Apollo Genesis X Pro Scooter reviews

Apollo Genesis X Pro Scooter reviews

Today we will discuss Apollo Genesis X Pro Scooter reviews.

Apollo Genesis X Pro Scooter reviews

Special features of apollo genesis X pro scooter:

  • The APOLLO Genesis X Pro Scooter is a High-End Stunt Scooter.
  • It’s a Complete Trick Scooter for Advanced and Professional Riders (Kids 10+, Teens, Adults).
  • The scooter is handmade in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty for the frame.
  • The Genesis X Scooters has a combination of the best materials and manufacturing processes to build a high-end stunt scooter.
  • The Genesis X includes the new GX Series Wheels with precision bearings for improved roll and durability.
  • The Apollo Genesis X Pro Scooter features an 8.75″ deck. The deck is wider than Genesis 1 and Genesis 2. The wider deck provides a more sturdy and stable platform for riders who are doing advanced and professional-level tricks.
  • The scooter is equipped with radial 12mm axles and precision ABEC 9 bearings.
  • The adjustable height handlebar can be raised to fit riders from approximately 5′ to 6′ 3.
  • the scooter includes a wider handlebar, new thicker 80mm pro riser bars, new larger 180mm urethane wheels for maximum stability, and larger 80A PU wheels for maximum stability and control.
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How To Use It:

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced pro scooter rider, you will feel comfortable on the APOLLO Genesis X Pro Scooter, due to its lightweight folding mechanism. The height of the handlebar is variable and is perfect for both kids and adults. This stunt scooter is the perfect companion for your daily commute to school, work, or the skate park.
When you are on your APOLLO Genesis Pro X scooter, avoid using it on slippery surfaces. When you do use it on wet surfaces, be sure to grip the handlebar tightly.

Some downsides of the Apollo Genesis X Pro Scooter:

There is an objection to the packaging of the product. there are two boxes for the scooter. the rectangular box is not big enough to hold the total accessories of the scooter.it means the arrangement of the accessories in the pack is not good.

Apollo Genesis X Pro Scooter reviews
Apollo Genesis X Pro Scooter reviews

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