less strain and still move comfortably around, thanks to the scooter's super innovation. Come on! Say enough for the time consuming nearby walks, and get things done faster, quicker and better with this incredible commuter scooter. Riding has never got better.

Things I liked about in Micro Suspension Scooter

  • A quality construction and design
  • Has adjustable height handlebars for both adults and young better control
  • Easy to fold and carry
  • Great suspensions for the smooth ride
  • Adjustable weight carriage

Things I didn't liked about the Micro Suspension Scooter

  • Can't support weights well over 250 lbs for speedy ride

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Commuter Scooter

It is advisable you get into the core aspects to take into account to make the right choice of the scooter that suits your taste and lifestyle. Be keen on this next when you are scrutinizing the features of the commuter scooter you need, for the appropriate fit in.


Identify the exact reason why you need a commuter scooter. Is it for going to work? Is it for a holiday ride or just to check into nearby spots at the very convenience?

Whichever is your reason, go ahead and get any of these top brands to fit in. Consider the strength of the bike and quality of material used for the best use.

Local Regulations

Consider checking out your local rules and regulations governing the use of scooters, for appropriate specifications allowed, speed admissible and other aspects.

This will ensure you minimize time wasted in coming into conflict with the law; you spend more time learning better trick and style of riding your commuter scooter.

Power Necessity

If you need a commuter scooter with a powering system, consider the speed and power you will require for the achievable required speed.

But it should also remain safe, quick and flexible to maneuver the packed commuter traffic if that could be your interest of the ride. Horsepower happens to be also one of the best gauges for the engine size of engine run commuter scooters.

State Of Scooter

Get to know whether the scooter is new or used. Go for a used scooter if you don't have a problem with repairs, and you are comfortable with that.

Remember, if you happen to get a god scooter that has been used, you are also cost cutting in the process, on the much could have spent in getting a new one. But be careful not to go for a used scooter that will cost you repairs, even more than the cost of acquiring a new one.

For those interested in electric scooters or automated ones. Consider going for a new one to avoid inconveniences. Ensure you can easily ride it and maintain it, for the long term.


Check whether your stunt scooter comes with a warranty, this could be in handy if you happen to be in extra need of more scooter attention.

Weather Versatility

Check out whether your scooter can be able to withstand the rusting and other negative effects of water on the body material. It should also be easier to puddle along even when the wheels are wet.

If you need a scooter that can help you navigate through the wet conditions, how about going for the foldable one? That means in case you tired of riding, portability can be much easier.

Topography, Road And Terrain

For those steep or long hills, consider going for a commuter scooter that can either foldable or good for the task. Check if you will be riding down the street or on the road with wide lanes or not. Are the roads you are likely to use having portholes?

Be keen on the side or crosswalks. All these will help you to consider effectively the appropriate commuter scooter you exactly need.


Given batteries of your commuter urban scooter come with specific, life span, if your surrounding area is hilly and you are also heavier, it means your battery will be drained very fast, consider going for one with the longest life.

Final Words

Go for a scooter that you need from reputable shops to avoid imitations. You need the quality one, right?

Get to be keen on whether your commuter scooter has spare parts around your area, just in case those repairs come calling. If you are getting a used scooter, ensure to check with your local expert, whether it was well-maintained for value for your money.

Remember, manual shift scooters need more of your attention to maintain than automated computer scooters.

Get a commuter scooter that will be easier to service, especially the cable and gears adjustments among other aspects. Check on the condition of the clutch, gearshift, and throttle before paying your money, especially for automated ones.

Lastly, if your target is a more reserved scooter that is safe, reliable for the most of the fun, a restored scooter could be an option.

Store and clean very well your commuter scooter for long term use. You don't want capitalizing that much in a scooter, only to last with it for a very short period. Treat yourself to the fullest and get the secret of these top five, at your convenience.

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